Evo2006 MvC2 Team Tourney results!

Here’s the top 8…

1st - Team WC: Rowtron, JMar, Duc
2nd - Empire Trinity: Demon Hyo, Sanford Kelly, Justin Wong
3rd - Hyphy Movement: Chunksta, Crizzle, Cable Guy
4th - Team Sean Connery: Potter, JAL, Isaac
5th - Team DBLOCK: Erik/Wigfall/Yipes
5th - Team Metal: Taiji, Dark Prince, Mike Ross
7th - Team 2KG: Rahsaan, X, Infinite
7th - Team SD: Shady K, Genghis, NKI

For the rest of the results, please see the brackets:

Winners Bracket
Losers Bracket

I gotta give a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE shout out to fugee. Tourney could not have run smoothly without you, homie. :tup:

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to Row, JMar, and Duc!!

good shit

Get Hyphy Up In This!!

was money involved?

Yes. Quite a lot too, considering it was a side event. Team WC took home over $700.

me rahsaan and X not liston ty ^^

Good shit. Good to see that rowtrow is still on the scene. Haven’t seen him in a while. Props to everyone.

HONEY MONEY MIKE, my bad. Sorry about that! It’s fixed now.

this shit was so fucking. omgaddddddd.

honey mike/erik brought the ec hype to a wc event. Much props to them for that.

You dukes are too niiiiiiice

i gotta say sorry to true st.thomas apparently me and bacardi weren’t around or something to play our losers bracket match and he had to play by himself

what was team ruin/chris shimdt on

They were part of the Re-Up Gang.

Thanks for runnin that shit NKI. That money helped fund my gambling habit, which I lost completely.

What happened to DSP’s super secret team? Did he even enter?

Did not enter. Apparently it was going to be him, Viscant, and I think Combofiend…? Not too sure about that 3rd member, but at any rate, they decided not to enter.