Evo2k.com problem

when i went to load up www.evo2k.com this morning, my virus scanner went ballistic. whats going on with that, and has anyone else had this problem

OH shit you’re right my virus protection went crazy just now

i actually laughed at it cause im at work and this is my work comp. so i sat back and watched it roll, 52 viruses before my comp locked up

I’m an idiot for actually clicking the link without an active virus scanner on :stuck_out_tongue:

ah well, I’m sure I’m not the only idiot who will do it. scanning harddrive

I wonder if this thread will get deleted too?

we were under attack this weekend, everything is back to normal.

I wonder if it was the Halo2 people that the FGD treated so horribly (and rightfully so). :rofl: … or the gaians.

or maybe the tekken people

good thing I was in a t5dr overdose-induced coma this weekend