Evo2k13 top 10 prediction! get hyped!

EVO2K13 is a monthish away. What is the forecast for top 10 lineup for you? My prediction for top 10…I have a hard time predicting them in order due to TXShowdown2013 and Topanga2013 results. Daigo seemed to step up his game from the recent Topanga. Infiltration is still infiltration. So top 2 spots will be Daigo/Infiltration. The 3rd spot will be either one of the other Japanese or Xian depending who’s coming. The rest, lets call it a coin flip for 4th-10th.

5.POONGKO(if doesn’t choke and play solid. If he can play solid like he did at shadowloo, he will surprise a lot of people!)

Feel free to change the order or replace some names. I like my list for now. GET HYPED!!!

Hard to say specifically since we don’t know exactly who is coming but it will probably be some Japanese…this is the most likely possibility.

Infiltration…he is one specific player, it is too hard to bet on him to win a tournament like this. Also, he has entered 3 Evos(I believe) and won once, placed ok in the other ones. It’s too unlikely for him to win again. Similarly it’s hard to bet on Daigo just because he is one specific player and the bracket is too massive…so, my vote is “some Japanese”, which will probably consist of anyone from Dogura, Daigo, Haitani, URyo, Sako, Momochi, Kazunoko, etc with Infiltration and Xian placing high too. I think Kazunoko has the highest chance to win.

Dieminion has no chance to win Evo…

O shit hahaha!
Infiltration has gotten beasty lately. All the Japanese you listed got knocked out of pools last year… Sako chokes in public!! If he could play under pressure like he did in Topanga then I will put all my monopoly money on him but jeez shit lost to jwong like it was nothing…

Momochi aint going to place high ever since he mained cody. but w/e if that suit him then woopee. Kazunoko, I don’t know about him. He gets random too easily imo. The other Japanese players, kinda meh for me.

sako/ kindevu
xiao hai
gamerbee /ryan hart
ricky ortiz/jwong
Pr rog/latif

Top 16 squeezed into top 10

Eh no, 4 Japanese players got 9th. I’d say more than half of the Japanese players that got knocked out or sent to losers, were from other Japanese players. Pretty sure none of the players I listed in my first post got knocked out in pools. I think the only notable Japanese player that got knocked out of pools was Eita and I don’t know wtf happened there.

These players have the highest chance of any of the others to win, just from how good they are.

Probably but he was using Rose…he also hasn’t gotten many chances to really compete outside of Japan.

Why not? Momochi always places high or wins the tournaments he enters.

Kazunoko randomed out easily? He lost to Wong twice at Evo, that’s about it…pretty much dominated every other International tournament he entered (both Canada Cups).

Calling Haitani, Dogura and URyo (and I bet also Kindevu, Tokido, Mago, Bonchan and Fuudo) meh is one of the most laughable things I’ve read in a while. I have a feeling you have no clue what you’re talking about regarding the AE scene.

Edit: My top 16 (with no particular distinction of who is in the winners/losers bracket), based on the players that attended last year, should be something like…

Daigo, Haitani, URyo, Sako, Fuudo, Mago, Tokido, Dogura, Momochi, Kazunoko, Kindevu, Infiltration, Xian, Wong, Ricky, Gamerbee…but with how brackets line up, that will probably not be the case.

Edit2: Forgot about Eita and Bonchan…too hard to make a reliable list.

^ I musta said it wrong. When I said knocked out I meant didn’t get top 3 or better. I shoulda said that. For me not getting atleast top 3 is being knocked out. You don’t win shit, just a waste. But some ppl think differently so w/e.

Rose or no rose he still choked. Shoulda stick with cammy. don’t know what the hell he was thinking.

Kazunoko and sako shouldn’t have lost to jwong period! It’s called choking! Sako’s been a beast in Japan for a while, most even consider him to be one of the best yet he choked hard. If you’re that good you shouldn’t let the crowd mess you up. He shoulda get some warm up matches or some shit before his big matches. He probably did but still choked so I guess it might be the same this year if he comes. I really wanna see Kaz/Sako or one of the other Japanese win…

And yes… the other Japanese players are meh to me after see how they got dominated by the U.S.

As for eita and Bonchan… CHOKE!!

it is what it is. They either learn to adapt to the environment quickly or they will end up the same way as last year or worse. The only Japanese players I see are used to the U.S scene are Daigo(too bad his Ryu is too predictable now?) and Momochi (he’s not going to win shit if he keeps sticking with Cody, atleast not EVO. Maybe top 3 at other tournys but not EVO!!)

Once there’s confirmation of who’s coming, I’ll update the list for now my list stays.

Eh yeah, it’s a pretty whack way of thinking…the amount of money you won doesn’t really dictate how good you were. Not winning a prize amount might feel like a waste of time for that specific player, but doesn’t necessarily say anything about their skill. There are many things that can affect your placings, such as bad brackets, bad matchups, bad luck in the match, etc.

Also, I’m pretty sure all players in top 8, maybe even top 16, get a payout at Evo.

Probably the same thing he was thinking when using Evil Ryu.

It’s not necessarily a choke. It can be a combination of choke, bad matchups, bad luck, etc. Could even be just an unfamiliarity with the different metagame and taking long to adjust to a metagame clash (happens less often in US vs. US and Japan vs. Japan matches because the metagame is generally the same). Japanese players are conditioned to play a certain way against other Japanese players. Obviously, the American metagame is underdeveloped and lower level, it takes some adjusting for some Japanese players to understand how to play against that different metagame.

Who got dominated? Many of them lost to other Japanese players, or they barely lost in whatever match they played. The only domination I can sort of think of is Eita, and it wasn’t even that. His match vs. ClakeyD was sloppy(from both players mind you) and lots of unlucky breaks occurred.

It’s also pretty silly to highlight when a Japanese or other international player loses to an American but ignore that the majority of the time, it is the international players winning over the Americans.

Like, what are you going to say about Infiltration now that he got 3-0’d by Cammy? Is he meh now too? It’s a flawed way of thinking, better players can lose to worse players for a variety of reasons…sometimes it happens even if both players give it their best and no one makes mistakes. That’s just how fighters go, there is some luck involved, as well as matchups and just being put into situations where you have to make judgements that may or may not be correct (guessing incorrectly in a mixup isn’t really a mistake or a choke).


Because I spit hot fire!

Infiltration gets 3rd… called it… someone plays amazing and sends him to losers within top 8, then Daigo, Kazunoko, a cammy player,sakonoko, or fuudo eliminates him… in semi’s… but if it comes down to him in the finals… Daigo or Xian will take care of him, especially if infiltration has to win from losers… YES I know he came back from losers and 6-0’d Daigo but doubt that again… and if he does… He truly is a force to be reckoned with… everyones training hard this month…

Cryin’ Ryan
Juicebox Abel
King of Saurus

Trolling too hard.

Looks like it’s time for the “Emil and Skullodream asian power hour!”

Sako takes it all!

Knowing the level the players in top 16 will have I’m not even going to try and name who will make top 8. Anyone could be eliminated in top 32 with this level of competition. If I had to guess who makes top 8 then it’d be at least Xiaohai, Fuudo and Infiltration.

You can’t predict this top 8 at all. Everyone assumed Justin Wong would make it to top 8 winners side last year considering his performance throughout the year but then he managed to get thrown into losers by a Yun that was not Kazunoko. If Dogura, Uryo, Xi’an, Mago and Fuudo do not encounter Dieminion at all then they have a chance at winners side top 8. Dogura has no chance in hell at beating Dieminion unless he plays another character.

As of right now there are 26 Japanese players going to Evo for SSFIV:AE2012 we will see how many of them make it into the top 32

I took the liberty of checking the common “Most of them lost to other Japanese players” claim (Note: In no way, shape, or form I’m claiming the japanese tops are getting dominated by the us tops. That’s a stupid statement).

Japanese who went out in Pools:
A02 - “Daiki Matsubara”, Lost to: US, US
A09 - Mepu, Lost to: US, Taiwan
B18 - Gyasu, Lost to: US, US
C06 - Nuki, Lost to: US, US
C07 - A016245, Lost to: US, US
C16 - Oeppu, Lost to: US, US
C19 - KayoPolice, Lost to: US, US
D11 - Nori, Lost to: US, US
D15 - Eita, Lost to: US, US
E13 - Tabito, Lost to: US, US
E17 - Elin, Lost to: US, US

Japanese who got stopped in Quarters:
F1 - Sange_tencho, Lost to: US (in Pool C18), Dominican Republic
F3 - Kiyomatsu, Lost to: Australia (in Pool E6), Japan
F3 - Bonchan, Lost to: Hongkong, Japan
F4 - Itazan, Lost to: Canada (in Pool E12), US
F6 - Nyansi, Lost to: US (in Pool B4), Germany
F7 - Chocoblanka, Lost to: US, Japan
F7 - Tokido, Lost to: Canada (in Pool B14), Japan

Japanese who ended in Semis (G1):

  • Momochi, Lost to: Japan (in Quarters F1), Japan
  • Kazunoko, Lost to: US (in Quarters F5), US
  • Mago, Lost to: US (in Quarters F7), Japan
  • MOV, Lost to: China, US
  • Sako, Lost to: US (in Quarters F6), Japan
  • Uryo, Lost to: US (in Quarters F7), US
  • Kyabetsu, Lost to: China (in Quarters F1), Japan
  • Kindevu, Lost to: Taiwan, Korea
  • Haitani, Lost to: US (in Pools E3), China
  • Fuudo, Lost to: US, US
  • Dogura, Lost to: Korea, Taiwan

Japanese who lost in Finals:

  • Daigo Umehara, Lost to: Korea, China

That should be all (no guarantees that I didn’t miss anything, too lazy to doublecheck).

Whether you see here that “many of them lost to other japanese players” or not… well, I suppose that’s up to interpretation.

Seriously though, it’s going to be absolutely nuts.

I’d say it’s safer to bet on characters with few counterpicks instead of on players. Daigo plays Ryu, so it’s fair to say he’s making it to the top 8. Gamerbee’s Adon is also a likely lock. Sako’s Evil Ryu… I’m not so sure. Etc.

2 years later, people still trying to refute Emil’s Glorious Nippon tunnel vision.


I’m pretty sure Nuki didn’t show up (Nuki was in my pool) outside of that, everything else is right.

Nuki didn’t, he had to relinquish his TOL slot because his grandfather died.