Evo2012 archives, why are they gone?


I tried searching for it, but nothing came close.

I watched EVO2k12, enjoyed the 720 stream very much.

I like watching Umvc3, so I decided to watch the archive, pool matches all the way down to top 8.

The next day I wanted to continue and bam!! All the big 8 hour videos from umvc3 and SSF4 are gone. only a few little ones from pool play.

Seeing the twitch page and the name srkevo, surely you people must know where the missing archives are. I paid for it, so where is it. what’s the deal?


they most likely going to put it on their youtube account if not im with you “what’s the deal?”


they usually only put the top 16 of each game and some memorable matches between top players


It’s possible they want to release a DVD of the events, to make some cash moneys. Gotta find ways to make a profit on their match footage.

Or like the others have mentioned, they’re probably going to put out memorable moments and matches on their youtube account.