EVO2k 2007 & 2008 DVD's


Does anyone know if these will be on IGN along with 2009? The price they are selling the DVD’s are insane. They would make so much more money if they sold the set for $20.00 max. A lot more people would buy the DVD’s if the were priced at $20. In the end they would make so much more money than trying to sell the set @ $80


Should have been there, they gave away hundreds of DVDs for free.
I got 2008 for free.
2007 the line was formed and I was in my pool so I couldn’t go line up for it.


I was there… But they ran out right before they got to me. I didn’t get in line for them at first because I thought they were just selling them, not giving them away. Then I asked some dude if I could borrow his dvd’s to rip them, and found that it was going to take 1hr per disc.


No dvd this year. IGN will host all the matches in HD on their site.


yeah, i was there too, i didn’t manage to get the 2007 dvd, so i was kinda bummed…


I almost left my pool for the DVD then I thought that I could get it on SRK.


I’ve bought the DVDs the past few years, but I didn’t get the 2008s. Money is a little tighter now, and I just haven’t been able to justify the purchase price, which really sucks for me because the main reason I buy the DVDs is for the CVS2 matches. But I did get the Insider because $15 is a good deal and I always ripped the dvds so I could watch the matches on my XBMC.


u gais left too soon. they gave away '08 and '07 after Daigo vs. Justin epic finale at the same booth in the center. I was never close enough for those lines except for the evo bag, when I didn’t care to be in line for, but it didn’t matter since i eventually got teh dvd’s :slight_smile:


Yeah…they had tons of DVDs after the finals.
Grabbed 07 and 08.

also…the simple fact that they still had tons of DVD’s from past Evo’s pretty much shows how the DVD approach was not working well in the past.


I had grabbed both sets. I have my 2007 and grabbed the 2008 and left it in my camcorder bag. Then I think either I misplaced them somewhere (highly unlikely), or ultimately someone stole them out of my bag. So 2007 is all I have. =(


I agree with op, during times of economic hardship hard to justify 80 bucks. at 20-30 bucks i’d snap them up asap.


Did they happen to have even older DVD sets there? Like 2004 or something?


If anyone would be kind enough to send me the originals or a copy of 2007+2008, I would gladly host images of them for anyone! I would even rip them to avi, and break them down by game.

PM me if you would like to help out the community and help me share the awesomeness with all those who weren’t able to snag a copy.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Sunday afternoon to go to work. I really wish I could have stayed for finals. :frowning:


I got the 2007 and 2008 DVD’s. and then one of the dude’s I was staying with gave me the 2006 Dvd because it had Mario Kart DS on it haha.


Mario Kart DS is a fighting game?

Well, can’t really argue with free. At least you got a free copy of the 2006 one.




um…where you suppose to say that.


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I have no idea, I’ll have to go read up on it. :sweat:


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