Evo2k13 top 10 prediction! get hyped!

  1. fuudo
  2. infiltration
  3. gamerbee
  4. daigo
  5. xian
  6. justin wong
  7. xiao hai
  8. pr balrog

Pools it’s to be expected given the much larger representation of US players due to it being a US based tournament.

What I think it intersting though is how many of the japanese players who made it out of pools that were eliminated by other japanese players but were sent to losers by US players. It’s rather interesting because it doesn’t directly counter the claim that Japanese players were beating Japanese players but it doesn’t prove it either. If anything it puts more weight AGAINST it being true(but not outright disproving it), especially given that japanese players are more used to single elimination style tournaments where they would have in effect been eliminated by a US player instead of just sent to losers.

If Gagapa went to EVO he wouldd body errybody. Also is Sako going?

My top 8 prediction if Sako isnt going (If he is then Id say he makes top 3):

6.Poongko (too inconsistent to be any higher IMO but he would easily have the potential for top 3)

Awwh that’s cute. A little bit distasteful though. I’d be given troll flags for that.


That’s how far back I’ve seen it at least.

Poongko`s talent is only rivaled by his lack of emotional fortitude. He broke down publically at CafeID and he broke down publically once again at the Topanga league after he got bodied. Dude is like a child.

That, plus a character like Seth… No way he takes it.

And you got mad at Ixion losing with Dan vs Infiltration’s Akuma? :stuck_out_tongue:


I got mad at that because I -play- Dan, but that doesn’t have much to do with this particular situation. EVO is a huge tournament. You are expected to fight so many people, with so many different styles, that statistically you can only make it until the end by being:

1- Far superior to the others
2- Using dominant tactics that they do not know yet
3- Using a solid character that exposes you to very little risk

Poongko got 2 out of 3 on his last succesful Seth run. This time he only has 1 out of 3. Seth is fairly well known by now, and the it is a very high-risk character.
Unless some interesting new techs and unblockables show their face, I’d expect to see solid and safe characters make their way to the top as usual: your Cammys, Ryus, Fei Long is a guarantee, etc.

who cares sf4 is ass

What you actually need to succeed are solid fundamentals and knowledge of your character, but even more importantly you need to be able to get into your opponents head and beat them ‘outside the game’ so to speak. Guile isnt top of the top like derp Cammy for example, yet you still have Dieminion up there most of the time in tournaments. Same with Xian and Gen. A strong character and gimmicks can only take you so far (hence why its not Tokido beating everyone with his ghetto vortex setups but Infiltration with his more fundamental based playstyle)

Eh yeah, mentioning every Japanese player in existence at Evo, including the ones that don’t main the game but entered it because they were there for other games, doesn’t make sense. If you use that kind of logic, we might as well start naming every American player in the entire tournament and looking at how many of them lost to Japanese players.

Daiki Matsuraba, Mepu(this is MOV’s girlfriend btw), Gyasu, Oeppu(kof player), A016245, Sange Tenchou(kof player) aren’t AE players. Some of the other players I don’t even remember seeing in the brackets. Also some of the players that you listed, never lost because they actually weren’t there and instead their opponents got byes (this is true for I think Nuki, Kayo Police and some others).

Tokido has been beating almost everybody in whatever game he enters, not sure what you’re talking about…he just enters so many games, he has to split his focus among them which is difficult to do. Also his vortex isn’t ghetto, wtf? If anything, Tokido has put a lot more effort to learn effective vortex setups than Infiltration has.

Japan didn’t win though soooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

you tight.


  1. Zero need to Fullquote. Just quote my post, remove all content and put “[…]” there.
  2. I put all of them because that made the most sense to me. If I had left out MOV because he’s a 3S player, what would you say? What’s the border for “AE player”? Is Tokido an AE player when he enters 50 games per tournament? Haitani and Sako probably still count VSav as their main game. Would ChrisG/FChamp/etc count as AE players when they clearly rate UMvC3 higher? I’m sorry, I’m not gonna assign some arbitrary border on what is an AE player and what isn’t and then apply that to 30 people. — P.S. What if I left out some secret guy from Yokulodo village arcades that I never heard about because I’m a philistine? You’d raise a shitface.
  3. I can’t say anything about “didn’t see them in the brackets”. I just followed the Official Brackets. You’re free to doublecheck everything, I have listed where they lost.
  4. I can’t say anything about “they got byes”, either. That bracket page just lists who passed, not whether they passed with a 2-0, a 2-1 or a bye. You’re free to send me a better page.
  5. If we just take:
  • Everyone who made at least Semis
  • Plus people whom I know by name and apparently didn’t get DQd (Eita, Kiyomatsu, Bonchan, Itazan, Chocoblanka, Tokido), that should be decently fair?
    That’s 18 people - 10 of which didn’t play another Japanese, 7 of which only played a Japanese after they had already lost once (which means they’d be out by Japanese single elim standards) and one who got fucked (poor Momochi)

Last but not least: I even specifically stated “IT’S UP TO INTERPRETATION WHETHER THIS MEANS ANYTHING, AND IF IT DOES, WHAT” at the end of the post. It’s not a “Mwahahaha Japanese suck”. It’s a “Here you have actual statistics instead of making empty claims. Use this to back up your posts, or rethink your statements, whichever you prefer”.

With your kind of logic, we might as well start naming every American “killer” in the entire tournament and look at how many of them were beaten by other Americans, then claim that the only reason for the Japanese even getting as far as Semis (…mostly) was due “many of the the Americans” losing to each other. :slight_smile:

I don’t got time to quote everyone but I’ll answer to some of the interesting quotes.

Infiltration aint going to get below top 3. No one can beat him other than Xian, Sako, Fuudo, and maybe daigo(daigo doesn’t seem like daigo when he plays infil. gets flustered n shit). Wouldn’t surprise me if infil wins again.

PRbalrog might not even get top8 let alone win evo… His fei is nothing compare to fuudo and not to mention he hasn’t have time to practice ssf4. When I watch him play umvc3 n ssf4, I can’t tell which one he is more commit it to. With fchamp, I can tell he’s more focused to umvc3 now. With chrisg, he seems to try and focus both umvc3 and ssf4, but mostly umvc3.

Poongko can still dominate this year if he doesn’t let a couple mistake get into his head, which is kind of hard since u’re seth… lmao. In Topanga, his confident got cracked, he didn’t to be able to play his best. and LOL " like a child" haha

What is the exact payout for top 8 really? Is it enough for me to blow my nose with it? Top 3 maybe but the rest, I’ll go get a sandwich and maybe help some homeless people.

Who did Dieminion perform surprise sex to…? Uryo, Fuudo, and who else?

Face it, Japanese aint on another lvl no more. Shit is done! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! If Sako comes then i’ll chill out with the U.S.A chant. Even if Daigo comes, That fool is too predictable now. Sure he can get top 8, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. “YOU’RE EITHER FIRST OR YOU’RE LAST”!

Infiltration got 3-0’d by Cammy was fluked! I’d love to see that happen again. If that happens again at Evo, I’ll personally come back here and shake your hand and call you “EMO”, I mean “EMIL”.

It’s your job as high lvl players to not let luck factor in your matches. If you let luck factor get inside your head, you should move down a lvl. Matchups I understand if you lose, but saying you lost cuz of both matchup n the other dude got lucky cuz I mistime a move…? Hell nah.

Lastly, YES CHOKE! I aint got time to go and search every videos where someone CHOKES hard which determine whether they belong in the winners or loser bracket. Guessing incorrectly in a mixup isn’t choking. It’s fucking up combos/hit confirming your shit.

One thing that came to my mind is XIAO HAI vs DAIGO. Daigo coulda beat Xiao Hai but he let his previous match against infiltration got into his head so he did dumb shit like ex fireball while Xiao hai had full ultra…You don’t do that kind of shit when u’re at EVO. Shake it off and go to work!

Sako wins because he’s godlike and not afraid to switch characters depending on matchup.

Then infiltration and fuudo.

Daigo, xian, some cammy player, pr rog and hopefully momochi make top 8.

A lot of people wanted him to win last year but he choked! It had nothing to do with matchups and all that bs. Sako is 2x better than jwong in any given day. Put them in a room ft4-5-6-7 or w/e. I’ll bet ya any amount.

Sako has outplay a lot of his opponents even if his character was going up against bad matchup. My guess was the environment. This dude is so used to staying inside his cave, where it’s quiet and shit, which means you can focus 100% without distraction. Then you place your foot out, you hear birds, monkeys, and babies screaming and crying, shit is hard.