EVO2010: Stick/Equipment Loaning Thread

I remember we did this last year. Go ahead and post up anything you want to put up for loan to another NW player that may need it at EVO.

So far I have:

1x VSHG (ps3), all sanwa buttons (stock are sanwa but these are replaced), unmodded jlf, this is the model with input problems I think

1x Fightstick SE (360), seimitsu buttons, and a jlf with an ls-32 spring added on top of stock parts

(Tentative) 1x Fightstick TE 1st gen (360), unmodded NOTE: must pm troy for info/stipulations

I’ll be bringing my stick stuff too, most likely. Markman will also be selling stick parts of some kind there, or something like that, as well as some madcatz merchandise in their booth at evo.

If Bokkin has his own stick dual modded before evo, pm me about borrowing my stick. Preferably someone i know fairly well (eg. i’ve invited you to my house or talk to you regularly)

TE 1st gen, unmodded. (and it’s ps3 to clarify.)

Is anything even being played on 360?

Oh this reminds me…

Tomorrow I will make a thread on who is capable of bringing systems & or monitors to EVO for practice.

I will post the details a bit more in depth tomorrow…

Elias, some of the demo setups may be on 360, like Tekken was last year. Moreover, theres always the potential for casuals or whatever.

That being said I never used my 360 stick when I brought it last year, but we’ll see.

^^ there were 12 Tekken setups last year @ evo, 6 were ps3 and 6 were 360. I’m just sayin’ =).

dan i would like to borrow your se indefinitely

I know Peachy is looking for a stick to borrow for EVO. I know this shouldn’t be said but…

No one beats on my kids but me.

I know Peachy is looking for a stick to borrow for EVO. I know this shouldn’t be said but…

No one beats on my kids but me.

I can offer someone a stick if I’m in a close vicinity with them when we’re waiting to play at pools, but I wouldn’t rely on it if I were you guys and suggest to seek a more fullproof solution.

I know how it is though, being 100% on the other side of things with a PS3 stick.

Wait… So Evo is played on a PS3?

Yeah dawg. All of it. That is why i get two of everything. Gotta be ready.

I never understood people in a fighting game community not have their own sticks…

Some people only own 360 sticks and EVO is all PS3.

Dual Mod?

rcaido always posts as if everyone has money to spend. Why doesn’t everyone have $150 dollar arcade sticks and pay extra money to get it dual modded? I don’t get it…

I wish I had a dual mod =/ lol

yo, so if I get my stick dual modded sat then yeah Troy willingly there will be a stick to be lent. That is assuming the dual mod is successful and madcatz boards don’t fuck shit up. I have faith though.

Good luck if you are trying to dual mod a stick the week before evo. Those things are bitch.

borrowing a TE

Hi guys,

My TE stick for 360 no longer works. The xbox guide button doesn’t work anymore, and because of that I can’t practice. I would really like to bring my 360 and a TE stick to evo, to practice.

I would be very grateful if I could borrow a TE stick from someone that is not planning on going to evo so that I can practice.

I would prefer to bring the stick to Evo, but if you don’t agree to that, it would still help me to be able to use it at home practicing for Evo. I am happy to assume full financial responsibility for the stick in case of loss, theft, or damage.

Thanks, let me know!


My stick is already being whored out to people. If you are not among them, please do not ask to borrow Calvin & Hobbes.

Thank you.