Evo2k13 top 10 prediction! get hyped!

Yeah, Sako is totally not used to playing in a tournament environment.

What the fuck.

I can’t wait to see who’s coming!!!

Did I say he aint used to tournament environment? When I said cave I meant his hometown. He is used to playing in his basement or local that he’s used to. He aint used to the kind of environment like EVO with the crowd going wild. He’s been in a tons of tournaments in japan, the difference is, japan they are not wild like here in America. Maybe they are at other games but at the right time where it doesn’t fuck a player up. Whereas here, u got monkeys jumping up and down screaming or someone shouting out random bullshit. If i’m traveling outside of U.S and go and compete. While i’m down to my last health and you got an idiot somewhere shouting bullshit or screaming, I don’t think I can’t focus either. learn to fucking read between the line. I hate having to fucking explain everything bit by bit.

**I’m done explaining shit to anyone post stupid shits!! If you got a legit question then I’ll answer. Not bullshit like this, trying to be a smartass and waste my time! PEACE. **

Post your list or go join WTFAKUMAHAX, chubbyfingerz, and jazz in the closest.

It’ll be awesome if Sako picks Evil Ryu at EVO, my personal prediction:

  1. Infiltration
  2. Momochi
  3. Fuudo
  4. Poongko
  5. Daigo
  6. Xian
  7. Dieminion
  8. PR Rog

Any reasons as to why you place them so high? I’d like to hear your. I think those two will be in top 8 but that high, I don’t know. If Momochi stuck to his Akuma way back then till now, I wouldn’t doubt him. But ever since he mained Cody, meh. He will place but will never win anything huge like EVO. I hope I’m wrong cuz I wanna see him win with Cody.

As for Poongko, dude is random. I’d love to see him take it too. The people I want to see win are Momochi, Poongko, and Xian. Either one of those guy is fine by me. Daigo, Infil, and Fuudo all won Evo before. Let someone else win once lol. I think out of those 3, I want Xian to win the most. He hasn’t gotten much spotlight like he should. As for the other players, I don’t think anyone else will stand a chance. I hope I’m wrong. The day that a U.S player wins is the day we’ll all go crazy. I’ll be at home going U.S.A, U.S.A as well buwhahaha!

Not that it changes anything for Momochi but at NCR he used Ken as well, and at a recent 3 vs 3 in Japan he only used Ken. Ken is far from being a character you can win Evo with but his chances with Ken against that type of 8 are better than they are with Cody. This game favors knockdown and unless they make some adjustments to Cody’s wake up or the metagame in general, Cody will always have a hard time.

Cody’s crack kick getting airborne will give him some nice knockdown mix ups and while he can’t easily combo to sweep he has LK ruffian and EX ruffian which cause hard knockdowns. That will help shift him in terms of giving him options that favor the metagame.

What kind of mixup does cody have after knockdown? After cody knocks me down, I’ll just hold down back… sure i’ll get thrown but that’s a lot better than eating 40% mixup from Akuma/Ken. Cody will not win EVO period! The way Momochi uses Cody is to punish his opponent mistakes and whiff pokes, atleast that’s all I see. When he uses Ken, I see him having more freedom. Whereas Cody, he’s not as flexible. Just a thought. There’s something about Cody no one knows except him I guess

He already has?

Yep, Sako can’t play in America. Fuck, he only got 2nd. Massive choke.

Learn to fucking type in a way that you don’t have to explain your posts? I’M SO SORRY that I didn’t understand “his cave” was referring to JAPANESE TOURNAMENTS rather than “sitting in his basement, training moding and playing online”… which would be the way EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON uses “cave”.

Currently Cody’s mixups are pretty weak. I was talking about in AE2013. Once crack kick becomes airborne Cody will have much better mixups thanks to corpse hopping. He can ever so slightly alter the timing or spacing of crack kick to keep it on the same side or hop over giving Cody a decent left right mixup outside of jumpins.

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love this guy, hope he does but i dont think he will. would love to see hoodaman get up there too but we’ll see. I mean if you are saying K Brad why not say Poppi or Hugo101? There are always a few americans who make it to top 10, we saw Mike Ross and PR Rog in top 4 before. it’s really hard to say who will make it. I really think we are going to see Xian, Gamerbee, Daigo, and Infiltration in the top 4 though they are just super consistent especially in that tournament. Would be really cool to see Gamerbee win it with an Adon or Xian win it with a Gen because those characters haven’t got the same attention as a Ryu or Akuma.

Yeah you missed the point on this one…

This was stated by Dieminion after he went to Japan for SBO, which was after Evo 2012. There are a ton of people that really don’t know what’s up with the scene…some people, like me, have put in a lot of effort to research the scene. Dieminion on the other hand, got first hand experience after going to Japan. Most stream monsters that tune into whatever stream is linked on the SRK/Eventhubs front page, know nothing.

How does fluke factor into this? Is that a combination of a choke and luck?

It’s really not that simple…luck plays a huge factor in the outcome of a match. If you watch any particular match, even with the best players in the world, a lot of subtle things happen here and there where moves don’t hit as expected, players are hit out of things they shouldn’t have been hit by and other oddities. These have an influence on the results…also have to factor these things and evaluate player skill not necessarily from match results.

in FG tournaments we don’t use top 10, but top 8, there’s no such thing as a top 10 at Evo. You can finnish top 8, top 16, top 32…

And no way K Brad will finnish top 8, when’s the last time you saw K Brad top 8 in a major ?

Anyway, from US, I think the best chances have Justin, Ricky (as usual), ChrisG (he leveled up tremendously lately) and Snake Eyez, if he doesn’t run into a Sagat.
Ryan Hart is Europe’s best chance, if Alioune is not coming.
Infiltration and Daigo are top contenders as usual.
The rest it depends who comes from Japan. I’m going with Fuudo and Mago (esp. Mago).

But I guess we should wait and see who’s coming at Evo first. I hope Nekojita and Akimo make the trip to Evo this time.

Momochi has won evo in SSF4…? I thought we’re talking about ssf4 here… not some king kong boxing game bs. I just watched the video and hardly anyone cared… I didn’t hear anyone cheering or anything. There were cheering but for a different game. When you’re a pro, you play your game and other ppl cheer for a different game, that will not have any affect on your game. For some ppl while they’re playing and they got monkeys shouting and screaming at the game they’re playing then that can really mess them up. I’m no pro but yes that apply to me. Ppl can scream all they want at other games, I can still maintain my focus while playing. But if i’m playing and ppl are shouting or screaming during my matches then that can mess me up. It’s what I see for Sako and myself.

As for Sako choking. Are we still talking about ssf4 or some other game? I thought my thread is about ssf4… all the shit I’ve been talking about is referring to ssf4. and YES HE CHOKE IN SSF4 against jwong. That was not the sako that gave ppl surprise sex on a daily basis. Same as INFIL vs DAIGO. If you don’t think daigo choke and got outplay then there nothing to talk about. Say what you want he shouldn’t have lost to jwong. He school players in japan that are considered better than jwong. N no, I don’t got time to go and provide links and shit. since you love posting links and shit u should be able to do that yourself.

What is the point for the payouts exactly? Only the top 3 payouts seem decent, the rest are peanuts to me. That’s just me. Other ppl might think hey that’s not bad or a lot, its all good.

As for the event hubs link. You really think all of the top ones will come? They won’t all come, BET IT! They all have to factor a lot of shits before they come. Here are some examples.

-I need to save up a certain amount(if no sponsor. Only some are sponsored)
-Will I win EVO? If I don’t win or get KO, I came here for nothing.
-Who else are going so I know how high my chances of winning are.
-If all top players come out of wood work, will they be able to handle the environment and pressure of EVO?(eh…SAKO and some others couldn’t, who to say the others could)
-I don’t like EVO format…so I won’t come
-I don’t like the side to side seating… so I won’t come

so chances of them all coming… LOW!! As you can see there are many reasons to factor in. Mostly the last one, which is what preventing them from coming. Back then a lot of Japanese came cuz they thought U.S was free, which they were. Now, they are very careful as to who are going. Just my thought.

How does fluke factor into this? Cammy owns Akuma in matchup imo. Infil just wasn’t prepare for that shit. Which is why he’s switching to RYU vs cammy at DREAMHACK 2013 not long ago… but still lost. He’ll go home and study cammy some more just like he did with DAIGO’s RYU then we’ll see if it was a fluke or not. Fluke usually factor both, but this time infil just aint crisp with his matchup against cammy.

The only luck factor I remember is PRBALROG vs INFIL where PR did the ultra too far out which the last hit of balrog ultra missed so INFIL demon him… other than that I don’t see that many. Most pros don’t let luck factor in their arsenal. They prevent those shits from happening, which is why infil is one of the best cuz he confirm all his shits not like daigo/jwong missing links n shit. In doing that gives their opponent free hit. That’s where luck/choke come from.

I know, my mistake for saying top 10.

when has KBRAD took first at a major?kbrad took out INFILTRATION at seasons beatings ascension to take 1ST!!… He just need some HYPE!! I don’t know what it is with black players. If you bring them hype they will turn into beast mode, while shaking up n down while shaking hands with their dawgs n shit lmao.

As for Asian players, they still calm and collected. A little pat on the back but that’s it.

As for Europe players… SIKE

I stop there. Don’t want it to be a race thing. Its pretty funny when I think about it. Haha.


I don’t know about Mago… I always see Mago come then either place top 8,15 or w/e or get KO… I put my money on fuudo. I can trust fuudo to win or make it far for me, not mago. He hasn’t show his worthiness perse.

I wouldn’t say Ryan Hart is Europe’s best chance just yet. His sagat has gotten better though.

Lol trust me, I’m well aware of this…this is actually one of the main arguments to show that the level of play at Evo is lower than some other tournaments in the world, because many of the top international players are unable to fly to the US for a variety of reasons.

No it happens all the time…special moves in combos being just slightly out of reach to combo, resulting in a punish of 50% or something. Players getting hit by whack crossups. Reversals coming out in the wrong direction and not even the opponent that was setting up the oki, thought it would happen. Reversals coming out maybe a frame too late to punish jumps or a pixel too far away, resulting in full punishes. Some players predicting the wrong thing with a certain reversal, and still hitting the opponent even thought it attempted to counter something else…things like this.

The problem with this “unprepared” argument is that Infiltration should have gotten a wakeup call regarding Cammy, when he lost to K-Brad, and then almost lost to BrenoFighters. I’m pretty sure there was some other close call with some Cammy players, I forget who it was.

I agree Cammy is a dumb character but to me, him getting blown up at Dreamhack is pretty much similar to Daigo’s Ryu getting blown up at 25th Anniversary by Akuma.

If Dogura and Haitani played checkers, Emil would say “Of course they’ll make the grand finals of the World Checkers Championsips. Their flag is one of the pieces!”

Cammy vs akuma is 6-4.

No, he won Season Beatings 2011 with Cody. Unless of course this is another of your magic moments, where “Won’t win a big tournament like EVO” is actually supposed to mean “Won’t win EVO”?

Daigo got outplayed, yes. What exactly does this have to do with choking…?

It took Daigo 11 minutes to beat Infiltration 3 times in a row
It took Infiltration 14 minutes to beat Daigo 6 times in a row

It took Popi 10 mins to win 3-0 against a character Infiltration doesn’t main.

No, they are not similar at all.

cammy is not a dumb character. lmao. the only character I think is dumb is akuma. I aint gonna get into that.

I’m waiting on whos coming. can’t wait!! Until then, ya’ll can chitchat about time attack and what your favorite color on each character is.

Once I find out who are all coming, i’ll update. Otherwise, i’ll leave ya’ll be.

If you think SB2011 is like EVO then ok. It’s ok. He did pretty good at ceo though. He didn’t win but got close. But he won’t ever win EVO unless he switches back to akuma or yun? no matter what ppl say he will never win EVO unless he switches. prove me wrong.

daigo got outplayed… other than that, he didn’t choke at all. yup.

nothing else to talk cuz I got a feeling u didn’t come to predict but start bs.

So a character with a divekick that’s +10/+14 on block or something with that divekick directly leading to pressure where nearly every relevant button links into each other and if you miss the link, oh well it’s a frame trap anyway isn’t dumb.

And in comparison a character whose main strength is having a good walk speed (slower than the aforementioned, btw) and just having a ton of individually fair tools, so you can play in any situation but have to know how to play those situations like anyone else is dumb. A character with absurdly low vitals so mistakes often just mean death?

Yes, you have to get into that.