EVO2K4 Thank Yous

EVO this year was a big success. It’s a huge effort to do what we do, and we couldn’t have done it without the great amount of help we received from the community. Major props go to:

SRK Staff
Being on SRK staff pretty much sucks. It means you arrive at 8:30 am every morning and leave at 2:30 am every night of the tournament. It also means answering a million questions, dealing with tons of unexpected problems, and not getting enough time to eat during the day. All of SRK staff came through big time this year and helped ensure that the tournaments ran smoothly and almost on time.

Tournament Judges
These are the guys that ran the brackets, chased people down to play their matches, and recorded match results. This was a thankless job that involved a lot of yelling and screaming for hours at a time. Not only did our judges volunteer for this torture, they did their jobs well and completed all the tournament pools on time. Amazing job.

James Chen and Maj…
For their video “Ode to the 2-Hit Combo.” We played this during our main intermission on Sunday. IMHO it’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest, fighting game video ever. James shows incredible creativity in both the combos themselves and their presentation. If we’re all really nice to James, maybe he’ll let us post a torrent of the video so that everyone can enjoy it. Kudos!

People who helped just to be helpful
Thanks to Viscant and Darkumas for helping set up 60 TVs early Thursday afternoon. Thanks to Darkumas for running lots of odd jobs during the day. To Chris Li for regulating and keeping bitches in check. To all the tech guys who helped fix broken joysticks and superguns.

No thanks at all to the sick fuck who ate a whole bag of sunflower seeds and spat the wet shells out onto the carpet. That’s disgusting dude – have a little respect for the people hosting the tournament.

Game Donators
Thanks to the people who loaned us a console or a game for use in the tournament.

Thank YOU guys for hosting such a fucking awesome event for all of us, i had a total blast from the second i got to shilo until i left after the mvc2 grand finals. awesome time and i know how hard it is to set all this up and keep everything in order and under control. How much do you guys spend on this anyway? you have to prepare months in advance i would guess. anyway it was awesome, and i will for sure be coming back next year, no doubt. thanks again for hosting this awesome event every year.

thanks to Arly for doing the crazy IRC related replay typing!

Thanks for even having Evolution. This was my first time going to Evolution, and it was certainly a blast. I know it must be tough to run such a busy event, and I’m certainly grateful for what everyone did. More than likely I’ll be coming with the Lew brothers again next year. I managed to help out a little with the XX tournament by loning my stick for one bracket. Next year I’ll try to let Evo borrow a console plus system.

Thanks for the experience. Everyone who ran it is great. See you guys next year!

I’m glad I didn’t lose my voice late Friday night! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank us? No, thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you to the SRK staff and everyone involved with the whole evo experience. Off the top of my head, the Cannons, Mopreme and Mike Lai for dealing with all the problems that came up with the 3s tourney like crappy sticks and trying to find players that went MIA, and all the cool people I met!!

In no particular order:
Simon, Jammar, Chris, David (who registered for me cuz I was at FFA!!), and Travis from Nebraska

Adam, Anthony, and Marvin from Canada, Ay

J.R., Yi, Paul Lee, Matt, Eric, and Vic the friendliest man in the universe from FFA,

Sam “I Can Parry Chun’s SA2” Bakemono, Ray, and Ross from Oregon

The three best Uriens I’ve seen in a while, Marvin, Daniel, and Venkaat (sp?) from Sunnyvale, Amil from Riverside, Elliot from I donno where, John from New Jersey, and everyone else that I might have forgotten that I chilled with. Thanks to everyone, I really did have the time of my life! :smiley:

Mad props to everyone on staff. Everyone was real cool.

We shoulda kicked out the guy that tried to steal the banner. :slight_smile:


Hope next year will be even better!

My first evolution also and I have to say that it was the best time that I’ve had so far this year. Even though I placed poorly in all the games I entered it was still a great learning experience to go through. Props to SRK for running a great tourney, hope to be there next year:)

Yeah thanks to everyone on the staff who made Evo work. Thanks to all the 3s players I met your all fucking beasts especially Ryan and Kofiend. Doc B. Your S. Groove is the beast.

Oh and nice work to Ren the Garou master.

Good games to everyone!!

Wow evo is over and im still alive although my liver is a few years older.

Big ups to srk and srk staff for running yet another awesome tourney.
Thanks to ryan for giving us all a ride from the hotel and down the family fun. thanks to frankie for telling me where the bar was in la.
thanks to big john from family fun for giving me someone to talk to and for getting me that bottle of JD with jason cole. was mad cool of you guys.
Thanks to sparatik for helping me not get killed by bmorechun thanks to bmorechun for punching me in the chest i needed that. thanks to apoc jason nelson and random fools for just being down ass guys.
thanks to rodney and adam from nyc for coming down and throwing down at vf good to see you again.
thanks to clayton aka finalshowdown for not wearing a shirt and showing me "the gum on his pants"
thanks to kevin turner and his faithful sidekick andrew for being a the batman and robin of a new generation
thanks to ryan harvey for showing me mad random games and talking shit about fighters history dynamite although he lacks faith in my CLOWN.
thanks to miu for the awesome ggxx #r disk.
thanks to seth,wes and jessie for representing for white people everywhere.
rthanks to justin wong for not perfecting me in mvc2.
thanks to flashmetroid for well being a cool guy
thanks to big mike and trick aka kevin from colorado for putting up with the zany ways of one kristopher l gill.
thanks to that flop in the hallway who almost got a beer bottle cracked over his head but then later we talked and you guys were cool.
thanks to crackporn,heidern98 and grace for helping me disposre of the previously mentioned jack daniels.
thanks to stomp,shou and jerky + shang and fred from LA you guys were dope okay SUPERMANNNNNNN.
Thanks to the LA VF players for not getting final tune that made my weekend:)
thanks to tragic for being a cool guy as always

EVO rocks now its time for sleep

I just want to throw out my quick thanks to everyone who helped in the staff this year. Regardless of any complaints, you guys still provide the means for hundreds of gamers to come hang out and have an amazing time together. Tis truly the best video game event ever!!:cool:

Huge thanks to everyone, whom I interacted with (console room guys epically).
It was nice to put some names with some faces, play people I wouldnt normally (that are hella good).

Thanks to all the players, all the staff, and all the people that nobody notices, your hard work was greatly appreciated.

son Cole,Combofiend,Lax- Tactics,Fatbear,Ricky,Marneto,Sparatik,Buktooth,Ma

nny,Jhamal,Jon B.,Josh from Alaska,Chaotic Blue,Magus1234,S-Clubber,E-mittens,J-Gravity,Fresno Dennis,Brood,Kennywood,Toodles,Jeffzorz,Laostyle559

BmoreChun,LifetimeBoy aka “LTB”, Moe Powell, Josh P., Jason Nelson, Sac Players,
Kyohiryu, Chiti, Popo187,Dj-B13, PopoBlo, RayBladeX, Team Portland, Buktooth, Skisonic, Som D., Roger Williams aka Ratio1 aka “Daigo Killer”, C-Royd,FubarDuck, Team Canada,Tragic,Venkat aka Opera, King Low Tier,JaHa, Ross from Oregon aka KabukiMono. ALL of OCV Krew !!! last but not least Topknot and 86 two dope ass players!!! Nick T. that guy is insane!!! Ouroborus a classic old school friend…Apoc of course…Peachy as well as all of Portland and Seattle. Cant forget OBot64. Eric Leezy…Eric Choi…IKeith…Steve Yoo…Eric Wang…UCB…Ricky O…Choiboy…Shin Contra…ZuggZugg…Mike Watson…Amir…Frankie3S…Philth…The Lew Brothers…Mikey Ras…from Sac…Larry from Sac…TheOrochi…

Just the kickin it at Shilo and all the groups of people at 409…everyone came together that night and had too much fun…egos aside…just chillin. Thats what I feel Evo is truly about…players coming together…new rivals are made…friends that you havent seen in so long…new friends that just pop up.

THx to the staff for puttin this shit together, it was my first evo so Thx for all the sunnyvale crew for comming together and supporting eachother(you know who you are) I think all that hard work definitaly showed.Thx to my roomates, you guys made it hella more chill…venkat,sabastian,derith,stephen,gerard,Q,grace cole, and mike’s clique for lettin us stay the first night.Thx for the ppl comming from out of country making this truly interesting, it was cool meeting,beating and getting wooped by all you guys!

Just wanted to add a few extra people:

Chris Li and Masaka for everything (no thanks to david wright)

Mark ‘Sicdic’ David for being blue collar

Phi for getting food and helping

Mopreme, ID, Cblue, and Pip for helping to run tournaments

NKI for being part time blue collar

Gerald Guess for helping out

Chris Wong for everything

David Spence fo helping

Joanna - one of the true unrecognized people that helps us every year going beyond what she should. gomawo.

Kuni for everything.

Watson - man helps us out so much every year just to be part of everything and still made top 8 in 3s - truly a legend.

I’m sure there are more but I must get back to being a slave at work.


This was my first Evo, and I want to thank the Srk staff for holding such a great event.
I also want to give shout outs! to Dr.B for hooking me up with some cvs2 S groove startz!
Thanks to Dj-B13 for putting on that mvc2 “Seminar” of combos on the BYOC room…What a cool guy! Thanx for showing everyone that storm infinite!
Thanks to all the peeps that chilled at room 101 sat night…jason cole, Dr.B, Mexico city guys…The comp was awesome that night…
Thanks to the fresno crew and the SF crew for letting me hang out in their room playing mvc2…
hope to see everyone next year!

Thank you guys (The Cannons), and all SRK staff for keeping the spirit of competitive fighting games alive.

I want to thank all of my OCV fam, without you guys this tournament wouldn’t have been fun at all. I’ll house you fools anytime.

Soo & Potter: Ey, you two repped So Cal to the fullest. Maybe you expected more of yourselves, but I can tell you guys one thing… you didn’t let anyone in SoCal down. Glad to see people who love that game and play it with a style all their own.

Team Fresno: You guys are the realest. Letting a bunch of fools stay in your room at all hours, and for free too… you peeps are welcome at my pad anytime.

Josh Pryor for displaying the utmost hospitality, especially to a random fool such as myself. Hella cool meeting you. Hit me up bro.

Southtown Syndicate crew: Some of the nicest, realest, skilled CvS2 players I’ve ever met. You all play with your own style, and all have extraordinary skills… I still wish Warren woulda done CvS2, but hey… its all good.

Dash: Supportive as a mothafucka during my CvS2 matches. Hella good chillin with you at Evo.

Peter Rosas: Had some fucked up matches and brackets, but I still think you’re SoCals most talented player overall.

Buk, Cole, Nelson… was nice meeting you guys and playing you foos (except for Nelson, didn’t get to play you). Congrats on top 8 at Evo, Buk… even though you took my 5 bucks =P

LTB: always a pleasure playing against that beastly P. Take it easy bro.

Carnevil: you got alot better, I can’t hang anymore bro, sorry… I was too poor to just give you those 10 bucks lol, keep on practicing

Had a really great time. It was nice getting to play all kinds of different people… definitely the best Evolution to date… (not tournament wise).

Brood: <3 Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. Following your rec, I might just hit up Cali sometime else (prolly in November). so I’ll hit you up if anything happens.

Will play matches for food.