EVO2k12: Who is repping Hakan this year?



Hey there Oil Men and Women! I just registered for Evo2k12 as I’m sure many others have also just done and am proud to announce I will be using Hakan and only Hakan when I take my shot at this year’s tournament. So I come to ask, who else is going to Evo this year and choosing to use Hakan all the way?

Also, as a collective, I feel we should discuss which characters will be appearing most frequent, thus giving us a good idea on what match ups we should focus on training most for. This is THEE tournament of the year for many of us and people are playing to win, not adhere to poor opinions of high tier usage. Using Hakan, we need all the forethought on the topic as we can get. Also, should one of us make it that far, we should discuss the characters most likely to appear in semi-finals/ top 8. I am aware of the match-up thread, for which we can retrieve information from and build upon.

Just a hunch, but personally, I am going to try and gain as much experience and knowledge v.s. the following: Cammy, Ryu, Rufus, Seth, C. Viper, M. Bison, and E. Honda. I feel these are all highly popular characters, especially among some of the killers that will be there this year and they give Hakan one hell of a time once they get a momentum going and he dries out.



Every Hakan Player will not make it out of there pools. And high tiers are always going to win.

Discussion over.


Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing. Salty forum posts are the epitome of wasted time and fruitlessness. Also, if you’re going to be a pest, at least be decent enough to not do things like title Player or use the word there instead of their.

ANYWAY, one of the basic things that needs discussing is universal defensive tactics, so I’m gonna be doing some lab work and then will follow up.


Why should I and Salty? Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing and making a generic SRK forum reply. Not like this thread is going anywhere. ANYWAY HAKAN PLAYERS in general are terrible. I haven’t seen a offline HAKAN PLAYER decent at all.


Hakan is A tier and Infiltration will go at least top 16 ( I personally think he has a good chance to win ). His success will at least partially be thanks to Hakan and the fact no one knows how to play him and oil up at the beginning of the round was just a bit too much.

No, I’m not salty, I think he is a really well built character.


Has Infiltration used Hakan in any tourneys so far? I agree though, the oil at the beginning was a really nice buff seeing as he really is more like half a character when dry. I’ve been trying to find a safe way out of Rufus’ divekick pressure when dry and I always end up biting the bullet and backdashing to get reset or dashing into it to make it unsafe. LOL.

I’ve been playing Hakan since Super and I found a majority of his game revolves around yomi and reactions to certain situations that I was surprised to find happen quite often. Realizing I have been placed into these situations and being able to pick the right defensive option out of Hakan’s streamlined movelist is normally where I am able to make those tiny advances that win me the match. It’s simple tech, but it’s very effective.

One of these universal situations is one I’m sure everyone is familiar with when the find themselves dry. THE JUMPING GIMMICK! The opponent sets up a crossup, crossup is blocked, neutral jump, nj. normal is blocked, forward jump crossup, crossup is blocked, throw, etc, etc.

To avoid this situation and completely GIVING the match away, there are a few defensive tactics you can employ.
AFTER a blocked crossup:

  1. Cr.tech, LK Dive- beats DPs, neutral jumps and their normals, double crossups using a crosscut LK Dive, also avoids air moves like Juri’s QCB+K

works on the following: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Cody, Fei Long, Dan, Oni, Makoto, Seth, Cammy, Sagat, Evil Ryu, Balrog, Zangief, Fuerte, Guile, Ibuki, Rose, Blanka, Guy, Adon, Abel, Dee Jay, Dudley, Honda, Viper, Hakan

A few characters have strange jumps or superior neutral jumping air normals that punish the LK Dive so in that case you can simply use the following.
2)Cr.tech, air grab

-it’s pretty much the same application of the crouch tech that actually works on everyone save Dhalsim, so it will work on Chun Li, T. Hawk, Bison, Rufus, Yang, Yun, and Vega while the other setup doesn’t.

These are obviously not 100% safe defenses and they don’t account for delayed normals,delayed DPs or command throws. Also, while some characters listed do have much better options after a blocked crossup than a neutral jump, this is just one situation.

The scenario to take notice of is the placement and spacing of the characters this situation presents. [The opponent has reached the peak of their neutral jump directly in front of Hakan] so whenever you see this instance (I will provide visuals soon), you can train yourself to react with this setup and punish them for jumping 100% of the time! The cr.lk times the LK Dive so that it grabs the opponent from behind, which is why it works against most air normals and avoids most air specials for a majority of the cast. When you use the second setup against those seven characters, his air grab will stuff whatever air normals they attempt on the way down. Basically, any pointblank neutral jump is punishable.

I have tested this and tested this, but if anyone else can find a way to punish the crossunder LK Dive or the timed airgrab, please let me know.


I try to do slide.lp. This is not safe for some characters, Sakura for example… I think s.hp works nice with Sakura after the wiffed c.lk


In which situation with Sakura are you referring to?


Nutral jump HK beats slide.lp, so if crouch tech wiff its probably better to do s.hp instead of slide.lp


Hmm, well yes that is true, but if you do cr.tech, st.hp immediately after, it’ll wiff. The occassion in which a cr.tech would wiff would most likely be the result of them jumping while you’re still in block or hitstun, which is why the cr. tech would come out at about the top of their neutral jump height.

This is why I prefer cr.tech, reversal timed LK Dive because it catches them while avoiding all their jumping normals. I

f you haven’t done this before, it’s quite easy to set up with any character so you can get a feel for it. Simply have the dummy do some like this:

If you’re using a Cody training dummy-

[dash, dash, backthrow, safejump j. HK, neutral jump, nj. fierce]
Jumping fierce is Cody’s best air to ground normal and cr.tech, LK Dive still catches him if he jumps.

An even easier test is to have the dummy do this- [walk up to you, cr. lp, neutral jump, then a neutral jump normal or special move of your choice] I’ve tested practically every nj. normal move in the game and found it always works regardless of how early or late they try to stuff the dive.


i will be representing hakan this year at evo. looking forward to it.


fyi, i managed to get out of pools and got 17th place with hakan at ncr this year. and no my pool wasn’t free, i was put into losers by floe and managed to beat vangief. we shall see at evo this year.


Is there footage of your matches somewhere? :open_mouth:


What does this even mean? I think your statement is based off of flawed methods. Being that offline players don’t have a particularly great amount of replays to upload to xbl/psn, you don’t get to see much of them. Have you watched Kimo’s videos lately? He got to loser’s final at a weekly tournament in Nor Cal. That’s not dismissive or just arbitrary. PR Rog and Ricky go to these, and being a California local, I can say that there are plenty of local players that you have never heard of that are better than 95% of online.


unfortunately no there isn’t. the matches in my pool were supposed to be streamed but someone “accidently” broke the power outlet and our pool was delayed for a while. i only have a few pics that a photographer took while i was playing.


it attitudes like this that keep people from getting stronger…

Hakan is a threat now, so is dan…only characters who may have to rethink thier overall gameplay is the twins…

I look forward to watching…


my humble advise to ppl going to evo with hakan.

Please do more safe move and baiting, ie less uncrouchables!!
after all this time with hakan, i really feel that hakan is best to revolve around safe slide and safe-j.kicks.
Landing 1 or 2 uncrouchables in a game is good enough when it counts.
the long range hk.dive uncrouchables are actually quite useless nowday for me when i fight decent player with wake-dp.
they usually are able to wake-up mesh and press button for dp if they see your dive motion, even slides. (a fake dive to bait is good sometimes here)
seriously if you can not delay c.tech, you’ll die in tournaments…
but if you can utilise this, then its extremely useful for hakan = safe slide > delay c.tech buffer u2 (n.jump).

OF course if your are playing with a noob player you sure can abuse uncrouchables etc, but if you are facing more smart player as you go into brackets please take the above into practice and consideration.

on the mention of u2, please experiment the u2 corner oil trap presented by realpolitx.
its something that i have been experimenting all the time and it still works well in AE again alot of characters!

match-up wise:
at mid-high level you are going to face no oil time. and hard time vsing the bitches: cammy/ibuki/sakura/chunli, and yun.
should they play turtle, you will have advantage by oil but if they are decent they will stay within range and u will need to play footsie & no oil game.
there are going to be situations where they are no coming in but with in range, so displine yourself no to oil… it often will cost you 1/4 health if you oil recklessly.
with cammy and yun, you need to hit the lab to practice your f.lp/s.lp/f.mp/s.hp anti-air at certain distances. set dummy cammy/yun to whiff s.lp x2 and f.j.hp/f.j.mk and then wait a bit and s.lpx2 and f.j.dive. and train your hakan with distance for pressing these anti-air buttons.
one good thing to practice is when you see them jump to the top, press s.lp/f.lp and then dash back. this should hit them if they do quick dive on the way up and if they dive late you’re dashed back.
another good one i found is do f.lp when they jump to the top (anti-quick dive) and then follow with s.hp, so its kind of double safety.
But still the dive/jump arc/timing varies so just need practice and select your options.

vs honda, you need to displine and capitalise your knockdown.
even if there is no good option when you knock honda down, at least safe jump them to bait them to waste ex bar.
there are many setup after knockdown that is 50-50 but relatively safe for hakan so please learn to utilise them in casual games prior to touney.
reaction to hondas mid-screen/close n.j.hp with slide punish.

vs seth, you need to practice your safe-j.kick timing to make sure it works when you get them slide-press/dive.
play more seth player to get familar with pressure without oil, so that you dont panic and lose dmg over that.

vs zangeif, its counts to play more casuals vs zangeif to know their lp.grab range and certain situation setups.
learn my safe jump setups, and be reactive to his lariat at mid range with slide (when it whiffs). otherwise you’ll yelling BS with their vacuum range lol
this is one match you uncrouchable the shit out of them especially if they dont have gauge.
Basically be on alert of what they can do, eg i rarely get caught by their whiff green hand > twist spd/ultra anymore. when you’ve got this anticipated in your mind, easily punish with a reactive c.mk/c.lp > slide combo.

these were some of the hardest match i feel for hakan in my experience and quick tips that i’ve accumulated over all these time playing them.
The thing is once you are familiar with them, you know the options and you are no longer frustrated with the range/patience/rush-down game.
a clear mind will get you far ahead :slight_smile:


My advice, if you are using stick and U1. Set buttons to do nothing and mash them like hell as if you where doing a mashed ultra so you bait jumps or SRK. Don’t get surprised if people only jump when you do U1 if you don’t do this!


Infiltration will most likely use Hakan once or twice during EVO but won’t make it to the top using just him.

I wish I could go to EVO this year but I’m not confident in spending $400 right now =/ I’m confident I could make it outta pools but I guess we’ll just never know


I don’t understand how mostly using a character online constitutes to not being adept with them. Since when was using a character offline the be all and end all of how to judge someones play with a character? Just because there’s no one here attending every Major and bodying Jwong each time I think its a little unfair to accuse players of being terrible because they for some reason HAVE to be offline to be given any praise. A little harsh.

This is coming from me because I don’t come from an area where I can just zip to some big tourney every 2 weeks. Online is sometimes all I have, and I’m sure the case with a lot of people, and becomes even more apparent when we have such a small player pool. Things like ‘well until Wildcat does what he does offline then I don’t care’ always grated on me.

I watched Infiltration today on the archive, he brought Hakan out for a game in the Top 8, went for some hail mary ultras which I didn’t expect, but it still interesting to watch.

Good luck to everyone attending EVO!