Evo2k3 Tapers and Footage


Evo2k3 Media/Pics Thread

Seeing in another thread there is some Vids going of the casual play…anyone esle got anything? Photos of the Setup? …4 projector screens sounds too good! Random players and stuff is always nice…I heard Daigo was playing some crazy GGXX…and well GGXX was crazy in general:lol:

I know the SRK Crew and LCP are doing there thing for their DVD projects respectively and I think Gandido was fliming like there was no tomorrow:D …but there are always people taping:rolleyes:

So whos got what?
And does Justin Alwys wear the crown in casual play? :confused:


To reduce the dreaded black lines, set your camera to either 1/60 frame speed or if you have a camcorder with image stabilization, you’re fine.


We’re taking a bunch of footage of the GD peeps. It’s gonna be dope!


Sounds like a good Start :smiley:


ronin: You including the matches? goku3x’s was sitll dope… :smiley:


hell yea my match was recorded


I hope someone got it, but someone on the big screen up stairs was playing magneto like a fuckin madman. His mag didnt even die. He pwnt some guy who was half decent, pretty fast… he would have had like 200+ hit combos if he didnt keep resetting. Easily, i’d say he’s the best magneto i’ve seen played. Too bad i dont know who it was.


Probabaly SooMighty, Wong, Wigfall, magneto-x, Mixup, or dj-b13.

can’t think of any more really relevant Magneto users off the top of my head.


So now thats its over, who brang a digtial camera and stuff?
I heard there was a killer setup
I heard some people did but I can’t access there photos :frowning:



Well I know I taped HELLA MvC2 stuff. I’m just looking for people to see if I got randomly taped while I played GGXX or 3rd Strike. I’d love to get footage as well. I might be taping at Family Fun for the next couple of days with the Japanese so you can find me there filming most likely :slight_smile:


Your ability to bum cigarettes is dope.


yes. it is legendary


Damn, is taht the dude with 2 cigs on thurs?


Yup. 52 cigarettes bummed throughout the entire weekend. I hope you guys caught me in action. :slight_smile:


PS: Can someone link me to some Evo pics? As many albums as you can.


im me later paco. i’ll have some pics put up