Evo2k12 Lost and Found Thread


I didn’t see a lost and found thread for this year, so here goes.

I for one lost:

  • Panasonic HDC-TM900 video camera
  • tripod (possibly attached to the video camera)

If anybody finds it (Sony? Evo peoples?), please let me know. It’s got a bunch of random MvC2 footage (I already have copies of that) and MvC3 semifinal pools footage that I do not have copies of.

We found my camera bag empty (in the Evo command center where I’d left all of it), which means either that the camera was on the tripod at that point (likely) or that somebody jacked it (possible). I lightly believe a vendor may have thought it was theirs, but when they realize that there’s only MvC2/MvC3 footage on it, hopefully it’s clear that it was misplaced and/or misclaimed.


I really appreciate what you are doing. Heaven’s know how tempting it is to find a nice shiny piece of equipment.

Still, gotta put myself in those peoples’ shoes.


found a dildo



lost a psvita on sunday in the ballroom. had lunar, hokuto no ken episodes, some artbooks loaded on it too. I’d appreciate if the person that found it got in contact with me. :’(


I found a nice camera at the SFxT arcade. I gave it to the capcom guys. But now that the event is over and that booth has been down for two days I don’t suspect you have a good chance of getting it back. best of luck to those who lost things at EVO.


I found a nice looking Razor smartphone phone on the floor while watching umvc3 semi finals. I know how much it sucks to lose a phone like that and how expensive they are. I noticed 2 missed calls on it, Im a nice guy so I figured id return it back. I called the person calling it and it turned out to be a friend of the other person. In the end, I returned it. Felt pretty good :slight_smile:


left a shitty ps3 stick in the brokentier booth, PAUL SAVE ME!!! =[


props to the guy who found my converter box around station 14!


Yea i think i lost my camera too…all black nikon.


I lost my copy of KOF13 for ps3 :frowning:


Hello everybody, somebody took my ASUS LAPTOP BAMBOO i5 when I was playing at quater finals at KOF XIII on saturday , would appreciate if someone found my laptop let me know, I can reward to the person, Im from Tijuana, México. it came in a black bag with gray strip, usb and other things, the user name is Stream.
If someone had information let me know. Thank you.

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