Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

I’ll keep that in mind when I’m on stream.

Sign up and play anyway. We need numbers most of all. So what if you go 0-2? The point is that you were a part of it!

How bout seed points for consistent skullbats champs? Whomever has the best win/loss ratio for the spring season could get seeded


(Someone needs to make a version of that video, but with Ms Fortunes head trying to float away instead of the hard hat.)

I think this song is appropriate.

I wanna go. :frowning:

Likewise, gotta make sure I prefer myseeelf.

Hell yeah see all of you guys at EVO! :smiley:

Does the fact that we had 100 people last year help?

About seeding points for Skullbats champs, it depends on whether that’s WingZero or not cuz he already has one from [S]SCR[/S] UCI.

Ahhhh I don’t think online tourneys count mike.

For this game, why not?

Man now I need to try and find a way to get over there to Evo! I’d hate to miss such an opportunity D:



Yeah, have to truly wonder if people will show up for the side tourney at Evo :rolleyes: …
I believe this was without Evo Support too

Because some people will whine and moan about the aspects of a online fighting, but it’s your call. I’m cool with it either way cuz were totally going to F!@#$$ EVO! XD

Congrats to Mike Z, the SkullGirls team and the entire SG community. You guys deserve this.

It’s only a seeding point, it’s not giving them byes till top 4 or anything…

You won the tourney at UCI though. I think that’s what Mike is referring to?

…oh duh XP.

Is this the thing you were hinting to when you told everyone they will want to practice at the end of the last skullbats?

Word is bond just give me the CEO points now.

To all of you unfortunate enough enough to meet my new team in brackets: