Evo2k5: GGXX, the reload (top 32, full match results)

Not sure how many pools/entrants - I have that info at home and will post that up later if I remember.

TOP 32
1st RF (Faust)
2nd Kindevu (Eddie)
3rd Miu (Sol)
4th Marneto (Eddie)
5th Ruin (Eddie)/Mago (Slayer)
7th Tokido (Eddie)/BAS (Eddie)
9th CUE/Alex/Titan/Chaotic Blue
13th Ken I/Combofiend/Alex Garvin (Dizzy)/Ken Masters X
17th Vigorous/KDX/Jan Michael/JaMarvelous/Poonage/Kugler/ElvenShadow/Gwyrgyn
25th ID/Xenotype/Guymelof/Definitely/Deuce/Chetan/Zig21/GalzPanic

Full semi-finals match results:
==Loser’s bracket, 3rd column (losers get 49th)==
ID beats Cheesemaster beats Sirlin loses to Cue
Matt Chun gets a bye beats Cue
Ken I beats JC Gross beats Eric Banner beats Xeno beats KDX loses to Cue
JC Gross loses to Ken I
Scott A loses to Xenotiger
Xenotiger beats ScottA beats 722 loses to Ken I
Combofiend beats Final Showdown beats Guy beats Jan Michael loses to BAS
Deus loses to Guymelof
Guymelof beats Deus beats FubarDuck loses to Combofiend
Definitely beats DarkDragon beats Steve H loses to BAS
Dark Dragon loses to Definitely
BAS beats James Austin gets a bye beats Definitely beats JaMarvelous beats Combofiend beats Alex H loses to Mago
James Austin loses to BAS
Sir Phobos beats Tragic loses to Deuce
Tragic loses to Sir Phobos
JW loses to SelfSci
SelfSci beats JW loses to -ruin
Purrin loses to Kugler
Kugler beats Purrin beats Def beats Chetan loses to Alex Garvin
Spirit Juice beaets Hasegawa loses to Chetan
Hasegawa loses to Spirit
Hydra loses by DQ to Dragon Eclair
DrgnEclair beats Hydra by DQ loses to Chaotic Blue
Zig21 beats Dark One beats Deadly Magneto loses to Chaotic Blue
The Dark One loses to Zig21
Bakablitz loses to Hellsap
Hellsap beats Bakablitz loses to Galz
Maxim809 beats Nicholas Campbell beats Infectious Blood loses to Gwyrgyn
Nicholas Campbell loses to Maxim809

==Loser’s bracket, 2nd entry point (loser gets 33rd)==
Sirlin loses to ID
Cue beats Matt Chun beats ID beats Vigorous beats Ken I loses to Mago
Eric Banner loses to Ken I
722 loses to XenoTiger
Final Showdown loses to Combofiend
FubarDuck loses to Guy
Steve H loses to Definitely
Deuce beats Sir Phobos loses to Ruin
Ruin beats Self Sci beats Deuce beats Poonage beats Alex Garvin beats Titan beats Tokido loses to Marneto
Def loses to Kugler
Chetan beats Spirit Juice loses to Kugler
Chaotic Blue beats DrgnEclair beats Zig21 loses to Romel
Deadly Magneto loses to Zig21
Galz beats Hellsap loses to Gwyrgyn
Gwyrgyn beats Maxim809 beats Galz loses to KenMastersX

==Loser’s bracket, 3rd entry point (loser gets 17th)==
Vigorous loses to Cue
KDX loses to Ken I
Jan Michael loses to Combofiend
JaMarvelous loses to BAS
Poonage loses to Ruin
Alex Garvin beats Kugler loses to Ruuin
Elven loses to Romel/Chaotic Blue
KenMastersX beats Gwyrgyn loses to Chaotic Blue

==Loser’s, 4th entry point (losers gets 9th)
Mago beats Cue beats BAS loses to Miu
Alex loses to BAS
Titan loses to Ruin
Tokido beats Chaotic Blue loses to Ruin

==Loser’s, 5th entry (losers get 5th)
Miu beats Mago beats Marneto loses to Kindevu
Marneto beats Ruin loses to Miu

==Loser’s Finals===
Kindevu beats Miu loses to RF

==Winner’s Brackets==
Mago beats Poonage loses to RF
Poonage beats Steve loses to Mago
Steven loses to Poonage
Fubar Duck loses to Alex Garvin
Alex Garvin beats FubarDuck loses toRF
Final Showdown loses to RF
RF beats FinalShowdown beats Alex G beats Mago beats Marneto beats Kindevu beats Kindevu and WINS
ElvenShadow beats 722 loses to Marneto
722 loses to ElvenShadow
Marneto beats Eric B beats ElvenShadow beats h-Town Alex loses to RF
Eric B loses to Marn
KenMastersX beats CUE loses to H-town Alex
Alex (h-town) beats Sirlin beats KenMasterX loses to Marn
Kindevu beats Gwyrgyn beats Vigorous beats Titan beats Miu loses to RF
Gwyrgyn loses to Kindevu
Vigorous beats GalzPanic loses to Kindevu
GalzPanic loses to Vigorous
KDX beats Deadly Magneto loses to Titan
Deadly Magneto loses to KD
Chaotic Blue loses to Titan
Titan 44 beats Chaotic Blue beats KDX loses to Kindevu
Miu beats Chetan Bedi beats Jan M beats Tokido loses to Kindevu
Chetan loses to Miu
DEF loses to Jan Michael
Jan Michael beats DEF loses to Miu
-ruin loses to JaMarvelous
JaMarvelous beats ruin loses to Tokido
Deuce loses to Tokido
Tokido beats Deuce beats JaMarvelous loses to Miu

This write-up shouldn’t be too hard to read and should answer any questions about who lost to whom. Figuring out the actual places beyond the top 32 is an exercise left to the reader, but actually isn’t too hard. The possible finishes are 49th/33rd*/25th/17th*/13th/9th*/7th/5th*/4th/3rd*/2nd/1st. Anybody initially entering the loser’s bracket at the first entry point is at 49th place. Each win bumps you up one more place. The next entry point in the list has a star next to it, and each win past that point correspondingly bumps you up one more place. So since ID starts at the base entry point in loser’s (49th), wins one (33rd), wins another (25th) and then loses, he was 25th overall. The same logic applies to everybody else here. I don’t know if that’s easy or hard to understand, but… it makes loose sense to me.

Thanks to everyone who helped run this. I know Zig21 helped out with the preliminary brackets. :tup:

EDIT: Added characters used - not sure who I got that list from.
EDIT: Fixed ElvenShadow’s loss.

i dont even know how the fuck i got 33rd, may as well have just gotten fuckign last place.

Damn that is the most well written and easy to understand thingamabob ever. Thank you a lot. good shit to everyone.

i have pictures of brackets if anyone is interested…

Yes plz

Just to let you know, Cye is actually Cue. Someone couldn’t write a u worth a damn for some reason.

17th isn’t too shabby. :smiley:

Haha, “Maxim80” is supposed to be Maxim809 but it’s not a big deal. Every place I go is getting my name wrong. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a big fat no-name. :smiley:

^-- Ken/Maxim- fixed up, thanks. Sorry about that. :smile:

woo fucking hoo… damn my random sweeps =(

Grrr Slayer, GRRRR!

Thanks for the post Prep.

Picture of brackets would be nice. Someone told me I had a bye or two. :sweat:

^-- Do you really want a picture of the brackets? They’re 3x3 pieces of paper, so about 3’ by 3’ - fairly hard to read. (But better than the 5x5 Marvel brackets - people were looking at me pretty strangely as I was writing all this up in the airport. :lol: ) The list above does include all the byes. There were only two - Matt Chun got one and BAS got one. You had no byes - you played Kugler directly. :smile:

If people do want pictures of the brackets, I can do that, but I’m not sure at what resolution/file size they would actually be readable. It’s hard enough to read them at full size. :smile:

omg… outside of elvenshadow, marneto played 0 top players.

Chaotic Blue

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BAM! I stopped looking at that thread after that shit, so keep thinking I owe you money! When I said, ‘You’re backing out’ I really thought you did, so STFU.

And keep on saying I had an easy bracket, who gives a fuck, did I make the brackets? No, I didn’t. It’s not my fault I make the brackets look easy :cool:. But hey, if you’re gonna whine and cry about how you never make top8, it’s okay with me. I don’t care anymore cause I gave up on this game, if you want compensation, I’ll say it you, cause it’s obvious you want attention. CHAOTIC BLUE! YOU’RE THE BEST IN THE NATION BECAUSE YOU LOST TO TITAN44 AND THEN TOKIDO SO THAT’S WHY YOU DIDN’T MAKE TOP8! YOU LOST TO THOSE GUYS AND YOU ARE STILL HELLA THE BEST IN THE NATION! PLEASE LEMME BOW DOWN TO YOU SO YOU STOP CRYING! I DIDN’T DESERVE TOP8 BUT I DID ANYWHO CAUSE I HAD AN EASY BRACKET, CAN YOU STFU NOW PLEASE?

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You have “722 loses to Marneto” when it should be “722 loses to Elvenshadow.”




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everyone cool out dont let marteen bein a bitch irl make u hate on how he did in the tourney nothin but props.

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