Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

Good job everyone!
In case you didn’t see the frontpage post, Evo is being super nice to Skullgirls!

  • $1000 pot bonus provided by Evo (possibly other goodies from other sources…)
  • Top 8 streamed
  • Reserved spots in the BYOC room for the side tourney

Since this is a side tourney and I’m running it, HOW ABOUT SOME SEEDING POINTS?
Since SG is now included in UFGT and CEO, which are Road to Evo tournaments, might as well give points to the top finishers in those. (If we can get something going at NCR I could also count that, and I guess SCR too then?)

I’ll add more info as it comes, but I wanted to have the thread up ASAP.

[reserved just in case]

In relation to the tournaments in this thread…

Could we maybe somehow organize a “Road to Skullgirls” kinda thing? Like have certain tournament top “insert number” finishes get a certain seeding spot in the EVO bracket? To ensure as close to optimal seeding?

fuck yea! this is awesome! i was in 2 minds whether to try for EVO this year but im defo gonna try and make it now! things are starting to look up. great job everybody and congrats mike Z.

I may not be able to get to UFGT or CEO, but I’m still going to train extra hard now for Evo. I’m finally getting the chance, I’m not letting it slip through my fingers!!!

Cue 5 month training montage

I was already planning on going, but this really seals the deal. Only reason I haven’t booked yet is because I want to wait for scheduling info (so as to know how many vacation days I’ll need).

Now just to level up enough that the big day won’t be a total embarrassment…

The most emphatic “FUCK YEAH!” you can imagine does not begin to describe how I’m feeling.

Skullgirls in EVO. We in there.

Now alex can stop being cynical and bitter. :V

Whaaaat? I wasn’t cynical and bitter. I just hated the way they decided the 8th game all along.

awesome. i foresee good things, such as not dying off, for the game. :3
good luck to all you competitors training.


Man I wish my school broke for Summer holidays one week earlier :frowning:

Im not good and Im patchless so I will grab a beer and watch from the sidelines but good luck to everyone who are going to participate



Everyone better practice and play really well!!! This will be our chance to show how dope this game is!

If top 8 has anyone not playing at 110% you’re on my “I don’t prefer you list”

i know what ill be doing once the xbox patch drops. thank god training online is actually feasible in this game.

Launch party erry day!

lets see what the actual turnout would be like… ive heard this all this hype before… so… judgement reserved.

also: Fuck microsoft for still not releasing the patch… im definitely going back to sony’s system when the next gen comes.

Should it be EVO PARTY ERRYDAY!!! now? =]