Evo2k5 Live updates thread

Thanks eks, romancancel.com, Duc, TGS, DSP, Preppy, #tekken, Apoc, evilj for the updates and thanks fuson for the fake ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Tekken Tag:

1st - Qudans - [Korea]
2nd - Ryan Hart
3rd - Tomhilfiger
4th - Slips
5th - JinKid/Crow
7th - MadDogJin/SDZ


1st - BAS (A - Vega/Bison/Blanka) - [Japan]
2nd - Mago
3rd - Kindebu
4th - Combofiend
5th - RF/Ohnuki
7th - Justin Wong/Ohayo


1st - RF (Faust) - [Japan]
2nd - Kindebu (Eddie)
3rd - Miu (Sol)
4th - Marneto (Eddie)
5th - Ruin (Eddie)

Super Turbo:

1st - Gian (Dhalsim) - [Japan]
2nd - Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
3rd - Tokido (Vega)
4th - DSP (Vega)
5th - Buktooth, NKI (Chun-Li)
7th - Jason Cole (Dhalsim), Peter


1st - Duc Do aka RETURN OF THE MACK - [USA]
2nd - Yipes
3rd - Potter
4th - JUSTIN WONG!!!
5th - Ricky O./Chris Schmidt
7th - Rawbzilla/Reset

Tekken 5:

1st - Crow (Steve) - [USA]
2nd - Yuu (Feng Wei)
3rd - MadDogJin (Steve)
4th - jra64 (Nina)
5th - Hato (Bryan) / Mishimaster (Heihachi)
7th - Arario (Jack 5) / Kenbou (Ganryu)

SF3: Third Strike:

1st - Ohnuki (Chun-Li) - [Japan]
2nd - Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
3rd - Nitto (Yun)
4th - Mester (Yun)
5th - Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li) / Kokujin (Dudley)
7th - RF (Chun-Li) / MOV (Chun-Li)

TEKKEN 5 5 vs 5:

Team Japan:
Kenbou (Ganryu)
SDZ (Bryan)
Yuu (Feng Wei)
Mishimaster (Heihachi)
Hato (Heihachi)

Team USA:
JOP (Jack 5)
tomhilfiger (Nina)
Arario (Jack 5)
Jinkid (Steve)
insanelee (Ganryu)
Tomhilfiger 4-1 lost to Kenbou
Jinkid 3-2 lost to SDZ, Mishimaster
Bronson 3-2 lost to SDZ, Yuu
Arario 4-1 lost to Kenbou
JOP 0-5 lost to all*


14-11 USA WINS**

Third Strike 5 vs 5:

Team USA:
Watson (Ken)
Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
Hsien (Ken)
Ken I. aka Sextaro! (Makoto)
Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li)

Team Japan:
Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
Kokujin (Dudley)
Knit (Yun)
Mester (Yun)
MOV (Chun Li)


JAPAN WINS 20 - 5**

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CvS2 3 ON 3 has been CANCELED. Due to time constraints/TV’s being occupied.

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Secret Super Turbo team tourney:

1st - NKI/Ohnuki/Gian
2nd - Valle/Choi/Watts
3rd - Cole/Kuni/Sirlin

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XvSF in BYOC Room Side Tourney Results (25 people entered):

1st - Vic “Dogface” - Wolv/Cammy/Ryu
2nd - Danny “MegamanDS” - Storm/Cyke/Mag
3rd - Thomas “Azian Pulse” - Mag/Chun
4th - Allen - Dhalsim/Chun
5th - DSP, Loren “Fanatiq”, Scott “Sabre”, Cableguy
9th - Nick V., Pignutz, Rotendo, Geoff “Lukesballs”, Pat “Umthrfkr”, Tushar “Hellfromabove”, AiRiC, Genghis

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PICS: http://www.mlgpro.com/albums/vegas2005/

This just in, i love those tits bouncing around, that is all.

mmm tits…

pool notes: i qualify 4-0. kyle chow qualifies 3-1 behind jwong. samb is out to mikez. takayuki 4-0 over skisonic 3-1. I don’t know much else. have filmed about 1.5 hours so far. mikee (rasaphone) 4-0 over dj-b13. maryland pete and curtis (maverick) out. semifinals: i lose to Magnetro in winners, beat HellfromAbove in losers, lose to Richard Alexander in losers and am done at 5-2. I’m happy with that. I didn’t expect to play last night, but oh well. gun was definitely jammed.

Results so far, taken from the big sheet, done with very little editing because hey you do it:
Tushar ‘hellfromabove’ Chupra lost to Zach
Richard Alexander beat Zach lost to Albert 'pigadoken’
Ruben Cabara
Daniel Nguyen beat nick
Nick Balletine lost to Daniel
David Livigntston
Charlie Goblyn
Joshua L lost to Deuce
Deuce beat Joshua
Carlos A beat Daniel Gonzales
Tinh Ngo lost to Luke
Luke PAC
Allen Fust
Chris M
Crizzle beat Allen Tong
Allen Tong
Darl G swaps with Liston beat Peter Tang lost to Viscant
Peter Tang
Lil Kevin
James Sekato
Michael Decker loses to Mitsu
Robert Lew
Thomas Dee
Michael Sullivan loses to Joe Ellis
DSP loses to KaiSing loses to David Marshall
David Marshall beats Kai
Brian Takata - DjB-13 beats Korngo
Jared Romero
Kyle Chow loses to KaiSing
Deus beats Jeff 3000
Ricky Kimball beats Dark G
Liston SWITCHES with Dark G
Andy Nguyen loses to Ernesto
ERNESTO beats Andy Nguyen beats Rodolfo P
Sergio V
Billy Moor loses to Shady K
Shady K

Justin Wong beats Tony G beats Jayson
Tony Gao
Jayson loses to JustinW
Viscant loses to Rob miller
Bob Miller
Randy Lew loses to Chris
Chris Schmidt
VET3000 loses to Chris
Soo Mighty loses to Yupes
Yipes beats Soo beats Korngo
Korngo loses to Yupes
Danny S beats Mike Ross
Mike Ross
Potter beats VOID
PHAT-Toi beats Albert
Albert Nguyen
Ricky Ortiz
Oscar Oriano
Rofolfo P
Chris Casillo beats Rodolfo P FAKE RO
Clockw0rk bears Joe R
Golden Nismor loses to Joe R
JoeReyna eats Golden Nismor loses to Clock
Takayuki beats Wigfall beats Isaac
Josh Wigfall loses to Takayuki
Mangeto X beats Isaac loses to Takayuki
Isaac loses to Magneto X
Genghis beats Daniel Gonzales
Aaron Thomas
Wesley Matsui
Fernando G
Chunksta beats Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez
Magnetro beats Zach Robinson
Zach ‘Preppy’ Robinson

Yessss Soomighty lost.


WTH. I thought soo and reset weren’t going. And no sanford eh?

Oh well…go WC!

#R updates http://www.romancancel.com/forum_viewtopic.php?8.11993.0

first post…

where are the cvs & 3s results?


who did yipes lose to? Or is he still in winners?

yipes over soomighty OH MY GOD!!

Thats what I said

I predict Yipes for top 3 :tup:

things are getting interesting…

Any word on how Lifetimeboy did in cvs2?

im curious.

usa wins team t5, CONGRATS

anyone know who the 25 entrants for XvSF were, and where did prozac place?

Hsien or Ricky need to give up a slot so Valle can go in and rape in that 5v5. OUT FOR BLOOD WHAT

Note that Soomighty’s stick during the match against Yipes WAS broken. This was verified AFTER the match by T. Cannon (don’t recall which). But since it was AFTER the match, the match counted. So all the jock-riders either way: :rolleyes: . FWIW, the money match between Yipes and Soo went 6-4 Yipes, IIRC. On the other hand, if you can win 4 against Yipes, then you can talk.

Yipes, Robzilla, Reset, JWong are in Final 8 losers.
Ricky O, Duc, Chris Schmid, Potter are in Final 8 winners.
Clock is out to Ricky than Justin. Isaac finished 9th. I think Pigadoken took 9th too… ? Mitsu lost to JWong - it looked like he was REALLY nervous - he broke off a couple Iron Man infinites on Wong that should have peaced Justin out.
I couldn’t find the brackets in order to update more fully, sorry. The tekken.com thread and the other ‘updates’ thread have better info.
I’m on my 8th tape.
NKI is in Winner’s in ST. His team also won the ST team tourney.
I don’t know anything else. :smile: