EVO2K 2011 {i want to go!}

Im a brazilian player, 19 years old. As usual, evo2k is in Cesars Palace. BUT, people with less than 21 years old are forbidden to enter in a cassino. Next year im gonna be 20 years in July. Can I enter in the EVO? It’s a dumb question but I never saw anything saying about this. Please answer, I already dreammed about went to evo. i really want to go!

thx anyway.

There a evo section for this…

and to answer your question.

No you don’t have to be 21.

You do need to be 21 to book a room, drink, gamble, and hit the clubs.

thx a lot for the reply

but just to be sure, can i play in evo? i mean, in the championship with less than 21 years and without a parents petition? (because im gonna travel alone)

EVO site says in the FAQ that it is open to all ages. And I agree, this should have been put in the EVO forum.

Edit: Yes, I’m under 21, and I played in the tournament, it is open to all ages.

You can definitely enter, just not gamble or drink (legally).

I’m pretty sure you can hit strip clubs at 18 though. Have fun.

Only 2 strip clubs I know of that you can go in at 18 because the rest serve alcohol and won’t allow you in unless you’re 21.