[EVO2K10] We should bring setups, yea?

It is almost a staple now a day that if you’re going to a major (tournament) and you are staying in a hotel that it is a good idea that you have a place to practice on the fly. A console and a monitor to keep you in shape so to speak before it is time for your first match, a place to work out any problems you may have with a character matchup, or a place to have $money matches$.

So, I created this thread because I want us to do well @ EVO this year, well at least I want us to play our best! I want people to bring setups in other words.

Out of the 3 times I went to Cali this year, twice I was able to bring a monitor or console along with me so whomever could practice and such…and the main point is that it was necessary for me to do well in the tournaments I played in.

Yes we could bank on using someone else’s setup outside of the PDX/Seattle scene but why risk it? I’d much rather US having our OWN setups to play on, it just makes sense.

Some of you have perhaps thought about this already and have made arrangements to bring something, good shit. The others who have not, please consider it until we have enough setups for use @ EVO.

I, myself am bringing my 23" monitor as my carry-on item with my flight. I would bring a PS3 as well but I am bringing 2 Arcade stick with me to EVO so that’s not going to happen.

Before I forget, another added bonus to having your own setup in your room is that you can openly suggest to another player to get some casuals and money matches in while you have some free time. While I was in Cali for SNCR, in our room we had the TOP Korean Tekken 6 players come to our room for a few hours. Without having a setup in our room this would have not have happened is all I’m saying. I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that JWong will be in your room because you have a place to play, but anything is possible. Oh yeah a little OT but bring $ for money matches if possible! Money matches are a great way to lvl up if you lose because the other player is trying to kill you. I know 9/10 of you are to pussy to play for money but I don’t give a shit, you can save your money and I’ll play [insert famous SSFIV player here] for a money match and be one up on you!

Jesus Christ I didn’t plan on making a big fucking post about PS3’s and shit, time to call it quit.

Please be aware that if you are bringing a monitor on a flight that it will fit in your luggage and also check with your airline to see what the MAX allowed size suit case for a carry-on is. When I flew with Alaska last time my luggage was 25" (with the 23" monitor inside) and the MAX allowed was 24". What I did was I turned my luggage the other way so it would fit, ya know how they try to put the carry-on’s lengthways? What you DO NOT want is for them to tell you that its too big and it has to go under the plane, fuck that shit, my monitor is NOT going under the plane, lol. So my SUPER JOE protip is just be nice with the employees on the plane and tell them you have a monitor and moving your luggage sideways will make it fit. Also, depending on where your seat it to board the plane, bum rush the fuck out of the line that way you’ll have guaranteed overhead space to place your “oversized” luggage, LOL!

PS3/360’s are easy to bring, put that shit in a backpack and use it as your “tote” item when you get on the plane put it under the seat in front of you. Easy money.

Here are some pic of how my monitor will be traveling with me to EVO!!

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/0u20100701065434j

I have a towel on the bottom and top of the monitor just to keep it from moving around much. I also keep the power and HDMI cord in there as well.

Yeah the picture is upside down but waaaever mang!

So who’s going to bring some shit?

I might have room for my ps3 in the backpack. Will probably have that and my modded hrap in it.

i asked wizard the other day. EVO will supply TV’s for the BYOC (bring your own console) area.

btw you had top koreans in your room thanks to tacoma style and BFM.

Im bringing a ps3 setup.

Bringing monitors might be a good idea.


I will be bringing a ps3 and a monitor, I don’t want to be the hangout room so if someone I trust wants to set it up in their room that’s cool.

I will need a place to practice on Thursday, as my family does not have a ps3. So during my pre-evo family visit/vacation, I’m sure I’m going to be rusty going to vegas

Here is the list of what I know of who’s bringing what thus far:

onedeadamerican - PS3 and monitor but would like to not have the setup in his room…anyone who knows him want to take that burden off of his shoulders? I guess he has a copy of PS3 SSFIV as well?

Heavy D - Might be brining a PS3…

KKF - PS3 and monitor. A copy of SSFIV and Tekken 6 as well?

Duncan - Can bring a PS3 and a copy of SSFIV but needs someone to bring a monitor. Anyone care to bring a monitor?

Super Joe - I’m bringing my monitor, Mandel is bringing my PS3. I have a copy of Tekken 6 for the PS3 but no SSFIV. If anyone wouldn’t mind letting me barrow your copy of SSFIV for EVO that would be awesome!!!

2 days till the majority of us fly out so lets get this shit finalized please!!!

I’m bringing Paris’ PS3 TE and my PS3.

I’m pretty sure Pablo is bringing a monitor.

I am also looking for a copy of Super4 for PS3 to use for the weekend.

Evan, I got you for Super. Not sure if I can bring anything else though.

Ah okay man. I think I’ll just leave the PS3 at home then.