EVO2010 stream @ Cyber Ground - Fairfax, VA - July 9th-11th


I’ll be streaming EVO @ Cyber Ground during the weekend for those who can’t make it to evo. I have a 46 inch LCD TV for everyone to watch it on. We can also set up a couple consoles for games. There is no venue fee, but i would appreciate any donations so we can get more equipment for this place. I’m doing a lot so that we can keep playing at this place for free. We can also order pizza or something as well.

8630 Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA

Time: Friday, starts at 6pm
Saturday, start at 12pm
Sunday, start at 12pm

post up if you’re interested in coming.


Man, i was trying to do the same thing a little closer to DC cause that’s where i live. No one seems to be interested in that. But hey, i hope everything goes well for you. And keep up the good work. Peace.


you’re welcome to come. The metro station isn’t that far from the place.


Well saying that most people I know are either going to evo or yugi nats this weekened and I don’t have internet of my own I will probably be coming down to CG on Friday and chillin down there watching the evo footage


I will try to be there on Sunday.


This is a really good idea Jag.

Hope a lot of people that aren’t able to go make it out to this.


I’ll try and be there Friday at least. What’s the deal with WiFi there? People seemed surprised or something that Rugi had it without a password.


YOOOOOO i’ll be there aydup


If know of anything closer to DC, I’ll be interested. Otherwise I might have to check this out


I might come by today or sometime this weekend.

I’m guessing it’s bring your own stick if you want to play.


got stuck with family stuff, but the evo stream has been so spotty at times i’m just annoyed by it


who’s coming by today?


how long will you be hosting the vent each day? 12 to what time?


finals tomorrow! the place had a problem with me watching the stream today, but everything should be fixed tomorrow so we can enjoy the stream.

@whitetigercub, the store doesn’t close until 5am.