Evo2k10 monitors - alienware?

Seth has mentioned many times on the stream that evo is using Alienware monitors this year. Which model number are they using and are they still using some Asus VH236 monitors as well?

I’m going to assume it’s this one.


they’re using alienware at the pools game and if i’m not mistaken, asus on the big stage.

Alienware model#?

I have been checking the evo and tech talk section for confirmation on the model# of the monitors that were used at evo2k10, but so far it has been speculation and no one has put up a confirmed answer. If you were are evo2k10 or helped organize it and know the model # could you please respond to this thread. I am looking to purchase a new monitor and am curious what was used at evo2k10. Thanks.

the Alienware OptX 21.5" gaming monitor. Model AW2210

i did a test for them a while back prior to them making the decision:


I’d just get the asus model (vh236) that was used in '09 unless money isn’t any issue for you… It still only has a weighted 9-10ms iirc and is much more reasonably priced, especially considering the size.


pretty much anything < 11ms average doesn’t lag. the asus is slightly bigger than the alienware and is less than half the price.

the alienwares are reaaaaly nice though, and run synchronous with CRTs so there is pretty much 0 lag if you think you’re THAT sensitive.

i heard many reports that the alienware monitors lag, and that daigo refused to play on them? truth or just bs? tekken players in pools did seem to be dropping a lot of combos…

this was the first tourney for marvel with those monitors (both asus and alienware0 and I and many others felt lag. my otg combos (1 frame timing iirc), sjcancels out of HSFs, and even simple infinites were dropped a lot on that shit. even regular gameplay felt awkward. you could see the huge difference even in the finals of marvel.

i like how lag is always a valid cop-out

missed a game-winning combo/1-frame?


the problem will never go away, despite what tests or other facts say.

except it was constant misses on all accounts and the high stakes MMs (easily more pressure than tournaments) during the rest of the weekend on non laggy monitors did not see the same basic stuff being missed.

nice try though.

I don’t understand why the normal tube TVs aren’t used for all fighters; lag would not be an issue at all, correct? Didn’t SB4 use tube tvs for all games?

^exactly. and they had plenty (all in good condition and at the same great size).

the lag (from whatever reason) was apparent. when you have a failed Gcancel outta HSF 3 times in a row with IM you know something is definitely up (aside from all the missed OTGs and watching combos eff up in the finals). well thank god marvel won’t be on those crappy monitors anymore and we’ll have better tourneys at places like SB5.

it’s likely that it’s in everyone’s head. in fact, Daigo preferred the alienware monitors – he played john choi off the stage because he felt the asus’ lagged, or that the streaming equipment caused lag when playing on stage. they preferred a direct-connection from the PS3 to the monitor.

the biggest “complainers” [or perhaps what prompted the change of monitors on the stage] were the foreign players some of the sf4 players like daigo, and T6 like NIN.

when blind-tested, they couldnt tell the difference between being run through the streaming equipment and direct connection, and somehow still felt that the pool stations didn’t lag, while the stage did. [even when the stage was hooked up directly, set up exactly the same as a pool station].

a simple explanation, at least for the SSF4 crowd, is that they aren’t used to the slight game speed difference.

Because they’re big, heavy, expensive?
The ones that are 16:9/720p are pricey and hard to find.

Expensive? I’m pretty sure you’re able to find a 20" tube TV for around $100; is this more expensive than the HDTV equivalent?

Being heavier and larger (although, it takes up no additional width of the tabletop, so that shouldn’t even be an issue), if it means ZERO lag on all games across all systems, then do the “cons” outweigh the obvious and game-altering “pros”?

if you were at evo, they had a LOT of standard samsung crtvs. great size and all in great condition. they should’ve at least been used for marvel…or even for all games. you don’t need to worry about monitors, monitor setup, monitor hookup, etc.

Yeah, IMO 21-24" flatscreen CRTs are the perfect tournament TVs, that’s mostly what we do at SB. Craigslist is a goldmine for tubes, Fugee owns like 8 nice CRTs, mostly from craigslist. Cheap too, much cheaper to collect than HDs. Storing/transporting them sucks but we have space and all Fugee’s are local.

One of the Marvel Top 8 told me he thought the stage HDTV was lagging.

I can understand why tournaments are using Asus-style HDTVs for the next-gen games – they look classier and are easier to transport.

Personally we’ll do CRTs though as long as we can, even for HD games, because there will never be a lag issue. The only bad thing is so many people play widescreen, and at our tourney it’s 4x3. But we didn’t get complaints last year on SFIV about WS vs. 4x3.

I honestly think it might not necessarily be the tvs but it could also be the setup/hookup.

on sunday I went to magnetro’s room to play and he had his DC hooked up to an HD monitor. I hardly felt any lag (but did not check). he was hooked up with a vga box (the vga ports do NOT have lag) and, since it’s magnetro, I’m sure he would definitely ensure there was no lag.

whereas the monitors at evo were hooked up through HDMI.

ive tested the alienware monitors and asus monitors over HDMI, VGA and DVI.

there’s little, if any, variance between the input types.