Evo2k10 Fireball/Style Exhibition Videos

While i still have $5.08 worth of internet, i just wanted to link to these two real quick since i made sure they were on u2b (almost) immediately this year.



Just to clarify, i contributed less than 10% of the clips in this video. It was a big collaborative effort so please don?t credit me for the whole thing. I?m just happy it got made, and finished on time for Evo2k10. Transcripts will be up on Sonic Hurricane as soon as we all get home and take fourteen hour naps.

Great! Thanks for posting these, I didn’t catch the sh/f style exhibition vid on the stream, but I absolutely loved the Super Fireball Battle one.

Nice set of videos, your crew did a fantastic job.

These are really great, good shit. And honestly, you deserve like 3 golden sticks for all that you do for the community, you really do help us out in many ways.

here are my leftovers from the style project, enough for a pretty good mini combo video