Evo2k11 Cover Charge

So I’m planning on going to evo, but if you look here: http://evo2k.com/evo-2011-registration-page/
it says that there’s a $70 cover charge. Is this only for certain things like beta testing and such, or just to get in? If it’s to get in, will you also have to pay it if you’re entering any of the tournies?

It appears that you pay $70 to be a player at Evo, with $10 additional fee for each tournament you plan on attending. If you just want to watch the matches of be in the BYOC section, I believe it’s free.

The BYOC section is definitely free

According to evo2k.com, it’s free to be a spectator or to play in the BYOC section. The fee is required if (obviously) you want to play in the tournaments, or “do special stuff”, which I presume means playing any of the beta games, going to their new panel things, etc.

Is it possible to attend the panels without registration? it just says priority seating goes to registered people. I’m going to evo but I decided not to enter this year since I had a new baby boy and havent had enough time to practice up to tournament level play so I skipped registration.

Thanks for the info if anyone knows. If I’m out of luck that’s okay.


yes badge people get first crack at everything, if there is room afterwards, we will fill the panels with non badged people.

Right on, thanks for the reply Mr Wizard.