Evo2004: intro music

The time is nearing, and the thread is here. We want suggestions for the player intros this year. I have all the ones from last year.

If you have a suggestion and you have the mp3, you can send to me on IRC (trag), AIM (trag13), or MSN (yoshiben@hotmail.com).

Let’s get this ball rollin’!

top of the line wine carlos rossi by E-40 for the nor cal players…

Kanye West - Jesus Walks

*Larry Flynt *

I’m guessing that song is for me eh, Desmond?:evil:


mindless self indulgence - bitches

frankie goes to hollywood - relax.
a la zoolander.

run away by linkin park for rickey

THATS MINE =O i told everyone thats mine before evo minmineiieminemi

-loads the instrumental-

foos need to get on irc and start sending…

If we get to the final 8 can we give you guys a CD or MP3 to play for our own intro? I remeber last year i had Tunak Tunak Tun on CD and had them play it when the Chetness came out. That was classic.


Lil Flip = Game Over… Chopped and Screwed style that is

if i make it 2 final 8 of VF4EVO im gonna freestyle my way there:D

Tales of phantasia “fighting of the spirt”

Specificly the remix from SSH. I have been liseting to that song for over a year now and still am not tired of it lol

bastard you stole my intro music:D

 Play you 4 it, didn't think anybody else knew about some      DJ SCREW. :D :p


mobb deep - get it twisted

damn I was thinking that shit too. its murder music and music for me to murder on. talk about logic! gyuk gyuk!

And his opponent… from Death Valley…



I’m confused. Does this mean the finalists of Evo only get to choose from among the songs suggested or can they pick whatever they want for themselves as long as they have the music on them?


You can use anything, but you need to get it to me before EVO so I can edit it. Not gonna waste all sorta time with fastforwarding like last year.

Ah! Ok. For a second I thought that staff picked each players’ theme music.

Fastforwarding? You used cassettes last year? Yikes!