Evo2006 3S Complete Top 32 results

1st: Nitto ‘Knit’ (Yun)
2nd: Issei (Yun, loses to Mester)
3rd: Nuki (Chun, loses to Knit, Issei)
4th: Mester (Yun, loses to Nuki, Issei)
5th: PyroLee (Yun, loses to Knit, Mester)
5th: Tokido (Chun, loses to Nuki, Issei)
7th: Amir (Chun, loses to Tokido, Issei)
7th: Valle (Ken, loses to Knit, Mester)
9th: Ricky Ortiz (loses to kofiend, Mester)
9th: Ken I (loses to Pyrolee, Amir)
9th: KSK (loses to Knit, Issei)
9th: Hung (loses to Tokido, Valle)
13th: Ed Ma (loses to KSK, Ricky O)
13th: Henry Cen (loses to Hung, Amir)
13th: J. Wong (loses to pools, Issei)
13th: Daigo (loses to pools, Valle)
17th: Khang ‘Exodus’ Trinh (loses to Knit, Ricky O)
17th: Kindevu (loses to pools, Ed Ma)
17th: Peter ‘Combofiend’ Rosas (loses to Nuki, J Wong)
17th: Ryan ‘Fubar’ Harvey (loses to Ken I, Daigo)
17th: kofiend (loses to Pyrolee, Valle)
17th: Anthony Chu (loses to Mester, Amir)
17th: Peter Suh (loses to pools, Henry Cen)
17th: Yasayuki (loses to pools, Issei)
25th: RF (loses to pools, Ricky O)
25th: Peter Yoon (loses to Ken I, Kindevu)
25th: Mark ‘Mopreme’ Rogoyski (loses to Tokido, Yasayuki)
25th: John ‘Flash G’ Gordon (loses to KSK, Daigo)
25th: Jamarr (loses to pools, Valle)
25th: Y. Wong (loses to pools, Anthony Chu)
25th: Raoh (loses to Hung Han, J Wo)
25th: Eric Lee (DQd: did not attend)

Pool A: Ricky O / Yasayuki
Pool B: Ken I / J Wong
– Ino was in this pool
Pool C: KSK / Peter Suh
Pool D: Knit / Y. Wong
Pool E: Mester / Jamarr
Pool F: Ohnuki / Daigo
Pool G: Raoh / Kindevu
Pool H: Tokido / RF

Please note that these results are written up from video I took of the brackets: they should be complete, but yell at me if I screwed up anything. Pre-qualifiers at Evo East/West got a lovely advantage: top 4 got one winner’s bye, and bottom 4 started out on even footing with pool winners. The moral is: go to the pre-qualifiers.

EDIT: added Ino info from Rickstah

Thank you so much! Been waiting for these…

Poor raoh. How many times will he lose to justin…

and justin… getting beaten by issei again…

yay, I got top 32 again…woo hoo.

Amazing…didn’t even show up and got top 32. If you were actually there East Coast would have raped.

eric got dqed and still got 25th? Damn good shit leezy.

actually eric showed up somehow someway in my pool, and i took him out 2-0. ya DONE, SON!!!~~~

WTF? I didn’t see that shit. Rematch on Labor Day C3 son!

WTF? I didn’t see that shit. Rematch on Labor Day C3 son!

Uh, looking at the top 10, seems a lot of people lost to Knit, yet you don’t see him anywhere in top 32. Unless Knit and Nitto are the same person? Just a little confused how most of the top 5 at one point lost to Knit, but his name is nowhere to be found.

yeah same person. he goes by both names

that’s not leezy, that’s shinshay

eric lee evil twin on the east…or is leezy the evil one…twilight zone music

who took out zangoef and yakkun, i know that paul lee chun took at zangoef in pool, but who else?

i though yakkun made it out…

Both Zangoef and Yakkun where in My pool, pool A:

Ricky Ortiz
Paul Lee
Mike Watson…

everyone I played in that pool was solid

So Yakuun was the Other Yun Player? I thought it was Mester? :looney:

Pool A: Ricky O / Yasayuki
Yasayuki = yakkun?

thanks for getting these up Preppy, very interesting shtuff. I didn’t realize that many jp players attended, were there any others that didn’t make it out of pools?

INO didn’t make it out of his pool (the pool with Ken I. and JWong).

And there was another Japanese player who also went by the name Daigo, I think he was in Pool A.

Scrub Q: is Nitto" Knit" the same guy that plays K-Geese Cammy Sagat in CvS2?


that was zangoef i think.

wait, does this mean Ken I. beat Ino in a mirror match? that’d be pretty sweet.