Evo2k10 shout outs

I had a blast at evo this year and I’ll like to say good games to everyone I played against to everyone spoke with and chilled with. To many names to say right now since I just got home and I still ain’t went to sleep yet!!! To my Ga peeps that came out to evo good job, but we need to train harder so we can upset some fools next year

To the the peeps that come to Final Round that came up to me and said what’s up Larry what are you doing here?!?!?!? Like I can’t travel huh. Thanks for wearing your finalround tshirts at evo. See y’all in march! To all of the irc or Srk heads I met in person it was cool to finally put a name behind the face. Now when we are talking shit on irc or Srk I can picture who is typing on the other end.

To my og hommie mike w and jcole always showing a brotha love when I step on the west coast. Good seeing y’all again. It was cool to chill with wc tekken heads like Filthyrich, Bronson and Q. You fools BETTER come to FR14 next year! Always good to see old ems team members haunts and Gilley. My boys jeff, David, ghaleon, fugee, buk, Justin w, that nigga Noel, marn, dnyce, pr balrog, gandido, ski, NIN, kajoq, mightymar, Damdai, Markman, karusa, brandino, dr.b, iluvyoujoe, holdat, VDO, and many others that I can’t remember right now because it’s 9am atl time and I still haven’t been to sleep. Nice to meet Seth and we will be talking soon sir!

Also to that drunk couple it was nice to meet y’all. You 2 belong with each other and may you keep each other in line or atleast of you could sober so 1 of you can drive home. I know people say that Atlanta is hot, but I’ve never been so hot as I was in Vegas or should I say aka the oven. My damn eyeballs was cooking in that heat! I hope to see everyone next year at evo, but hopefully I’ll see them at FR14.

I had a great

I forgot Jacob ford and all of the tennessee crew, Wayne gamble, peter, mike fucking Ross, Gootecks, arturo and spooky, the whole detroit crew, Eric v, geesepants, mightmar, jinrai, smoothcat, yipes, DS, Sanford, all of the melty, gg, and bb peeps I saw. Shout out to everyone that was playing A2 on the sexy astrocity cabs and thanks to the guys that brought out the snk cabs. I got to own some fools in real bout special. If anyone is wondering what I look like I was the big black dude wearing the FRIX shirt on Friday, wearing the D wilkens hawks jersey on sat, and the black Georgia shirt with the white and red bulldog hat on Sunday. I had to leave right after the tekken grand finals so I missed the ssf4 top 8.


“Shout outs to Level|Up and G4 yo, you guys rock!”

Here goes! Hopefully I don’t forget anyone.

Stu, Allan, Geese pants, Gabe, Dios and Co, TS, Jie, Weeks: Fucking great hanging out with all of you again. Seriously, it’s the company that makes Evo what it is for me.
Cryoh: I’m sorry I said you people all look like, please don’t take me to the rape zone.
DaRabidDuckie: Nice meeting you fake ducky! How did that hooker go?
Joe: Nice meeting you man, now learn to speak up and don’t let people walk all over you!
Jinrai + Toshin: Nice to know the 2 guys I see at evo every year but never knew who they were are actually you!
Ben Fong: An artist with his hands and a soldering iron, I can’t speak enough good of the mod he did to my stick.
the GTASF crew: It was cool finally putting faces on the IRC names.
Kayane: It was nice speaking french to someone in there! Thank you for that!
Eita: For playing against me and hyping beyond the hypest I’ve ever been before.
The Flamingo ceiling for falling on Allan and Stu’s table and almost killing both.
The Ceasar buffet for having so many different bacons
DS, Mizuki, and SK: Nice to see you guys again, it was short but it’s always nice.
Obama for closing traffic.
Shaq for being so goddamn tall.
The Evo staff for putting on a kickass event so smoothly. And providing with a pretty damn spiffy jersey
The top 8 for TvC, Hdr, SSFIV, and Marvel, for making shit so damn hype.
Spooky for the Salty Suite stream, I would’ve been in there if I hadn’t eaten something terrible right before.
Christopher Malloney for providing one of the greatest inside evo meme ever.
To autistic kids surfing on the weekends.
werewolves living in a jungle of sharks.
Everyone else I met.

Thank you for playing…

So like I only seen one of the woman players or maybe two… I just saw the Asian one mostly. Like are the others fuckable I really want to know. Cause no one asked to be raped.

But for me my hype list went:

Melty Blood
MvC3 Showing
Tekken 6
Womens Invitational

I love Tekken but goddamn Koreans… quit beating us!

Shoutouts go to:

Stu, Val, and Guru for offering the room and hanging out with me.
Cryoh for being a big ass motherfucker.
Geese Pants… /wipes hand
DaRabidDuckie for showing up and me not expecting you.
Kurasa for being awesome and being a TvC monster.
Fishjie and Weeks and co… what the fuck Fishjie?
Mizuki and Spooky for keeping Melty alive.
Udon girl for drawing my awesome Dan pic
Daigo for winning and signing said Dan pic while laughing at it
All tournament organizers and bracket wranglers
Peeps who brought setups of any sort
Wiz, Seth, Ponder, Inkblot, JChoi, etc for getting the FG scene started with SRK


Man…where should I even begin?

Valaris: My “strawberry blond” hetrogay life mate. Always a pleasure seeing you.

Guru/Allan: So good to finally meet you. I enjoyed our talks up in the room while we played pokemon. Weird how two totally random people can agree on so much shit.

Sakyo Joe/Joe: Nice meeting you. Man up though and put some bass in your voice.

Dios <-X->/Ernesto: Always nice to see you. You bodied me in our money match but really it was just nice to play people in fighters again.

Tony and Junior: Friends of Dios’ but good people. “Are you ready for round two, baby?” :lol:

TS: Always a pleasure to see you. We went to the rape zone and survived.

Geese Pants: So good to finally meet you man. Nothing like I imagined, but that is in no way a bad thing. Can’t wait till we get a chance to hang out again.

Weeks: Valaris was right. He has a white rival. Awesome finally meeting you. Not what I expected, but again, not a bad thing. Had a lot of fun at Outback.

P. Gorath: We tried so hard to plan so much stuff but it didn’t happen. Sucks. Maybe next year. Always a pleasure to see you though. Stop using Ibuki. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fishjei: You drunk mother fucker. I love you. Always interesting when you’re around.

Cryoh/Andre: Thought you were some wimpy white kid or an asian kid. But no, you are a gigantic black dude and also really nice. Cool to meet you.

Supreme JD: Played some Super with him in our room. Super chill guy.

James Kim: Met him through myspace yeeaaars ago. Would always have really fun convo’s about fighters (when I still gave a shit). Good to finally meet him.

Orochi Zoolander: You are a very energetic little man. But very nice and very cool to finally meet you.

Player shout outs:
K. Beast in TvC for being the yatterman hype.

Kurasa for bringing the Doronjo hype

Clockwork for making 3rd in Marvel

Ricky Ortiz for being the sexiest man in the SF community today and taking Daigo to the limit.

Pad warriors DGV, Vangief and Snake Eyes for beasting so hard in your respective games.

Evo highlights for me:
All of TvC top 8. Most hype finals for me.
“Rape Zone”
"No one asks to be raped"
Teaching kids with autism how to surf on weekends
Jungle full of sharks
The buffet passes.
Fishjei of all people being the voice of reason when it comes to the subject of rape. :lol:
My getting drunk and missing my match for Super. I was supposed to play Gootecks (whoever that is)
All of our crew toasting to RoninChaos and a speedy recovery.

Big BOO-URNS about evo:
Almost dying at the Flamingo’s seafood buffet. A piece of wood from their ceiling fell and landed not even inches away from our table. Luckily Allan/Guru wasn’t there because if he had it would have hit him.
No RoninChaos or Dataika. Though it’s not their fault by anymeans. We just all really missed them

And the biggest thanks to all the Evo Staff, Judges, Sponsors, Vendors and Volunteers. With out you we’d never be able to experience any of this.


ALL of The People who showed RICH KID ACADEMY and I so much love…I don’t want to miss any names but holla back if we kicked it !!! Peace and 1 love…I appreciate the support from my own in the fighting game community

The Rich Kid Academy Movement | www.richkidacademy.com

Just got back from the rape zone (ie EVO at Vegas), and I’ve got some shoutouts of my own:

Hellz yeah, it was good hanging with you too, Larry! Thanks for filling me in during semis on who all the players were. I still can’t recognize many people. Already hyped for FR14!

Man… that got complicated QUICKLY. I’ll have to tell you later. Anyway, it was nice finally getting to meet you! Sorry we didn’t get to hang much, but I was kinda all over the place. Also, age of consent FTW.

Cryoh: Damn pleasure hanging out with you man. The TN guys said hi and we had a lot of fun playing beer pong together at O’Shea’s. Sorry about the blackjack fiasco!

Joe: Seriously, learn to project. Good hanging with you all day, even if you kept bitching during Bang the Machine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guru: Just as funny irl as on the forums, wished I could have hung out more!

P.Gorath: Good meeting you, and I kinda wish I’d gotten a chance to play you this weekend to bust your head open for Ibuki knowledge.

Phreakazoid187: Good shit, brother. Nice to finally put a face to the name!

Skisonic: I swear, I’m going to keep on bringing cigars to tourneys until you smoke one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rina-chan: Athena = Kawaii. Good hanging with you during Melty and TvC finals! Definitely pick up TvC!

Kurasa: Great times as always. You know, some time we’re going to have to go out and have a fucking beer, if we weren’t always so damn busy at these things. Thanks for all the MvC3 knowledge, and the advice about what to do with that uh… awesome thing I figured out with Felicia. Shhhhhhhh… XD

Arthong: Best. Random. Encounter. Ever. Awesome talking to you, and I can’t wait to do more business with you in the future. I’ll definitely keep in touch.

Toodles: You are my new brother by another mother. I’ll gladly help out with anything you need in the future. Thanks for looking out, and for all the head-exploding modding knowledge you dropped on me this weekend. I’m sure I’ll be talking to you often.

KenmastersX, Jacob, KakitaJamie, John: Had a fucking awesome time this weekend, and it was mostly due to you guys. See you at Battle for the South! (PS: Brad, yo ass is going down in Tekken :wink: ).

Eric V: Man, we straight beat the hell out of each other! I had people coming up to me after finals and saying that our match was one of the best in the tournament. I really wish I’d won the last match I had, because you were my next opponent. I wanted another piece, dammit!

Supreme jd: You know… I thought you were white. Goddamn awesome meeting you, dude. We should have hung out more.

Geesepants: Thanks for not kicking me in the nuts.

RoyalFlush, Psychochronic, and all the other TvC cats: You guys are the shit. Finest community of players I’ve ever been a part of. Too bad we’re all so spread apart. Also, thank you for ALL reminding me that I need to update the video thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr.SNK: Fucking *smooth *beard. You need to come back and post more, seriously.

Anyone I forgot: My apologies – I’m seriously tired. More if I can remember them.

short and sweet.
staff organizers: thanks for everything
people that played me in EX3
TarkanX: wished we coulda played but even that pad that I bought that was supposed to work didn’t >.<
afrolegends: already said it in aim
RickyO: congrats on doing well in SSF4
and to everyone I talked to (Damdai, Ghalleon (SP?), all of the chicago crew)
and to maj and jchensor for the videos.

Gonna keep them short and sweet even though this EVO was one of the best weekends in my life!

Tark (I think that was his name?): Ryu from pool H. I told you I’m bad against Shoto’s! :sweat:
ShoryuReppa: Yo, I lost my voice laughing at yo devastated ass after Ricky lost to Daigo :rofl: :smokin:
Brozeff_Yozeff: EVO2k11 - Chair on Bed Money Matches
ll.nd: Doctah you just don’t know!!
Juicebox Abel & Busta Bust: Definitely my fav Abel users out there. Keep tearing it up fellas! :rock:
Little Darlings: …:encore::pray::love::love::love:

Big ups to Renegade for being the realest dude ever.

<3 shinblanka
I been goin to evo the past 10years
I felt like I knew everyone until sf4
Evo headcount went from hundreds to thousands
And can’t keep up, hopefully the new schoolers continue to attend evo
So we all get to know each other
I was the guy with the 69 warriors jersey/the guy making it rain EVO keychains

Evo was fun as usual. Too many people to shout out that I randomly ran into this weekend - always good to see the same good people from over the years. Likewise for anyone new I got to meet for the first time.

Special thanks to Dogface and the Canadian XvsSF crew. You guys are great. You better be at Season’s Beatings - best tournament event in North America IMO. I’ll be there again barring something stupid in the interim.

Also thanks to everyone showing me love for bringing the Astro City cab in. I’m very glad that people enjoyed some non-SF4 on a real arcade setup and gg to anyone I got to personally play over the weekend. I’ll try to bring it in again next year if possible, with more side tournaments if I’m up to it.

HDR Pool -
Damdai: Thanks for chattin it up for a little and also whooping my ass hahah! If you get time, lets play on SC for awhile for old times sake :slight_smile:
Congrats on winning the ST tournament too!
Marcus: Good Guile! Same offer to you if you are online at all, I wouldn’t mind playing more games with ya!
Watts: For running the thing so extra smooth and dissing Tech tech hahahah!

SSF4 Pool:
Awesome Joe: Good games! I need to work on blocking that damn sim cross apparently :/. Online much? I need to take a trip to Seattle even if you aren’t online much hahah! Lets play more.

Pimpin’ Abel: Good abel man! Nice reads, definitely a fun match. I liked that clutch ground cross c.fp to ultra you got game 2 iirc haha! Lets play online if you are down.

Jamar: Always a pleasure to play bizarro world me XD…good games and lets play more often you jerk.

Nebraska crew: Good to see you cats again after so long, too bad we didnt get any ST in. Next time I am in Neb, we can get down!

ST players and Ghanon/Bernie (sp?): Good games everyone! So lovely to play ST on cab, I am getting my own. This trip decided it for me. VS for sure too. BIG THANKS TO THE PEOPLE THAT BROUGHT THE CABS! YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES THAT MADE THE EVO TRIP FOR ME THIS YEAR. Thanks for running a ST tournament, thanks for being cool in general.

XVS Crew: All you guys ALSO make the evo trip worth while. XVS is like one of those lost treasures of evo. I heard that XVS might not be at next evo and that would be a horrible sight to see. PLEASE COME BACK! I really felt horrible for not getting to the tournament in time to join. I will join next year for sure. Shiro, nice talking community with you for a little bit.

Haunts: Good to see you man, we didn’t get to play again so, I am just gonna take my ass out to cali and play. This is no longer acceptable. I WILL SEE YOU AT NCR. :slight_smile:

Rob: Good to chill with ya for awhile! I heard you were in the room for awhile too! cool cool! Well like I was telling you, I will see you at Devastation for sure. :wink: Shout out to Abe too!

Ghetto: Ain’t seen you in a GRIP, I want to head to something in the midwest. Let me know what you are doing/going to, maybe we can room or something. GET YOUR ASS BACK OUT HERE TOO! EFL doing it medium nowadays hahahah!

Nor Cal MM/Rape room: Good shit guys, that suite was super nice hahah! Fun money matching, too bad people suck and I have to play dad, I definitely wasn’t feeling like leaving the room.

Marn: Not that you will remember me BUT, gg’s in our money match. Viper vs Guy is a really fun match haha! Run it back next time I see you? :cool:
I know I am missing people and will probably edit more shit in but, I aint tryin to post all day hahaha!

thanks for coming out with your astrocab sir. I was walking in the back an saw alpha2 and I was stuck in that corner for an hour. I was the big black dude playing bison and Charlie in A2.

Thanks, man. Wish I could have rolled to the club, but last time I dropped 400$ there.

I especially enjoyed Sanchez smack talk.

Hit me up if you ever come east side.

I’ll also change back to old school avatar for ya, once I find the picture.

sup yo it was cool to met you yo.

Shoutouts to Flash Metroid during SSF4 Semis for hating that effer giving ridiculously loud and stupid commentary just as much I did.

The announcements? Or which?

I was doing the player intros on the mic… but didn’t do any match commentary.