Evo2k4 predictions in CVS2,Mvc2, and more

I think justinW will probably win in MVC2
again or I can be wrong, maybe soomighty could take crown.

In CVS2 , I say john choi takes crown.

At the Breakdown tourney Sanford was extremely sick. I dunno if he can win at Evo, but my worthless opinion says he should do well. Seeing that match ONLINE even gave me some goosebumps, imagine what it was like to be there.

Marvel: I want Sanford to win.

CvS2 is too hard to tell. The Japanese will definitely take top spots. But since the US scene is getting better, anything can happen.

In ST, I would like to see Jason Cole make a comeback and win to take the championship again. But, it’s too hard to tell.

In sc2 , I would like to see Will Johnson take the championship.

In ST , yes I would like to see jason cole also make a comeback for the championship, but is hard because you have the japanese and there very
hard to beat every one of them.

I think I’ll wait for Kuni to make the official team Japan announcement.

crosses fingures

PLEASE let TK come this year.

This year it’s going to be close justin and soo.

i think its bullshit to say that shit, if u go to EVO u should try and become number 1 yourself… dont say justni has it hands down… u saw him get beat… and get a big tron combo on soo’s magneto with that bit of luck and u have mag killed perhaps… just go and try for urself, dont root for others if ur going and participate

This year is gonna be sick

Thats right this years evo is gonna be huge

djb13 will win mvc2

NSJ will take 2 brackets

that did happen last year :slight_smile:

hopefully this year we’ll do even better

it did? my mistake.
4 brackets.

More fl players = more dead kuans

uh yeah, that was me posting /\


when i was watching evo2k3 mvc2 finals with some friends, they asked where all the WC players were, i had to go to the loser bracket, to find them. but i guess the team tournament was more important than the singles.

so i think evo mvc2 will be

justin/sanford/ricky/eddie lee

K-I-double L-E-R, what that shit spell.

whoever win, got G-O-D in thier blood stream

NY is a problem

niggas should look at the obvious…hmmmm

i can see mixup top 8
sanford top 3
justin 1st or top 3 (whoever kills this guy)
seattle top 8 (pick a nigga any nigga)
cali top 8 (depending on who will be playing fiend/potter/soo etc)

this just my opinion though lol


i wanna see makoto come from japan and own all with his p groove