Evo2k3 MVC2: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Thread

wc wins team
ec wins singles

comments, excuses, ect.


Row got screwed over by the random tag in shit. :mad:

Row coulda beat Justin, if only he didn’t suck too much to get there! Soomighty could have too, if only he knew the difference between the assist button and the start button!

Finals were sorta anti-climactic this year.

yeah i think soo would have made the best match, but he got beaten by team scrubs. mstron that!


Justin coulda won if the WC was weake…oh…he did win…too good…

I wish that Row would have made it…(no hate to Ricky…) would have been great to see a repeat of last year…you know…Justin beating Row again…this time in 3 matches instead of 1…


Worst fucking finals ever :rolleyes:

Why? Is it because justin won again with hardly any effort or is it because ricky doesn’t claim the WC anymore and none of your wc hero’s made it in the finals? He been on the east coast for a year and was on the east MvC2 team. Don’t hate the playa (justin) hate the game. Your best players lost before they had a chance to upset justin in the grand finals. I agree that soo or row could have been a better match up, but ricky earn his 2nd place spot by beating everyone in front of him. I’m sure ricky didn’t even see his 2nd place prize money since he still owed the cannons. If he owed me thousands of dollars he wouldn’t get shit from me. Just put it on his debt and call it even IMO. Thanks for coming and have a nice day. I guess justin really was sandbagging in the team tournament as he stated. It sounds like a great tounament and I can’t wait to see the footage. SRK is going to make a fucking killing on the EVO2k3 DVD. They can have my $30-$40 right now just for the 3S footage alone. I heard it was the sickest finals ever!!! Japanese players taunting each other during a match.

Oh yea, i’m not trying to start shit, just stating the facts. Please no lame flames, because I don’t have the time for the BS.:slight_smile:


Dear cannons,

Please put the 2d games on 1 dvd and the 3d games on another. I’m a 2d man and the only reason I would want to see any Tekken footage is to see how the Atlanta players (JOP and Jackie Tran) did at EVO.

I think Justin cant win against soomighty(OCVed twice), but twice cant win against good teamscrub(he loses to genghis a lot in wc).

If justin have faced soomighty at an earlier bracket, he might have lost it.

BTW, I think Storm times are getting over, at least tourney-wise. This Justin didnt have to use Storm talk is like saying that Ricky kept his zangief/guile/whaetever team for too long. Justins best team is mag/cable/sent, he wouldnt throw games away when it worths 3 thousand dollars, or when the ec pride is at bet.

Edit: the above is coulda shoulda woulda , of course, but seriously, make separate DVDS(2d for srk peeps nd 3d for zaibatsu or whoever wants them), I think youll sell more.

And, please, go fast with it.

Best part was when after the Ricky vs Row match, when Row lost, a lot of WC people got up and left…too funny.

That was the funniest shit I’ve seen. The funniest thing I heard was when Ricky left momentarily from the cabinet someone yelled out “Now is not the time to be putting on makeup!” :lol:

Justin won 3-0. He rushed Ricky down with Storm when he could’ve ran away. He just wanted to end it quickly it seemed. It was like they weren’t even trying anymore since EC got both 1st and 2nd worth a few grand.

Don’t worry, though. XX finals were complete ass. Worse than MVC2 :slight_smile:

If Ricky Can Beat Row, Then Justin Sure As Hell Can Beat Row.

i second that!!! I would really just like to buy a dvd with 3s,mvc2,cvs2, and xx on there…but i guess if it is gun negate the profit then…shit…iono…i juss am like larry, i dun like 3d, im a 2d guy.

btw, no reason to hate justin, the whole WC vs EC thing will juss get more heated now…which means more gangsta videos and strats

How can you say that when soo won in a meaningless exhibition tournament. It was great that he own justin up in that, and it gave more hype to the singles tournament. But as you saw EC took top 2 spots in MvC2 when it counted. No offence to soo, but unless you win the big tournament everything else is BS. He is already one of the top MvC2 players in the world and I know he wanted to take the title away from justin(as did everyone that competed in the singles MvC2 tournament). When you get to the top 10 players of the world they all want and think they can win it all. I don’t think they went into the tournament thinking they would lose let alone losing before getting to justin in the finals. Soo is a great player and Row is a great player, but ricky placed higher when it counted in the USA biggest tournament.

Fuck a exhibition tournament. That’s all the 5 on 5 tournament was. There was no money on it and it didn’t mean shit. The only time exhibition tournament mean anything is when you don’t have that game in your singles tournament roaster. That’s the only reason I give the past usa vs. japan in 3S any respect. Not because the japanese won, but because there was no 3S singles tournament before this year in the past few B/EVO tournaments. See there was no way for the USA to prove themself because there was no singles 3S tournament. Just like the A3 exhibition last year. Since there was no A3 in evo2k2 that’s all you have to judge someone’s skill level. That 5 on 5 shit was nothing more than a over hyped casual play with tournament style rules.

Dear Cannons;

If you have another 5 on 5 exhibition tournament next year. Make it so the members of each team has to put money down to enter the team. DON’T HAVE THESE MEANINGLESS EXHIBITION TOURNAMENTS if you plan on having the same damn tournament in singles, PERIOD. It’s a waste of time and it only starts flame wars on the SRK threads. Maybe EVO would end before 10pm if you would just get rid of the 5 on 5 crap. EC vs. WC in MvC2 and GGXX was truely a waste on time IMO if there’s no money on the line. Maybe if there some loot put up by both teams it will make them more incline to play they’re best instead of sandbagging. Just my advice from 1 organizer to another.

The money is more important IMO and if someone says something different they are on crack. If your a top 5 player in the world at MvC2 what would you rather win? A meaningless exhibition tournament or would you want to take home all of the loot and the true title of world best MvC2 player? hhmmm… seems pretty easy to see what is more important if you break it down like that.

Damn… Why is everybody dogging XX? Just because Sol was running that shit!!! Was there obsessive turtling? Gay footsies? Repeated cr.fierces? What made everybody start hating on XX now?

i think the team tournament needs a big money prize and should be held after the singles. when its before the singles its not the same, people sandbag and try to see what they are gonna be playing the next day in singles. Not trying to say EC sandbagged or that WC did, but lets say the final 8 was 4 people from team ec and 4 people from team wc, you think they gonna play thier hardest and show everything they got if they gotta play each other tomorrow for $3,000?

I couldn’t have said better myself. Actually I did, but I like the twist you put on it bigdave. It should be after the singles with a big prize. Then maybe the sandbagging will stop.:cool:

Because of Soomighty, mr. french fries transformed into RAMPAGE JUSTIN!!!
Rampage Justin didnt even need storm/sent for the whole tournament and raped all of WC.

I dont think there was any sandbagging. These players are not idiots, they cant be figured out by just 1 game. Plus, it will ba an huge offense to an entire coast if any of them tried it(wc or ec).

And about storm/sent, stop with that already. If it was the better team for Justin, he would use it. Why would he throw matches away in the finals? (I understand why ricky would do, get some of justins pot instead of losing all his 1st/2nd prize to the cannons).

Who cares anyway?