Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

Not sure if you’ve guys seen this, but registration for Evo is now available.


So by the looks of it, you need a pass to come to evo at all? Looks like I’m going to have to let my friends know about this since they want to attend evo as well.

Hi, i’m gonna be traveling from argentina (most probably once in my lifetime) and would give anything to play at this side-event, what do i need to do?

A looooooot of people go to EVO every year. Selling passes is the only way to maintain any sense of order.

Dustloop version, cuz byebye SRK forums.


Well I remember the only time they did this was in 2012 (They didn’t do it in 2011). But I do understand that this could be a way to not only make money, but also try to keep the control to a certain level (Hopefully they do it better then last year, I heard the passes didn’t do crap on the final day and people walked in anyways XD)

[FONT=Helvetica]Well speak of the Devil, one of those situations where having a SG dedicated central hub would be beneficial

Apparently some of us are gonna take this SRK shutdown as an opportunity to experiment this idea
Assume its gonna be “Skullheart.com
*Edit nuked my double post[/FONT]

What happened to leave SRK? I missed something ~_~

Server change cus the current one sucks
SRK will be down for a week or summin

Ill probably just hang in the IIRC and chat with yall till we get our own


really, its made already? Did you use one of the free forum hosts or is this a paid site which can be expanded upon?

I forget where it was exactly, but I remember you commentating. “Oh jeez Peacock, HP Bang into Argus Agony, haven’t seen this before! What a complete surprise!”

I’ll commentate and talk about pokemon

Read this for more info. The short answer is yes something was made, but its temporary because we took advantage of experimenting this while SRK shuts-down. This layout is easy since it can be migrated fairly easy to something nicer in the near future. For now, this was last minute stuff to create a basic forum in response to SRK shutting down

I would love to commentate as well. I stopped being an angry salty fart after TSB and I did commentate SG with Dacidbro at ECT4 last year :smiley:

Master Chibi is definitely another person on the list that very well deserves a commentating spot.

It’s a paid site, but I’ve only pair for a month of hosting because I’m poor, lol.

well if this goes well, we can upgrade to a nicer one and have a donation link for support

you know i am in there, just like last year.

i should commentate because i am good looking

I’ll definitely be going to this. Good on EVO for supporting the Skull Girls players considering it’s such a new game.