Evo2k5 Game Lineup

For those who can’t view the trailer…

Games that will definitely be included at Evo:

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (Guilty Gear XX #Reload)
Tekken 5
Tekken Tag Tournament

Games that may be included at Evo (VOTE!):

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
Soul Calibur II
Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate (Dead or Alive 2 Online)
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Capcom Fighting Evolution (Capcom Fighting Jam)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Street Fighter Zero 3)
Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior)
The King of Fighters 2002

Not like I’m an Evo rep or anything, but I suspect only two of the games we’re voting on will make it into the lineup, so keep that in mind when voting. But if there’s one thing I do know for sure, it’s that Apoc will vote for MK. OUTSTANDING!

Has there been an announcement on when the voting will take place?

Don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but again there’s no Ssbm. I know there’s a big tourney in Japan around this time, but 99.5% of US players won’t be attending (entry is by invitation only anyway). I’m sure you have your reasons, but smash definetely has a bigger audience than all of those possible secondary games. Anyway, it’s not my decision, just ranting.

maybe they don’t consider it a fighting game. I know i don’t.

I see the MLG Las Vegas event is also in August so I guess they will be combined? That’d be cool.


supposedly they are trying to have mlg in the same hall running in conjunction with evo.

If it’s running in the same hall as MLG that means we’ll have Smash anyway, since it’s on the MLG tour. For me at least that makes going to Evo to get my ass handed to me in GGX2R a lot more interesting.

Smash was run by MLG last year, so they’ll be handling it again this year. If they didn’t do it, it would have been a votable game.

  • James

Unless you count 3-12 year old kids then that game sure as hell doesnt have a bigger audience than Alpha 3, VF4, KOF or SC2. I dont play any of those games except SC2, but lets be real. A3 most likely gonna be there, SC2 is a likely candidate, VF4 stands a good chance and I think there are enough KoF fans to get it at Evo.

Please don’t make yourself look like a total idiot by talking about stuff you know nothing about. Unless you don’t consider large, international tournaments with over a hundred contestants a large audiance. Heck, some of the games you name there where tried and dropped by MLG because of a lack of people showing up while Smash is happily on it’s second season and still going strong.

Anyway, if MLG is really going to be combined with Evo then that should work out perfectly. The people that don’t want Smash because they think it’ll somehow make Evo less legit somewhat get their way and the people that like both Smash and other fighters can experience Evo while still having a nice Smash tournament right there to make it even more worth the trip. Everyone happy, except for those few people that are so insecure about their maturity that being within a 100 feet of a tournament for a game that they think is childish will make them uneasy.

Although im sure some people will disagree I feel that even if a fair amount of people dont like CFJ, I think it should get its “chance” at evo if that makes sence.

I’m done debating on the legitimacy of Smash; it’s been done for the last 2 yrs. I do have some questions on how such a joint event would work.

  1. Will an attempt be made to avoid match conflicts with players who join both MLG and Evo tournies?
  2. I’m guessing Halo 2 wouldn’t be practical, but will the Ssbm final 8 be done Evo-style? That’d be great.

Lastly, I think CFJ’s been given a chance by being voted on. Personally, no matter how balanced the game turns out to be, I don’t think the community should support such a half-hearted effort.

Good questions. Here’s hoping that conflictions won’t occur. I’d love SSB:M to be done Final 8 Evo style! :clap:

Vote Soul Calibur 2 you bastards!!! :clap:


kof 2k2 and vs w00t i hope mlg and evo tournies are held seperately i heard there was drama between halo players and the other guys at tx

Vote alpha 3!


Vote VF4:EVO. I’m not going this year (maybe next) but it would be nice if there was a VF there, since it still the King of Fighters.

I can’t decide what tenative game should be in, but DOAU and MKD should NOT be up there. :tdown:

KoF gets my vote for sure…and it would be great if Garou: Mark of the Wolves got added to that list. That would really make my day and all the SoCal Garou players here in Cali. Take care all.


  1. Happened with TS5/MLG, don’t see why not…

  2. Now that would be the shit. And Halo 2 is possible 4 v 4, with only the finals being presented. That’d be special.