EVO2004 XSF dicussion

As the title implies, this thread is all about the possibility of XSF at EVO. This is not the thread to bash XSF or bash the possibility of it being at EVO. It’s also not the thread to bring up “why isn’t my favorite game in EVO but you guys are talking about XSF!!!?”. We will get to the other game discussion in another thread. Anyway, this thread IS, however, the place to discuss the options for making XSF available.

My first, and possibly most important question is… if the only option comes down to XSF on Saturn, would you rather we not have XSF at all? I am aware that it’s version 3, and it’s not even an identical translation.

Secondly, who has tried the X-Box emu’ed XSF (V.2) and how does it play. This is another option, but I’m pretty sure we would at least have to have an official arcade board on the premesis to prove that the the emu’s we were using were not illegal. If anyone sees any problems with this format (legal or otherwise), feel free to bring that up too.

As a reminder, don’t take this thread to mean that XSF is guaranteed for EVO2004… but understand that we want to expand the lineup, and we are looking into many different options, both old and new.

OK, let the discussion begin!

I personally would rather have ver 2 at evo. Here are the differnces in ver 3:

  • Cyclops’s Jumping Fierce now causes enemies to drop STRAIGHT down when used as an Air Combo Finisher, eliminating his standard corner Jumping Infinite.
  • Storm’s Lightning Attack no longer causes enemies to fall on their backs, so she cannot hit enemies with all three hits one at a time (separately), thus eliminating her Lightning Attack Infinite.
  • Storm’s Jumping Fierce, when used as an Air Combo Finisher, knocks people in more of a downward arc rather than an outward arc, making her repeating Fierce-Roundhouse Air Combo not possible anymore (though an equally effective alternate combo exists).
  • Wolverine’s Drill Claw no longer is an Air Combo Finisher, so it doesn’t start the Flying Screen. This, however, failed to eliminate Wolverine’s Infinite Combo.
  • Juggernaut’s Jumping Fierce and Roundhouse both cause the enemy to drop STRAIGHT down quickly when used as Air Combo Finishers, eliminating his Infinite Combo.
  • Magneto can no longer throw the enemy upwards with his punch throws, preventing him from Air Throwing the enemy upwards and then Hyper Graving them on their way down.
  • Chun Li’s recovery period from her SenRetsuKyaku is no longer invincible (she can be hit during her delay, whereas before, everything would go right through her).
  • Dhalsim’s Drills all now have a half second delay before they come out after you hit the button. This delay was enough to eliminate his Drill Infinite Combo.
  • Dhalsim’s Teleport Recovery is no longer vulnerable at the end, preventing all of the Dhalsim-only Combos from occurring.

So yeah… you have to play the game a little different and I’m sure people would complain.

As for the legal stuff, don’t really know about that.

XSF is safe!!!

I really don’t care which version, it will be minerals to have it at all!!!

I have played all versions, but not for AAAAAAGGGESS and can’t remember which is the most balanced… maybe version 1 cause dhalsim still has drill infinite in it (whereas he’s pretty shit in version 3).
i.e. we know everyone has skanks in version 1… but can’t say the same for version 3.

It’s all about MSH and/or XSF at evo!!!
MSH will HAVE to be arcade though… unfortunately Saturn version doesn’t cut it, even with the RAM cart (and forget about psx) :frowning:
I’m not sure COTA is really playable (jab infinites etc.)

And although MSF and MVC1 are technically playable (as in not technically completely broken… not talking about character balance of course)… they are generally considered boring bovine excretia :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Chef, in ver 1 the Shoto’s are pretty broken. With Ryu an OTG’d Shinkuu Tatsumaki SenpuuKyaku super wont connect all the way, and the Hop Kick infinite is way too easy.

I’m all for XSF at Evo, in any format, though if I had to pick one blindfolded, it would be Arcade Console, Version 2.(At least, if I had to pick one that was ‘possible’).

With the options you proposed, it raises questions about controller rules. Would there be any? Is there a standardized, forced selection? What’s going on with that.

Out of the Saturn and Kawaks Rip, I’d have to go with the Kawaks Rip, because at least that would be a direct port. I’m not aware of the legal stipulations surrounding it, and all I know is from hearsay, so I guess I just won’t speak on that.

T-Kimura: yeah hopkick is too easy.
But I’m thinking along the lines that pretty much everyone in version 1 has a stupidly easy infinite they could land… all you need is low short :smiley: (if only I could remember all the infinites, lol)

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Gunter and I used to play XSF quite a bit. Most of the time it was for combos, but we occasionally had a few matches here and there. It seems to me that the Saturn version is really the better/more-balanced version, while Arcade V.2 is considered the “true” version.

General, most 2D games that get special home version tweaks, similar to A2 Gold or 3S DC, are never considered legitamate versions for tournament play. However, in the 3D world, players usually accept the console versions for better (SC2) or for worse (TTT).

It is highly unlikely, no… actually 100% certain that we will not have Arcade XSF in a cab. So rule that one out entirely. Secondly, the possibility of having XSF is low… but I wanted to bring it up to let you know that we are thinking about additional games, and we want to know the XSF community’s opinion.

Well, In my opinion, XSF would be the deciding factor, if there is one, of wether or not I go to Evo. I know a lot of people that feel the same way… I can’t speak for other alternatives, mainly because I’m an XSF fanboy through and through, or anything like that. As far as my experience goes, I haven’t played the saturn version(I’ve seen it played, but, after 6/7 odd years of XSF play, I wouldn’t judge a port in 30 seconds.). I wouldn’t suggest the PSX version. I know the emulator versions to be very true-to-play, with the exception of online issues that are often associated with them. I haven’t played the ‘X-Box/Kawaks’ association you talk about. I ‘have’ used Kawaks. I could work that shiznit, as long as I didn’t have to use a console gamepad. (Stick works. Keyboard is preferable, but that’s because I’m crazy Arcade Rusty.)

I’m not really a fan of Version 3. It just seems like a somewhat hacked up version 2, every time I play it. And no, I’m not a Cyc Slut. But that’s just me.

I guess if you can’t get ver 2 I’d settle with ver 3. As long as it can be at Evo, I’m happy.

I wouldnt mind seeing this in Evo long as there wll be many people turning out and alot of great comp. I think Evo staff should hold big votes on games they would allow. Heck i wouldnt mind seeing smash bros and samurai showdown there. Gets kinda boring seeing mvc2 all the time (and mvc2 my fav fighter:eek: )

Anyone else whos into xmenvsf tournies, try out
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my main issue with saturn xsf is the frame skipping involved. it can get a little annoying to some people. not bad at all on a normal tv tho, but seems 0934578983478934 times more noticeable on a bigscreen heh. frame skipping usually only happens when juggernaut is on screen on the exploded building portion of the stage.

i personally find version 3 ok. everyone still has really good bs to use. some moves were tweaked like what was mentioned above, but at the same time, the tweaks made some new shit. i have lots of experience on all versions. im fine with saturn, or emu v2.

i have no qualms playing on saturn. i never understand why capcom players just cant accept the facts that you will never see arcade perfect ports and are just gonna have to deal with it. namco/vf/ggxx players never seem to mind their console ports. but its like blashpemy if its a capcom game. sooner or later, its gonna have to go all console.

i am for any option(except psx version obviously), any version of a game is better than no game at all, correct?


I would really prefer ver. 2. I’d play in a ver. 3 if they had it, though.

well im a arcade player and ive never really played it on the saturn version. im only used to the arcade and emu ports. i can play on a controller(if its mine, and on the pc) or stick. i havnt really played seriously in ages like all of you but if its there ill definitly try and make it. just like prozac said im a xvsf fanboy. and the game is just to good.

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Yea for sure do it… I love that shit along with puzzle fighter and pocket fighter

Definitely put it in, it’d be great if it were on arcade, that’d be my personal preference, but please not the PS version, I wish I hadn’t bought it…