Evo2k5 Dvd question

ok so someone told me im on the evo2k5 dvd. i havent seen it or been to this site in a long time, so if someone could help me out by telling me who i played on the dvd (im guessing it was my match with soo) and if i won or not. i appriciate it.BTW my name is Carlos A.

^-- To my knowledge, any match you played on the stage (and thus on the big screen) is a candidate for the DVD. So whoever you played up there, that’s your answer. Mr Wizard probably knows more - I’m not sure who exactly is putting together the DVD, but he seems on top of it.

EDIT: I yam a retard. 5 != 6

I think he’s asking about the 2k5 dvd, not the upcoming 2k6 dvd.

Carlos A - I believe I saw your name on the 2k5 dvd for mvc2. I can’t remember who your opponent was, but I will check when I get home.

slaps self

The list I have for the evo2k5 DVD is: ShadyK vs. Tony Gao, Harry Potter vs. Phattoi, Robzilla vs. Justin Wong, Takayuki vs. Clockwork, Genghis vs Aaron Thomas, Golden Nismor vs Curtis M, Chunksta vs. Reset, Reset vs. Ducvader, Josh Wigfall vs MagnetoX, Viscant vs. Illan, Eric Lopez vs. Mitsu, Carlos vs. Soomighty, Fernando Q. vs. Soomighty, Justin Wong vs. mitsu, Genghis vs Wesley, Isaac vs. Reset, Robzilla vs Chris Schmit, Yipes vs. Harry Potter, Clockwork vs Ricky Ortiz, Clockwork vs Justin Wong, magnetox vs yipes.

sweet thx,although my firend told me i won my match, but i remember losing to soo…ohh well
once again thx:sweat: