Evo2k4, JULY 29 - AUGUST 1 : Pomona, CA


Final dates and location.

Tournaments start on Friday, July 30th. The tournament site will be up in the next couple of weeks.


great. time to set up my summer schedule.


Cool, this is going to be the perfect to end my summer.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Wait, the 2nd is a Monday. Does the tournament actually go on that day?


Oops, no.


Alright! Still works for me! :smiley:



whats the closest airport?


Ontario International is the best and closest airport for the trip.


hey inkblot, do you have any problem with me using the japanese cabinet for my cvs2 matches? i use my agetec for every fighting game i play (since kentucky has no good arcades), and i remember having to drop A-sakura because i couldn’t do her custom on american sticks and the button placement was awkward to get used to.



Cabinet? :wink:


so if the tourney is on console, thats cool, we can use japsticks.

but um if any of it is using cabs, 3-4 of us from australia would like to use jap sticks if possible - our plane tickets are $2000+ and we have never used american sticks in our lives =[


OMG the date is pretty good, only missing 2 days of summerschool(the limit is three), cant wait to be there and kick some butt:D :slight_smile:


No cabinets? hmmm


Awesome, glad you decided to change the date.


I’d love to come to this years Evo…need to play more ppl, ya see…

Need someone to come with me to. :frowning:

Well, i’ll see what happens until then…


I’ll post hotel information on the evo site once it’s up (in around 2 weeks)


how much money do you think i should save for the trip to evo to have a good time? i live in san diego area btw…i mean money for hotel, food, entry fee, and splurge money for cool crap like t shirts and maybe tapes and casual play and what not.


so cvs2 is going to be console or what?


can you enter this thing even if you aren’t that good or do you have to have a special invitation