Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

Oh awesome :D!
Can’t wait to check this out on stream. You guys better not let everyone down now after all this :)!

I doubt I’ll physically make it to evo, but I’ll definitely help people train





I hope you guys do indeed show up this year and represent…really no excuse not to support your game this Evo season.

Dedicated stations
top 8 streamed
$1,000 pot bonus

I wants to be commentator please.

And now I must save up to go to Evolution~


SG at EVO?



Saw this coming a mile away.

Dr. Sub-Zero and Robo-Fortune as commentators LEEEEEHGOOOOOOOOOO!!!

On the more serious note I’d like to see Mike on the mic since he’s actually knows what’s going on and will be able to explain it to everybody. He probably will be too busy though…

I would be at the mic but I might be busy playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Let the trash talk begin.

This might be a terrible idea, but nobody commented on it in the other thread and it’s relevant her so I’ve quoted it:

I knew something good would come out of this whole Donation Drive even if Skullgirls didn’t win. :wink: I mean 78K for breast cancer… ever heard of karma?

Congrats for getting it to EVO after all. Too bad it will all happen around the other side of the world for me. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m surely gonna watch the whole stream. A thing I didn’t do before.

@0sh - it’s not a bad idea, but how do you figure out what constitutes a “new player”?

You mean like a “MVP” kinda thing? What if 70% of matches were all newcomers, and each one were amazing…

Mike Z and Sanchez would make a good commentating team. Ultradavid also knows a healthy dose of Skullgirls… uhhhhhhhh McPeanuts can commentate, I can be a “color” commentator but I’ma be too busy in top 8 soooo… Kiss me.

Whoever spends the most time choosing colors for their characters.

I gather he means that you designate each tournament from now on as having the New Player prize. Any player who enters one of those tournaments, even if they don’t win the prize, is ineligible to win the prize at any following New Player tournaments.

It’d mean keeping a rather extensive list of previous tournaments, but wouldn’t actually be too difficult to organize with some planning.

The first couple of tournaments would likely see the prize go to some ‘veterans’, but would very rapidly thin out to only new faces.

Mike Z should win ‘new player of the year’ award.

Going to use a different alias and say I’m new.