Evo2k11 Highlights

As awesome as the top 8 were this year, I personally enjoyed the top 32 matches on friday more. What were some of your favorite things to see this evo for SF4?

inb4 Daigo gets bodied by Poongko :wink:

Latif V Jwong was amazing with the 2nd round comeback by Latif on the 3rd set.

Xian vs Shiro with the TRIPLE dash to catch Yun with Makoto’s ultra on the way down from a back jump.

That was my favorite split-second for sure. You can just hear his brain fire off the “fuck it, just go after him” signal at the start of the first dash, then reacting at dash two when Xian goes airborne…dash three was just to line up the Ultra.

Edit: Actually…mad smart and less “fuck it”. I just re-watched again and he does a dash forward just before and watches the opponent flinch and go for a jump back.

Daigo vs Valle was once again great.
They should just hold an exhibition match between them every time they are at the same place.

Was very tense and good match. Like I said, I actually enjoyed the top 32 more than the top 8

I don’t play MvC3 but that comeback with Tron Bonne was great.

The top 8 was more intense than the top 32…and Fei Long is Very boring to watch…

Jwong comeback with Akuma in his match against Richard Nguyen.

is there video of that up anywhere i missed the top 32

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB9ciusfMXg google is your friend :wink:

thx…haha hearing ultradavid get hype is too funny. It doesn’t fit him, but i like it!

The best moment this year was when Mike Ross mindgamed DR Ray so hard that he killed his own character. Now THAT’S yomi.

Favorite moment in SF has to be Latiff’s takedown of Takido/Diago/Poongko, only to run out of gas against Fuudo. I felt bad for the guy, as you could tell he had nothing left.

However, my moment of the show has to go to the crazy use of Tron’s Level 3 throw by PR Balrog on Viscant’s full health Phoenix. Even though PRB lost out eventually, that counter was mind-blowing for the sheer fact that it should have been completely improbable.

Viscant taking MVC3.

Purity wins, folks.

This commentary was my favorite moment for sure:

The combofiend comeback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gElci4l3O_k

Yeah not only did CF pull it off with a non “top tier” team like MSS or dark pheonix wolverine but afterwards they both hugged lol.


I agree. PR Rog catching Phoenix and Latif’s run was up there as well.

Viscant performing the psycho punisher

And that noise at 3:06. LOL