Evo2k10 Tournament Logs

Here is my log. From a foreign perspective. Thanks to kyokugen, jpr333, and cps2 from the Sydney community for further proofing. I’ve included pictures but because they are relatively big (and not everyone shares the same resolution) I’ve kept them simply as hyperlinks.


Three time zones, 36 hours worth of flight time later, my evo journey is finally coming to an end. For me, the journey started almost a year ago. Seeing the grand finals between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong in SF4, in that massive hall, tempted me to be part of the experience.

Once EVO2010 was announced to be held at Caesar?s Palace, Las Vegas, I already set the date in stone. All I needed was some companions along for the ride.

Being part of OzHadou, I was lucky enough to be part of the first Shoryuken-OzHadou joint venture, known as EVO APAC. A tournament held in the Asia-Pacific region, to send a representative to EVO2010. We liaised with many Asian countries such as Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, as well as local neighbours New Zealand. In the end, we had the grand master himself, Daigo Umehara, attend the event in an attempt to gain an advantageous seed at EVO2010.

Needless to say Daigo proved himself more than worthy, by taking first place, with Sydney?s long-time champion humanbomb taking second place. These two were granted seeds in their respective pools as well as paid flights to Vegas for the world event.

kientan and I had already booked flights to EVO2010 prior to the EVO APAC tournament. So regardless of the outcome we, would be there. humanbomb taking second place was simply an added bonus as he could travel with the two of us. Along for the ride was Leia, who is the main arcade operator in Sydney, simply for moral support! Expatriate nin*, humanbomb?s older brother, also tagged along for the ride from Hong Kong to support humanbomb.

  • this is the top VF player nin (training buddies with VFDC’s Myke). Not the top Korean Tekken player.

ToXY, hailing from Melbourne, who just missed out on the ticket by placing third, also joined the contingent along with fellow Melbourne player Somniac. Though ToXY did not have the funds for the flight, the gracious Melbourne community helped pool together a fund so we had the best Australia could offer (humanbomb and ToXY) at EVO2010.

Sydney representatives before going through Departures at Sydney airport

On the flight from Sydney we had myself, kientan, humanbomb, and Leia, joining with ToXY from a connecting flight to LAX (shortly to LAS). The boys didn?t have a proper breakfast, so they had a quick bite and we almost missed our first flight! Once we boarded, it did not take long for humanbomb to fall asleep. While he is on an airplane he is known as sleepybomb. We passed time by playing cards, ready for the Vegas tables. But it didn?t take long for us to get bored and just tried to watch what little in-flight entertainment our carrier could provide. It was my first time flying for such a long time and it was enough to ?break? me. Upon landing in LAS we were welcomed with a gush of hot wind ? I was not ready for the Nevada heat. Leia won 90USD from a random slot machine while waiting for our bags ? the taxi ride to the hotel was on him. Many thanks again Leia!

Leia’s winning ticket

Upon reaching the reception desk of Caesar?s Palace we quickly saw nin and Somniac, who both landed before the rest of us. They were early for our pre-arranged meeting time (by a hour) but it worked out for the best, cause everyone could drop their bags and try to feel Vegas out. While waiting for my room keys we saw some big names such as Chris Hu; Gootecks; and Mike Ross. ToXY, Somniac, and myself broke from the group and just wandered around the big casino resort in an attempt to check-in early for the big three-day event. On the way we saw Capcom staff Seth Killian, a quick handshake later we headed up to the Palace Ballroom for our badges.

Too weak to walk the strip, the three of us simply opted for the first restaurant at the hotel. A Chinese restaurant, with eye-dazzling wallpaper! Our first Vegas meal came to about 66USD (including tax and tips). Coming from Australia where tipping is not compulsory, and where Goods and Services Tax is already included in the price, it was quite difficult trying to work out exactly how much we had to pay. This would be the first of two ?big? meals at Caesar?s.

Returning to our room, we finally regrouped and had the remaining entrants check-in before venturing to scope out the rest Caesar?s has to offer. Leia and I walked around the Forum Shops, situated below the casino resort, in hopes of finding a mobile phone store that might sell a prepaid sim card. We had the hardest time, finding the simplest things that?s readily available in Sydney! Along our ventures we crossed paths with Shaquille O’Neal. Who was there for some promotional boxing match the next night. My neck is a little sore trying to match eye contact with the basketball legend. Returning empty-handed, everyone had an early night in hopes of battling jet-lag and preparing for the big day ahead of us.

It was 5am Vegas time, and by then everyone had already awoken (it was approximately 10pm Sydney time). Not being able to sleep any longer, the crew all got ready with a shower and headed out for breakfast. We found perhaps the cheapest place we could buy food in Vegas: Subway!! (or Burger King). Can?t pass on a $5USD footlong. After breakfast, we headed back to the Palace Ballroom where no doubt there would be some players waiting for entry to the tournament hall.

For those that has attended Australia?s OzHadou Nationals (OHN), the line of entry was four times as big! We saw some players in the waiting line including Tokido; Eita; Marn; SmoothViper; and Sanford Kelly amongst other big names. Amongst those in line were some female players for the SSF4 Female Only Invitational tournament.

Team Australia before entering hall

We were greeted with about ten MvC3 setups the moment we walked through the doors and boy does the game look amazing! I had to quickly rush to my TvC pool for my first match. ToXY and Somniac had to head out to play their SSF4 pools. ToXY was in the same pool as Sanford Kelly. While Somniac was in the same pool as Daigo himself, and Australian visitor ClakeyD. Both players performed very well in their respective pools, however, were simply outplayed on the day. I faired worst in my TvC pool going 0-2. I stopped playing the game after launch week and it showed. It was very intense watching the tops going at each other however! I wish I could play at half their calibre.

While I was at my TvC pool I overheard a Shoryuken member was temporarily locked up for obstructing the law. It seems Barack Obama was in town so the police had to make some road closures, the poor fellow did not know and was arrested on the spot. Apparently Obama was at Caesar?s for another event but we (or his huge entourage) never crossed paths.

The Sydney pools (myself, kientan, humanbomb) were in the afternoon. I had the likes of Ricky Ortiz (who ended up placing 2nd) in my pool as well as tatsu. Both players having made it pass their pools, into the semi-finals. kientan had to contend with OnlineTony; PR Rog; Mariodood and Floe. humanbomb had L.I. Joe; Taiwanese player GamerBee; and Sabre. The three of us had some warm up games at the BYOC area with humanbomb raking up a 30 win streak. While I had a 4 win streak at the other station haha. kientan partook in one of the galaxy4gamers tournaments and came first, making a profit of $13USD!

humanbomb and I returned to our room and rested with an afternoon nap and snack but kientan stayed at the hall, running on almost empty. We have never played in a 128 man pool before so we were not prepared for how long the pools would take. It took some three hours for kientan and myself to finally finish our pool matches. Much praise for the pool judges for keeping things on time, without the assistance of a PA or megaphone. Unfortunately, Sydney did not fare so well in the pools either. humanbomb came the closest, with two matches away from getting through to the semi-finals. Dreams of an Australian for SSF4 top 32 were dashed, better luck next year. I still got HDR and MvC2 for the next day.

Steinmania v hebretto (photo courtesy of karaface @ karaface’s Photos)

Later that night, we attended the Salty Suite for money matches, some simply to watch. We were about to set up an 5v5 Australia v America money match but by that time there was already too many people so it was put on the back burner. Between the boys, there were money matches with Inthul; Chris Hu; Filipino Champ; ClakeyD; iNerd; and Eita. SkiSonic was there for a bit, simply to talk to the Suite?s host Gootecks. TeamSpooky tried to get a stream going for the big money matches. Not sure if they made it onto the stream but I witnessed part of Eita v Filipino Champ and Tokido v Sanford. kientan and I called it an early night (at 1am) and headed back to the hotel room.

MM with Chris Hu

Being the only one still having pools on the Saturday I had to get up early again to make the 9am opening to play my pools for HDR (which was actually delayed till midday) and MvC2. I used the spare time to play some CvS2 casuals, as well as talk to some other players around the hall. I attempted to watch some of the SSFIV Female Only Invitational, but the crowd was so huge I couldn?t see anything but the back of people?s heads! I was backing a fellow dictator player by the name of Stephanie (never got her handle) whom I had a quick chat the day before. She was there in her dictator cosplay as well and was the subject of many photo requests, including my own.

Stephanie in her dictator cosplay

During this time, Kuni Funada came up to me and said something along the lines of ?we are similar?. He opens his backpack and takes out his Namco PS2 stick, I was holding onto kientan?s Namco stick from playing CvS2 casuals. Needless to say Kuni is an avid fan of the Namco stick. He had a chuckle when I told him someone in Sydney had eight of them as his personal collection!

Picture with Kuni

Once the pools started for HDR and MvC2 it was game time for me. Unfortunately, both pools started within a hour of each other so I found myself having to run between both games (which was on the opposite end of the hall). Luckily I tracked down my opponents for the pools and the tournament judges were considerate of my situation. Unfortunately I don?t know many in the HDR scene so I am not sure who I lost to but it?s safe to say I was out-played against a Claw followed by a Ken. In MvC2, through the miracle of a bye I got to lose to Sanford Kelly. And through a forfeit I got to lose to Chunksta. I used a switch-trick snapback with Sentinel against Sanford in our second game, which Bill Wellman (Deus) taught me on his last trip to Australia (escorted by eKiN/eks). But I did not realise I had snapped in Cable, the character he used to win last year?s championship, I practically sealed my own fate when I saw Cable haha. Chunksta just played solid and I could not even touch him, my MSP simply wasn?t aggressive enough against his MSS.

Santhrax v hebretto (photo courtesy of slash5150 @ slash5150’s Photos)

After getting knocked out of my remaining pools, I could finally relax on a night out. After dinner I came back to the last match of the SSF4 semi-finals, between Justin Wong and GamerBee. Justin was a favourite to make top 8, but he had already lost to Vangief earlier in the semis so he needed this win to make the finals on the Sunday. GamerBee is a well respected Adon player online, using a new character, he might perhaps have a slight advantage over Justin due to his lack of knowledge on the match up. GamerBee ended taking out Justin and the crowd was roaring in excitement! The stream commentators noted the floor was actually shaking at the time.

As the stream ended, people had to leave the hall so the staff could prepare for the screening of Bang The Machine, the 2002 documentary focusing on the Californian scene featuring younger versions of many ?household? names (too many to list haha). The waiting area was packed with people. The staff toyed with us, having us run from the front entry to the back entry, several times(!) before finally opening the doors. There were mentions of a possible ?update? as well, featuring the current generation of top-players. Before the screening began, inkblot and Ponder presented two awards for service to the community. One being Seth Killian and the other one going to MrWizard, who was very humble with his acceptance speech of a simple ?thank you?. SonicHurricane?s Maj would receive a similar award next day for his video contributions to the community.

After the screening, we tried to regroup with some of the boys who went to watch David Copperfield. The night out was foiled by another night of money matches. With Somniac and ToXY heading to Alex Valle?s room while humanbomb and nin at the main suite watching Daigo?s money matches. kientan; Leia; and I just walked around before shortly ending back at our room talking about random topics. Once Somniac and ToXY got back we got wind of their money match results but soon changed back to the random topics, such as what extremes would you do to stay alive. This talk went on till dawn so I was pretty tired, sleeping through as some of the boys got up to see Spain take the grand finals of the World Cup.

I watched most of the grand finals from the comfort of our hotel room, through the stream. It had its ups (commentary) and downs (not being part of the crowd) and sometimes the stream would go down but we were too tired to venture out to watch it with so many people in attendance. Come 7:30pm everyone rounded up in order to catch the MvC3 exhibition and top 8 for SSF4. While waiting I got the chance to meet SmoothViper; Preppy; ruiN-; amongst others with the help of Deus.

This build of MvC3 did not allow same character selection for some reason but those invited to play already had their teams picked and there were no mirrors of any sort. The finals was between Keits and RyRy. Both respected players in the TvC scene, showing their adaptability to the new MvC3 engine. Keits displayed Deadpool and Chris Redfield?s keepaway potential while RyRy showcased the game?s DHC capabilities and an amazing finish in the last match with Iron Man?s level 3 super. Looking forward to playing this when it comes out and hopefully representing Australia at next year?s EVO. Hopefully not 0-2 haha.

Once the top 8 started the room was filled with all kinds of hype. Every big combo or comeback was cheered with a ?OH? from the crowd whilst a missed opportunity was met with an ?AW?. GamerBee, the favourite to make grand finals, was taken out by Mike Ross after his loss to Daigo Umehara in the winners semis. Infiltration, hailing from Korea, ended up knocking out Mike Ross to come third after losing to Ricky Ortiz who had recently joined gaming group Evil Genius (EG) with the likes of Justin Wong and Marn (who had won the MvC2 and TvC tournaments respectively). Ricky Ortiz put up a good fight, however Daigo lived up to his namesake as The Beast and took the title for the second year in a row. Will he go for a hat-trick next year?

Team Australia ended the night with a hearty meal at a café/restaurant near the reception. When we sat down we noticed Team Capcom (Seth Killian; Yoshinori Ono; Ryota Niitsuma) had a table nearby. Shortly there was a table for Team Daigo (The Beast and his manager Shino) as well as a table for Justin Wong and company. I jokingly noted we were at the inferior table as there were so many big names about. Our second ?big? meal at Caesar?s was very rewarding. Never had we been so full from the buffalo wings to the pancakes and the spare rib rack.

When we got back to the hotel room I was (and still am) kicking myself for not asking for some photos. But I did not want to disturb the guys from a well deserved break. There were infact many many MANY others that I missed out. Oh well it gives me a reason to return next year haha. Apologies in advance if an Australian is hassling for photos at EVO2011!

The next morning we packed our bags and checked out, along with perhaps with 50% of other EVO attendees haha. nin and I left earlier as we were stopping over at New York but we bid farewell and wished safe trip home to our comrades. Reflecting on the four unforgettable days that just passed, on the taxi to Vegas? McCarran International Airport (where I was also almost late for my flight haha).

It has been an experience to be part of EVO and I have to say, if you?re a fighting game enthusiast, you simply HAVE to do this at least once! Watching the streams or reading updates on sites cannot give you the feeling of actually being there. Seeing it live with thousands of other like-minded individuals, cheering with or against you. You might be a regular in your local competitive scene and seen your share of big tournament turnouts, but as Mike Watson put it ? YOU JUST DON?T KNOW!

BIG thank you goes out to Shoryuken staff, from the event organisers to the volunteer tournament judges; photographers; stream commentators and operators and those who tested their creativity to bring us rap intros; fireball wars; and the time honoured combovideo. Your sacrifice made it possible for others to enjoy the biggest fighting game event of the year.

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JDR.'s, FrAnkDAdAnk’s, and hebretto’s are up too.

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No problem sir, thanks for writing it. Evo was such a blur this year, i didn’t have time to be anywhere i wasn’t supposed to be at any given moment. But i’m usually at or around the center area so if you need to find me. Just look there every once in a while or ask any of those people.

I tried to keep it short and concise. ;p

Finally Making It:

Back in 2007 I attended Evo East, just opting to enter CvS2, but planning to run a side tournament for Melty Blood. I was knocked out halfway in CvS2, and Melty Blood had around 20 entrants, and Evo East itself was a lot of fun. It’s what happened the Monday following Evo East that I’ll never forget. I was sitting downstairs at the restaurant with Zaelar and Sabin (Arturo Sanchez). We were just running some stupid conversation about the Pokemon movie that had been playing in our room prior to checking out when Arturo decided to ask me a question:

Sabin: “Yo man, what are you doing chilling down here?”

Me: “What are you talking about?”

Sabin: “Go back up to the ballroom!”

Me: “Why? I want to eat!”

Sabin: “Mr. Wizard and Seth are up there yo!”

Me: “And…?”

Sabin: “Go talk to them about Melty Blood! Hype it up!”

Me: “…”

Sabin: “Doooo it!”

Me: “Yeah, you’re right!”

It was at that point that all three of us went upstairs to the ballroom, where we found Mr. Wizard and Seth putting away the equipment. We made our way over to them in the corner, and that’s when I decided to ask what it would take to have Melty Blood in Evolution. The reply I got was to show proof that our community had the devotion (and of course the numbers) to make it. Third Strike was brought up as an example as the game was actually taken out of Evolution’s roster in previous year but then put back due to its resurgence in popularity. “We can do that,” I told myself, while asking Mr. Wizard and Seth if they needed help. The answer to that was them asking us if we wanted to take any of the televisions they had used home with us, and while surprised, we accepted (Sabin and myself still use these to this day).

Fastforward to 2010, where after being a mainstay at North East Championships for the past few years, having a website with dedicated forums being brought about, and more and more tournaments pop up to offer it in their lineup as an official game, Melty Blood makes it to Evolution via a vote in by the community. Even if this was the only year we’d be in it, we still freaking made it. All those times of dragging a PC tower halfway across New York City for an eight man tournament, all those 14 hour trips to Tokyo Game Action just to play for barely 6 hours, all the hate we garnered from people (that we were accustomed to by now), it was all worth it.

[Technically] Day -1

This year I decided to show up to Las Vegas a two days early, popping in on Wednesday, two days prior to Evolution. I stayed at a friend’s (Lolisauce) place who happens to live in Vegas and be part of the local Melty crew. I arrived at around 10:30pm that day, a bit weary from the flight, but what’s the first thing I do after being picked up? Play Melty Blood of course. My friend takes me over to another hotel many of the players had been staying at (it was booked so everyone could have a place to head if they had come in earlier than Friday). I look around to see all the familiar faces I’m used to seeing, and then I start to notice plenty of newer faces I hadn’t seen before. Cool. Three set ups are being run, one dedicated to money matches, another solely for streaming to the people who couldn’t make it. I call my place in line, talk it up and wait until I get to play. My turns finally up, I make some shoutouts to the stream, and the night quickly fades away as we play until the early hours of the morning. My friend and I decide it’s time to go, but this time a small group of people come with us as they too are staying at his place. Of course when we get to his place we don’t sleep, but play more Melty! We all play until we literally can’t keep our eyes open then slump on over to various parts of the house to fall asleep.

[Still technically] Day 0

I wake up at some time in the morning, I thanked my internal clock for that, even if everyone else was sleeping. I pull out my Iphone and start browsing random threads on Meltybread to see if other people have made it, and take note of any possible news. I kill time until the rest of the crew wakes up. We all have some sort of breakfast (cereal, waffles, steak, whatever), run the rotation for showers, and all the while we (of course) continue to play Melty! Eventually everyone is done, and my friend returns from having left earlier in the morning. He had rented a van to drive us all around for the weekend. We all pile into the van, start talking about Melty, and make our way over to Caesar’s, where the ‘Melty room’ has relocated to. First we head over to the ballroom to register early, so we can bypass the lines we would have likely waited in the next day. Running up two long escalators our entourage makes it way to the table where we all pick up our badges and some stickers to write our handles upon, just in case someone cares to know. After finishing up we make trek to the Melty room, where we crawl our way in and find well over 25 people playing, watching, talking, drinking, etc. Minutes later even more people show up. Suffice to say that it was a fire hazard waiting to happen, but hey this type of thing is typical for Evolution. There’s four setups going on, all casuals, with various familiar faces and new faces mixed in amongst them. Moments later our guests arrive; Chelsea and Garu, two top players from Japan. We immediately kick someone off one of the set ups and let them sit down and run a rotation of people waiting to play Garu first.

This went on for a while as most everyone in the room as Garu began to adjust to the game. There’s quite a number of differences between the MBAA on the PS2 and the version Japan has in arcades (at the time), one of which is the input buffer (from 8 in the arcade to 12 on the PS2). After a while though Garu had gotten the hang of it and the matches started getting more intense. Even then everyone was having fun, including Garu and Chelsea. I decided to check out the rooms of other people I knew so I left the room and made my way to another tower. After getting lost (again) I finally find Saotome Kaneda’s room, with SK himself doing the usual, running poverty and loving it. What I did quickly notice though was paikman and his set up for Arcana Heart 3. Outside of Paikman and an arcade or two in Texas, Arcana Heart 3 isn’t even available on this hemisphere so I know I had to just sit down and play it a bit. Of course I told myself just a few matches, but before I knew it I had played for hours. “Good job,” I told myself, before running back to the Melty Blood room. I could barely open the door at this point, the number of people in the room had grown even larger. Somehow I squeezed myself in there, saying hello to anyone else I knew that had just made it in. When the Japanese finally hit their limit they decided to bow out (literally) and left for the night. We all continued to play, now with a stream set up and dual commentary running. Afterward a handful of us went out to eat, and then our little group went back to Lolisauce’s house to rest up for Friday, tournament day at last.

Totally Day 1

My internal clock slaps me in the face again, causing me to get up before anyone else, granting me access to the shower while everyone else is asleep. I get all clean and ready, then get to the kitchen where I decide for breakfast that I want a bowl of ramen. Hell if I know why but that’s what I had. Slowly the rest of the guys start waking up, showering, and all that before we all sit down and plan out our day. We decide to stop at Walgreens to get some amenities (mostly water really, and some snacks to possibly pace ourselves through the day), and then we’re off to Caesar’s.
We weave around the casino and finally make it to the ballroom where the crowd is already getting hype over a SSIV match being projected on the main stage. I scan the crowd to notice MvC3 in one corner, Madcats in another spot, Galaxy for Gamers; it looks like we’ve got a little bit of everything this year. My eyes catch Melty being played at the incredibly long line of televisions lining the back wall, obviously this is the BYOC area. Melty’s got five televisions commandered, so I try and find a spot to get in and get my Melty on. I see Garu and Chelsea playing on one of the televisions, while Arcana Heart 3 is occupying the television next to me. I do my best to ignore AH3 staring me at the face and keep playing until 5pm, when pools for Melty Blood are being set up to begin.

We have four pools for Melty. Pools 1 and 2 are in the upper right hand corner of the ballroom, while pools 3 and 4 are in middle ‘right’ of the ballroom. I’m in pool 3, so I waddle on over to it and listen to Mizuki as he runs off a role call to see who is present and to lay down rules and such before starting. I take a look at the bracket and find out who I have to play, a certain Tae Song Kim. I had never heard of him before but I learned to not discredit anyone nor underestimate them, Melty Blood is a game where you have to get your bearings straight right off the bat otherwise you’ll lose in a blink of an eye. I watch other matches being played until my own match is finally called up. I sit down, shake TSK’s hand, and the match starts. It starts off slowly, with me attempting to create space between myself and TSK but I soon find that my execution is dropping. I blame it on likely being nervous and keep playing. Unfortunately the drop in execution continues, and ultimately I lose because of it. I shake TSK’s hands and then run to the back of the ballroom as I realize I’m now up in CvS2. Just as I’m about to pick my character I suddenly notice it, my stick is locking into place. I resist wanting to throw it across the room and the urge to kick the nearest puppy and / or kitten and ask a nearby player if I can use their stick. This doesn’t bode well. My stick is a unique mutant of sorts. The joystick itself is a Sanwa with TWO springs in it, so it’s extra tight, and the buttons are HAPP. Yes, I have a stick with both Japanese and American parts, it’s just what I like. This leads me to being uncomfortable in using other’s sticks as they’re usually all Japanese parts 99% of the time. I go 1-2 in CvS2 and head back to Melty where I ask Mizuki if I can use his stick. I squeak out a win against my next opponent, but end up losing to an H-Ryougi player, thereby knocking me out of the tournament. I hate Ryougi being in the game with a passion, but even more so because I have no match up experience against her so I’m pretty free against people who play her. Well, with my luck my stick decides to break the during my first match and I go up against a character I had little chance of beating. Perhaps I could have done better if my stick didn’t chose to curse me at the WORST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY, but hey, shit happens. I spend the rest of the day watching other people play, cheering on friends, trying out Skullgirls, and just enjoying the atmosphere. When pools are all done with a large group of us (25 or so) head to a place known for its great steak and eggs special at Midnight. I bump into Arlieth, who runs Melty Bread. He gathers a handful of other people along with myself and proclaims that he’ll be treating us to dinner for helping out with Melty Bread (I currently write some news blurbs on the front page and moderate the forums). We sit down, eat and chat it up before finally splitting up for the night and heading back to Lolisauce’s in the early hours of the morning.

Day 2

This time my internal clock takes a breather and I end up sleeping in a bit. Melty had all its matches ran up until top 8 the previous day so Saturday is a community run team tournament in the BYOC, so we take a easy for a while at Lolisauce’s, commenting on the events the day before, and playing some Melty. Suddenly one of us gets a call from SilentShinobi who is running the team tournament, screaming at the receive and the rest of us to get on over there if we want to play. We all clean up rather quickly and head on over to Caesar’s where the tournament is already underway. Myself, well I’ve chosen to enter with two other friends with a team that consists of the same character in two different moons. We go 0-2, but hell we had fun doing it.

I’m pretty Melty’d out by now so I just wander around the ballroom playing / looking at whatever strikes my nerdy fancy. I see Saotome running up a streak on a Rival Schools cabinet so I sit down to play him, and end up having too much fun in the process. Poverty can do that to you. Afterwards I skidaddle to the Skullgirl set up and find that MikeZ is actually teaching Chelsea how to play the game. That’s pretty cool. I give MvC3 a try or two (I had to see what Deadpool’s level 3 looked like, it was killing me once I had heard about it) and then walked back to the Melty area to play… Arcana Heart 3. I simply couldn’t help myself. Time just flies by when suddenly the room is being cleared out. I had forgotten that Bang the Machine was going to be played, so once again a group of us decide to dine at the steak and eggs spot from the previous night. This time we get shafted by a shitty server, but hey, the food was still good.
The night rolls into the early morning, and with it we all get back to Lolisauce’s to sleep in early, Melty Blood has the 10am slot for finals tomorrow, so we’ve got to be up and ready to go.

Day 3

My internal clock is back in action as it knees in the my groin to wake up and take a shower quick as hell. Luckily everyone else does the same and we’re all in the ballroom at around 10 am. After a short wait we’re all greeted by the introduction by redrapper, the first of many to be showcased that day. Most of us were wondering who he was, but once we started paying closer to attention to the lyrics we couldn’t help be excited over it and hype. Many thanks to redrapper for going as far as he did, great work. With that being done one of the Canon brothers came up to talk a little of Melty Blood, and just being pleasantly surprised at how devoted we are. We all laughed it up, sat back down after applauding, and ready for the top 8 to begin.

Top 8 had a good showing, but in the end (after a mirror match in Grand Finals against Lord Knight) Garu took home first place. Once again one of the Canon’s gave us a thank you (to which I happily gave him a ‘you’re welcome’) for doing our thing this year. Most of us left the ballroom to head back to ‘Melty HQ’ but some of drifted off elsewhere. I went back to Saotome’s room to play Arcana Heart 3 to my heart’s content, until Saotome felt the need to inject poverty upon the people in the room (which was still incredibly fun).

I don’t want to bore anyone else with the little details of what happened afterward (I was in Vegas until the following Tuesday) but this Evolution was great. I’ve been to the past 4-5 Evolutions just for Melty, when it was little more then a group of personal computers on the sidelines, or three or four televisions inbetween CvS2 and 3S. I was excited to get more match up expierence, to meet new people, and continue to watch our little scene grow more and more. From being a humble group of fans to making it to Evolution, I think we’ve done pretty well. Here’s to seeing everyone at NECXI this year, and Evo 2011!

nice read master chibi

im sure seeing melty go full circle in 3 years was really special to players like you who were on the game since or before mbac

Nice, i was hoping we’d get one from someone in the Melty Blood community. Master Chibi’s is up now too.

Thanks for putting a thread like this up Maj, it’s nice to read other people’s outlooks on an event like EVO, across different countries and different games that people play.

Good news everyone! MarkMan hooked up ten blue MadCatz keychains for me to hand out as prizes, and exactly ten people happened to post logs in this thread.

Master Giby, Crysalim, ewic, JDR., FrAnkDAdAnk, Aaronvir, natibzzzako, Jazz, hebretto, Master Chibi:

Please e-mail me your mailing addresses by next Thursday so i can get all your keychains mailed out on the 12th.

Done. Many thanks to Maj and Markman for doing this :slight_smile:

No problem! THANK YOU GUYS.

I love the community <3.

Didn’t really expect to get anything for writing my article, so this is good to hear. Thanks, Maj and Mark, you guys rock!

Here’s my log, I know it’s a bit late, but I don’t really expect anything, just wanted to share my experiences.

This Evo was the most time I’ve spent in Vegas, and the first Evo I’ve actually judged. I arrived in Vegas on Wednesday evening and met up with my room mate for the week I spent, the legendary “angry FGD mod,” Saotome Kaneda. He was already there with StridaJin talking about Tekken and setting up the two “Evo Monitors” for casuals. After trying to set up my wireless router for the room and failing, DS shows up with PR Rog and starts up some inevitable SSF4 casuals. I play a bit with DS with Guile since he wanted a bit of practice versus him. I get a call from some Melty Blood players to come by the other hotel (the name escapes my mind) and meet up with Rei, Razya, and other people from their area and find an awesome dollar fifty hotdogs, but it wasn’t as godlike when they wouldnt give us free water (Isn’t that illegal? I know it is in California.) We got up to their hotel room for a bit to wait for our ride, Dipstick, to the other hotel for casuals. Rei falls victim to a massive nosebleed and was in the bathroom for quite some time and decided to stay behind and recuperate. We finally get to the hotel and get to play some Melty Blood and see familiar faces, and new faces. Later on in the night when people are winding down from the massive amount of casuals we start bringing out the other games. I pull up King of Fighters '98 on my laptop to teach my friend Ehrik, and play casuals. Bellreisa comments that I really do play mostly all grapplers, and I start to build up a streak against the players in the room. I eventually pull out Super Turbo, my main game, and let it run for the night, and dusting off some rust from the lack of playing for months (my GGPO broke when I got a new router.) Finally I end the night with a long set of casuals versus Ehrik in Melty Blood and sleep.

I wake up quite early to find out if there was a shuttle back to the hotel so I could shower and sleep on a “real” bed (note: my bed in my room was a sheet on the floor with 2 pillows and a blanket.) To no avail, there was no shuttle, so I had to wait until noon for checkout and everyone else to drive to the hotel. When packing things in Dipstick’s car to go to Caeser’s Palace, I got my right thumb smashed (I’ll save the details, you really don’t want to know, and I don’t want to describe it in detail) by his trunk, hindering me for the whole weekend. We had to make an emergency stop to a drug store, at this point I was near the bring of blacking out (I hate seeing blood, especially my own blood, and I hate massive amount of pain.) I was watched by H-F Blade so I didn’t pass out, but was saved by Dipstick and Tempered. We get back to the hotel all safe and sound and head to my room and see more SSF4, but then the eventual “poverty” games broke out, no thanks to Saotome Kaneda and his “Book of Poverty.” Trust me, you do not want to know. I take a nap until the Judge’s session starts and head down with Saotome and Dipstick and meet up with fellow Melty Blood judges Silent Shinobi, and Arlieth. Things happen and we all head to the Judge’s party where they serve some delicious and free food. I snag some Jack and Coke to drink with my meal, and asked if we could take a drink back to the room, but was denied. A worker came by after over hearing us and told us, “It’s Vegas, do what you want, no one will care”, hinting at us that it was alright to bring a drink back with the glass. I decided to bring back a shot of Scotch to the Melty Room and finally get to see the Japanese players, Garu and Chelsea. I drink away the night and play some games, and head back because of the overwhelming body heat.

The next day, I wake up late because Melty Blood started in the evening and I gather up all my energy for the task at hand. I meet up with the fellow Melty Blood judges and get our assigned pools and brackets. I call out names for player check in, and slowly, but surely we commence the tournament after some small hitches. We finish the brackets early, and all head for dinner. Arlieth gathers some people, including myself and says that he will pay for our dinner of Steak and Eggs at that one place I can not recall. We have discussion about current gossip, and the future of Melty Blood, and what we could do to make Ecole acknowledge the game has a following in the United States. Afterwards we meet up with the Japanese players again, following this is quite possibly the best Evo moment ever. A handful of the players asked Chelsea if he liked “poverty” fighting games, and had to describe what it meant to him, to where he responded “Oh, I love kusoge!” (kusoge meaning “bad games” in Japanese) and we drag him to the Melty Room for some poverty games where he started to object saying he didn’t like kusoge that much. He took a glance at Saotome’s binder and slowly degenerated and eventually cussing out in English about a certain game company and hid in the corner to play Eternal Fighter Zero. I head back after the ordeal and witnessing Street Fighter the Movie PSX version being played and slept, drained from running brackets and the alcohol.

Saturday comes by filled with random games and casuals at the Evo floor, and head back to the room when Rithli had to meet up with Maj. This was a chance to meet someone who I totally looked up to, reading sonichurricane.com and watching his videos since around 2004. I finally meet him and have some great discussion about games, Street Fighter 4, and other things, eventually showing him the wacky Street Fighter 4 pc remixes. I catch up with Lord BBH, and his friend to play our fated Goal Goal Goal matches and some Fighter’s History Dynamite and got to record some matches. Everyone visiting the room eventually leaves, and I go back to see how the Melty Blood teams side tournament is running, and play some ST casuals on Ghaelon’s cab. I meet up with Shoo down there and other ST players I’ve met at previous Evos.

Sunday, finals day I wake up early for Judge’s breakfast, and gather up all the top 8 players for Melty Blood. The finals were hype and exciting, even the crowd was getting into it. Afterward I head back to the room and meet up with Maj again to pick up the Super Fireball War video from Rithli and chat a bit more if I remember correctly (the days are kind of foggy). A group of us head down to watch the video live on the big screen and head back up after TvC and Women SSF4. We play more poverty in the room and head back down for the Bang the Machine viewing (something I missed apparently the 4 times I went to Evo.) The rest of the time in Vegas was just hanging out with friends, watching Black Dynamite, playing Arcana Heart 3 on Paikman’s board.

Overall, this Evo was satisfying, even though it was kind of overwhelming at the same time. Here’s for another year of Melty Blood, and good memories.

Haha, awesome.

Thanks Maj and Markman!

shout outs to maj and markman


lol @ this

the poverty bible can only be endured by the strongest of the strong, it seems.

Holy shit I wrote that way too early I’m re-reading it and it has some really bad errors…