Evo2K4 DVD Wishlist/Speculation

With Evo2K4 only two months away, I’ve been thinking on how they could put out a good DVD of the tourney, since I feel that the previous DVDs could be improved (don’t get the wrong idea; they were still great IMO) upon, and with the switch to consoles, capturing matches should be no problem since they can hook that stuff up to a VCR or whatever.

IIRC, in one of the Evo2K3 DVD threads, one of the “higher-ups” said that based on consumer feedback, they were going to focus on improving the quality of future DVDs, which would drive the costs higher. If they were to drive the price up, I’m sure there’d be some extras added to offshoot the higher price. But what exactly are those extras (if there are any)?

Personally, I think they should do something similar to the Japanese GGXX New Saint Glory Tourney VCD, which IMO had probably the best production in high caliber tourney videos I’ve seen so far. But I dunno if it would be such a feasible idea because it seems like the money to produce such a video came out of Sammy’s pockets, and Evolution isn’t sponsored by a high-grossing company to fork over the cash to make a quality video as far as I know.

Discuss your ideas/speculation/etc…

interviews / general b5 footage stuff >>> match footage!

I’d like to see Ekin getting peaced out by Blaziniflo. And then interview him afterwards.

its a date

NO MORE MATCHES OF TEKKEN TAG INVOLVING THE SAME People, so fucking boring and a waste off space, OGRE’S vs mishimua’s
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… put some rowd noise or something in the background, Fighting game music sucks these days.

interview with the players and crowd… like hot importnights…lol

“hey daigo will u sign my face? ONEGAI”

Throw in a wet t-shirt contest at Evo, and you have Hot Import Nights minus the cars.

Hey, at least it’s something JWong won’t win.

interviews…that’s all I’d like to see

also possibly someone walking around with a camcorder touring the area catching things like money bets on a coin toss or wackier…

my 2 cents

MvC2 needs it’s own dvd…

Yeah Interviews would be nice. And not just with the wack-ass characters like Viscant, but also with the guys that placed. On the b4 tape, it would have been nice to hear interviews from the members that qualified for team usa. Valle, Choi, Duc Do, Hsien, Eddie Lee, Mike Watson, Thao Duong. The footage quality was excellent as well and the matches selected to be on the tape were great. (eddie vs Duc do MvC2, Eddie vs Watson a3)

B5 was a good dvd. No interviews with top 3 placers, except for Viscant. But Seth Killian was great as an interviewer. Footage quality was poor for CvS, MvC2. But it had special features including a tech tv snippet and USA vs Japan 3rd strike. Match selection was good. (Golden Nismor vs Mike D, Golden Nismor vs Combofiend MvC2)

Evo 2002 was the worst out of all 4. Because the taping screwed up, they had to rely on audience members to send in their tapings. Quality was poor unless it was on the projected screen. No interviews. :frowning: Match selection was okay considering what they had to work with. (Golden NIsmor vs Sin MVC2, Justin vs Tokido, Justin vs Mester, Justin vs KSK in 3S)

Evo 2k3 had a bit too many ohnuki matchups on the CvS2 side. GGXX tourney highlights were good. I liked how they got matches with a variety of characters on the tourney highlights to contrast the countless numbers of Sol on the Finals. Quality was good. On the tourney highlights direct feed footage, they didn’t place names on the bars so you didn’t know who was playing if you were watching it straight thru. No interviews. :frowning: I only got the 2-d version so I can’t comment on the 3-d disk. Match Selection was good. Favorites included Ricky ortiz vs Daigo 3rd strike. Ricky ortiz vs ohnuki cvs2. Mixup vs Kuan MvC2.

just make it watchable on normal DVD players.
I’d like to see that intro stuff, where they have music playing (alot like the SBO footage), the whole concept was genius and owns.

I’d like to see that intro stuff too.

hey man maybe he wil… have u seen him lately?.. he’s got some mean man bobbies…:o

interviews, crowd/freeplay area footage, award’s ceremony footage and whatnot would be cool extras in the dvd and would be tight for a preview for the dvd.

Yeah and you guys can even split it up, just like how the Texas Showdown 4 dvd’s were done. One price for the entire set, containing all the footage, and a price for each individual DVD containing matches from one or two games, and a DVD with Interviews and crowd footage. That way if someone doesn’t want matches from a certain game, you won’t be subjected to buying them.

It’ll prolly also allow more room for more tournament matches for games like 3rd Strike and Super Turbo, that didn’t have any matches on the DVD’s besides the top 8. I really wanted to see matches by Pyrolee, Frankie3S, Justin Wong, Victoly, FlashG, Gee-O and others who didn’t make the 3rd Strike top 8.

I think it’ll attract more people into buying.

Definitly need some interviews spice that shit up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about commentaries(not serious, like a joke) or different camera angles? i.e angle 1 would be direct feed from the machine, and angle 2 would be over the shoulder view.

You could do same thing with audio, one with game, another audio track with crowd feed. Just a thought.

defintily interviews after matches, more 3s and GGXX, some funny side stuff too