Evo2k5: Bedtime for MvC2 (top 32, full match results)

There were about 43 pools, so about 215 entrants.

TOP 32
1st Duc Do!!! (Spiral/Cable/Sentinel)
2nd IFCYipes!!! (MSP, MSC in GF, Santhrax in GF)
3rd Potter! (StormSentCable usually)
4th JWong! (MSP in loser’s bracket, Santhrax/Scrub in winner’s, IIRC)
5th RickyO (MSP) / Chris Schmit (MSP, Row, Santhrax TMK)
7th Rob ‘Rawbzilla’ Miller (Santhrax) / Nick L ‘Reset’ (MSP,MSS)
9th Albert Nguyen ‘Pigadoken’ / Magneto X (MSP) / Clockw0rk (SentStriderDoom) / Isaac MF Graham (MSP)
13th Takayuki (MSP, Row) / Illan (IronManCableDoom) / Genghis (Santhrax) / Phat-toi (IronManCableDoom?)
17th Chris Castillo / Fernando ‘Fernboi’ Q / Aaron / Chunksta / Mitsu (IronManCableStorm) / Mikey R / Danny S / Shady K
25th Ruben / SooMighty / Crizzle / Viscant (DoomSentCyke, everything) / Eric Lopez / Wesley / Joe Reyna / Ernesto

^-- GJ to everybody up there. If I had to pick a person to give a shout out too, I don’t know where I’d even start. Congrats to everyone.

Full semi-finals match results:
====LOSER’S BRACKET, starting matches, losers get 97th====
Tushar ‘hellfromabove’ Chupra gets a bye lost to Zach 'Preppy’
Richard Alexander gets a bye gets a bye beat Zach lost to Albert 'pigadoken’
Ruben ‘AlwaysMyTurn’ Cabara gets a bye gets a bye beat Daniel ‘Power-Dn’ Nguyen beat VOID lost to Albert 'pigadoken’
Daniel Nguyen beat Nick gets a bye lost to Ruben
Nick Balletine lost to Daniel
David Livingston lost to Fernando ‘Fernboi’ Q (pad warrior)
Charlie Goblyn gets a bye gets a bye lost to Fernboi (loss in pools was to Reset)
Joshua L lost to Deuce
Deuce beat Joshua
Carlos A gets a bye beat Daniel Gonzalez beat(? maybe DQ) Deuce lost to Soo
Tinh Ngo lost to Luke
Luke PAC beat Tinh lost to MagnetoX
Dubs lost to Taiji
Taiji beat Dubs lost to Josh Wigfall
Allen Faust lost to Curtis Minor
Curtis Minor beat Allen beat Goldn Nismor lost to Crizzle
Crizzle beat Allen Tong beat Curtis lost to Julius Jackson
Allen Tong lost to Crizzle
Liston gets a bye gets a bye beat Peter Tang lost to Viscant
Peter ‘nuctang’ Tang gets a bye gets a bye lost to Liston
Lil Kevin gets a bye gets a bye lost to Illan
James Sekato gets a bye lost to Illan
Michael Decker loses to Mitsu
Mitsu beats Michael Decker beats Robert Lew beats Magnetro by DQ loses to JWong
Robert Lew gets a bye gets a bye loses to Mitsu
Thomas Dee gets a bye gets a bye beats Joe Ellis loses to Eric Lopez
Michael Sullivan loses to Joe Ellis
Joe Ellis beats Michael Sullivan gets a bye loses to Thomas Dee
DSP gets a bye loses to KaiSing
David Marshall gets a bye gets a bye beats Kai loses tO Wesley
Brian Takata - DjB-13 gets a bye beats Korngo loses to Skisonic
Skisonic beats Jared Romero gets a bye beats DJ-b13 loses to Genghis
Jared Romero loses to Skisonic
Kyle Chow loses to KaiSing
Deus gets a bye gets a bye beats Jeff 3000 loses to Isaac
Ricky Kimball gets a bye gets a bye beats Darl G loses to Joe Reyna
Darl G gets a bye gets a bye loses to Ricky Kimball
Andy Nguyen gets a bye gets a bye loses to Ernesto
Ernesto gets a bye gets a bye beats Andy Nguyen beats Rodolfo
Sergio V gets a bye gets a bye loses to Shady K
Billy Moor loses to Shady K
Shady K beats Billy Moore beats Tony Gao beats Oscar beats Ernesto loses to Phat-toi

==People in loser’s 2nd branch, losers get 65th===
Zach ‘Preppy’ ‘RZach Lew’ beats Tushar loses to Richard Alexander
Fernando ‘Fernboi’ Q beats David Livingstone beats Charlie Goblyn beats Mike Ross beats Soo loses to Takayuki
R2JayD loses to Deuce
Daniel Gonzalez loses to Carlos A
Magneto X beats Luke Pac beats Josh Wigfall beats Randy Lew beats Crizzle beats Aaron beats Illan loses to Yipes
Josh Wigfall beats Taiji loses to Magneto X
Golden Nismor loses to Curtis Minor
Illan beats James S beats Lil Kevin beats Jay Son beats Viscant beats Chunksta loses to Magneto X
KaiSing beats DSP loses to David Marshall
Korngo loses to Djb13
Jeff 3000 beats KaiSing loses to Deus
Tony Gao loses to Shady K

==People in loser’s 3rd branch, losers get 33rd==
Albert ‘pigadoken’ beats Richard A beats Ruben beats Chris C beats Takayuki loses to Rob Miller
VOID loses to Ruben
Mike Ross loses to Fernando
SooMighty beats Carlos loses to Fernando
Randy Lew loses to Magneto-X
Julius Jackson loses to Crizzle
Viscant beats Liston loses to Illan
Jay Son loses to Illan
David ‘Magnetro’ loses to Mitsu by DQ
Eric Lopez beats Thomas Dee loses to Mitsu
Wesley beats David Marshall loses to Genghis
Genghis beats Skisonic beats Wesley beats Mikey R loses to JWong
Isaac beats Deus beats Joe R beats Danny S beats Phat-Toi loses to Reset
Joe R. beats Rick Kimbaall loses to Isaac
Rodolfo loses to Ernesto
Oscar loses to Shady K

==People in loser’s 4th branch, losers get 17th==
Chris Castillo loses to Albert
Takayuki-san beats Fernando loses to Albert
Aaron loses to Magneto X
Chunksta loses to Illan
JWong beats Mitsu beats Clockwork beats Reset loses to Yipes
Mikey R loses to Genghis
Danny S loses to Isaac
Phat-toi beats Shady-K loses to Isaac

==People in loser’s 5th branch, losers get 9th==
Rob Miller beats Albert loses to Yipes
Yipes beats Magneto-X beats Ricky-O beats JWong beats Potter beats Duc GF set 1 loses to Duc GF set 2
Clockw0rk loses to JWong
Reset beats Isaac loses to JWong

==People in loser’s 6th branch, losers get 5th==
RickyO forfeits to JWong
Chris S loses to Yipes

==Loser’s Finals==
Potter loses to Yipes

Justin Wong beats Tony G beats Jay Son loses to Rob Miller
Tony Gao loses to JWong
Jayson gets a bye loses to JustinW
Viscant gets a bye loses to Rob miller
Rob ‘Robzilla’ Miller gets a bye beats Viscant beats JWong and the crowd goes crazy and loses to Chris S
Julius Jackson gets a bye loses to Mikey R
Mikey R gets a bye beats Julius loses to Chris S
Randy Lew gets a bye loses to Chris S
Chris Schmidt beats JEF3000 beats Randy Lew beats Mikey R beats Rob Miller loses to Potter
JEF3000 loses to Chris S
Soo Mighty gets a bye loses to Yipes
Yipes beats Korngo beats Soo loses to Potter
Korngo loses to Yipes
Danny S gets a bye beats Mike Ross loses to Yipes
Mike Ross gets a bye loses to Danny S
Potter gets a bye beats VOID beats Phat-Toi beats Yipes beats Chris S loses to Duc Do
VOID gets a bye loses to Potter
PHAT-Toi gets a bye beats Albert loses to Potter
Albert ‘Pigadoken’ Nguyen gets a bye loses to Phat-Toi
Ricky Ortiz beats Illan beats Oscar beats Chris C beats Clockw0rk loses to Duc
Illan loses to Ricky
Oscar Oriano gets a bye loses to Ricky
Rofolfo P gets a bye loses to Chris C
Chris Castillo gets a bye beats Rodolfo P loses to RickyO
Clockw0rk gets a bye beats Joe R beats Takayuki loses to RickyO
Golden Nismor loses to Joe R
Joe Reyna beats Golden Nismor loses to Clock
Takayuki beats Wigfall beats Isaac loses to Clock
Josh Wigfall loses to Takayuki
Magneto X beats Isaac loses to Takayuki
Isaac loses to Magneto X
Genghis beats Daniel Gonzales loses to Aaron
Daniel Gonzalez loses to Genghis
R2Jayd loses to Aaron
Aaron Thomas beats R2 beats Genghis loses to Duc
Wesley Matsui gets a bye loses to Duc
Fernando G loses to Duc
DucDo beats Fernando beats Wesley beats Aaron beats Reset beats RickyO beats Potter loses to Yipes first set GF beats Yipes second set and wins
Chunksta gets a bye beats Eric Lopez loses to Reset
Eric Lopez gets a bye loses to Chunksta
Reset gets a bye beats Magnetro beats Chunksta loses to Duc
Magnetro beats Zach Robinson loses to Reset
Zach ‘Preppy’ Robinson loses to Magnetro

This write-up shouldn’t be too hard to read and should answer any questions about who lost to whom. Figuring out the actual places beyond the top 32 is an exercise left to the reader, but actually isn’t too hard (although you will have to discount byes since I’m not writing those up). The possible finishes are 97th/65th*/49th/33rd*/25th/17th*/13th/9th*/7th/5th*/4th/3rd*/2nd/1st. Anybody initially entering the loser’s bracket at the first entry point is at 97th place. Each win bumps you up one more place. The next entry point in the list has a star next to it, and each win past that point correspondingly bumps you up one more place. So since Daniel Nguyen (Power-Dn) starts at the base entry point in loser’s (97th), wins one (65th) gets a bye (49th) and then loses, he was 49th overall. The same logic applies to everybody else here. I don’t know if that’s easy or hard to understand, but… it makes loose sense to me. :smile:

Thanks to Gerald, Duc, Tinh, ShinJN and everyone else who ran brackets. Too many good matches, too many people doing great. Duc winning with Spiral == :wow: , but don’t play Spiral guys, Yipessss MSP is too crazy, Rawbzilla stunned everyone, Takayuki-san represented for Japan (and Mitsu lost the Iron Man infinite about 4 times on JWong, which would have made things that much crazier…).

This was a great tournament. The semi’s being run Friday night was a shock - I was one of many not ready to play - and playing on sticks isn’t nearly as good for most players (Magnetro and I missed an unbelievable amount in our match), but people still played really well and it was a great tournament where a lot of cool cats showed up. Phat-toi and Baby-Phat (Fernboi) played on PADS, for gods sake, and kicked ass. GS to everyone. :tup:

Filming: Beyond the matches recorded for the DVD, the Lews and I recorded a bunch of matches.

EDIT: Fixed loser’s 5th place battles. Fixed typos.

good shit to everyone

WHOAMYGODITHOUGHTIHADTOPLAY VISCANT! Shit, now that I know I had to play mitsu, I feel bad. Bah I thought I didn’t have to play for a while, oh well, I got to play him on Reset’s broken mas stick and it was casual… AND he didn’t like his stick SO bleh I have no idea what would have happened heh :^( Oh well. Good stuff to whomever placed I suppose. Damn that mitsu…had no idea what meikyousisui was lolol

==People in loser’s 6th branch, losers get 5th==
RickyO loses to Yipes
Chris S loses to JWong

I believe it was Chris S. Loses to Yipes - VERY CLOSE MATCHES
RickyO forfeits to Jwong - No Match.

good shit preppy with the brackets…you’re a beast.

fuck you fern!

mike we still need to do our money match. $30 a character

fern is the truth. lol

danm yipes moved up really fast…

Good shit to Duc for taking 1st. But one thing pisses me off, how ricky always forfeits to justin. He did it at mwc too.

he just wants wong to win… so i guess its understandable.