Evo2k5: Not another CVS bracket! (top 32, full match results)

TOP 32
1st BAS (A)
2nd Mago ©
3rd Kindevu
4th Combofiend ‘BET IT’ (A)
5th Ohnuki/RF
7th JWong/Ohayo
9th Buktooth/Nitto/RickyO (A)/Eric Lee
13th Dan/Nestor/Laugh/Keith
17th Amir/Albert §/Tokido/Strider Hiryu/Sao/Charlie/Vincent/DJB13
25th Mahir/CX/Choi/Thomas/DrB (S)/Ashley/Matt Darrow/James Jones

Full semi-finals match results:
==Start of Loser’s Bracket, losers get 97th==
TSpice beats Shady K gets a bye beats Pop187 loses to Mahir
Shady K loss to TSpice
Popo187 beats Narada P gets a bye loses to TSpice
Narada P loses to Popo187
Takayuki beats Maurice P gets a bye loses to Dan
Maurice P loses to Takayuki
R4 Dan beats Philth beats Takayuki beats Marvin beats Amir loses to JWong
Hold Dat loses to JaMarvelous
JaMarvelous beats HoldDat loses to Matt
Ryan hart loses to CX
CX beats Ryan Hart gets a bye beats Matt beats Marn loses to JWong
Carlos Bailey gets a bye gets a bye beats Takashi loses to JWong
Takashi gets a bye gets a bye loses to JWong
ChoiBoi gets a bye gets a bye beats SamB beats Jesse Gan loses to Combofiend
SamB gets a bye gets a bye loses to ChoiBoy
John Bui gets a bye gets a bye beats Joe Ellis loses to Combofiend
Joe Ellis gets a bye beats David F loses to John Bui
Andy Lee gets a bye gets a bye beats Dash loses to Nestor
Dash beats Gavin Yip gets a bye loses to Andy
Seamus gets a bye gets a bye loses by DQ to Thomas
Thomas A gets a bye beats Phil beats Seamus beats Chris H loses to Nestor
Jason Cole gets a bye loses to Dr B
Tony Cannon loses to John Sanchez
John Sanchez beats Tony Cannon loses to LTB
Sao Lee gets a bye beats Rockns beats Mike Sullivan beats Logan beats Dr B loses to RF
Bob Paintol gets a bye loses to Mike Sullivan
RayBlade gets a bye loses to Ken I
Ashley H beats Masanori beats Ken I beats Van losse to Laugh
Masanori ‘King’ loses to Ashely
Paul Lee beats Laug(?) loses to Laugh
Laug(?) loses to Paul Lee
Steven R loses to Carl A
Carl A beats Steven R gets a bye loses to Laugh
Alpha J loses to Cesar V
Cesar V beats Alpha V loses to Peter So
Chris M loses to Matt Darrow
Matt Darrow beats Chris M beats FMS beats Peter beats Richardo loses to Eric
Ronnie C beats Chad loses to Eric Lee
Eric Lee ‘Leezy’ beats James IM beats Matt Chun beats Ronnie beats Cheesemaster beats Matt beats Viscant beats Keith loses to Ohayo
James IM ‘misterbean97’ loses to Eric Lee
Paul Nguyen loses to James Jones
James Jones beats Paul Nguyen beats Steve beats John beats Gordan T loses to Keith
John Piazza beats Tragic gets a bye loses to James Jones
Tragic loses to John
DSP loses to Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il beats DSP loses to Evil Elvis
Nick Suttie beats Danny Leong loses to Watson
Danny Leong loses to Nick Suttie

==Loser’s Bracket, 2nd Entry Point, losers get 65th==
Philth loses to R4Dan
Matt beats Jamarr loses to CX
David F loses to Joe Ellis
Phil loses to Thomas A
Dr B beats Jason Cole beats LTB beats KSK loses to Sao
LTB beats John Sanchez loses to Dr B
Rockns loses to Sao Lee
Mike Sullivan beats Bob P loses to Sao
Ken I beats RayBlade loses to Ashley
Oroborous loses to Ashley
Laugh beats Paul Lee beats Carl beats Ronald beats Ashley beats Charlie loses to RF
Peter Sun beats Cesar loses to Matt D
FMS loses to Matt D
Chad loses to Ronnie
Matt Chun loses to Eric Lee
Steve loses to James Jones
Evil Elvis beats Kim Jong Il loses to Watson
Watson beats Nick beats Evil Elvis loses to Keith H

==Loser’s Bracket, 3rd Entry Point, losers get 33rd==
Mahir beats TSpice loses to Dan
Marvin loses to Dan
Marn loses to CX
JWong beats Carlos B beats CX beats Albert beats R4Dan beats Buktooth beats JWong beats OhNuki loses to Mago
Combofiend beats John Bui beats Choi Boy beats Tokido beaets Nestor beats Nitto
Nestor beats Andy Lee beats Thomas beats Strider loses to Combofiend
Chris H loses to Thomas
KSK loses to DR B
Logan loses to Sao
Van loses to Ashley
Ronald loses to Laugh
Ricardo loses to Matt
Cheesemaster losers to Eric
Gordan T loses to James J
Keith H beats Watson beats James beats DJB13 loses to Eric Lee

==Loser’s Bracket, 4th Entry Point, losers get 17th==
Amir loses to R4Dan
Albert loses to JWong
Tokido loses to Combofiend
Strider loses to Nestor
RF beats Sao beats Laugh beats RickyO beats Ohayo loses to Mago
Charlie loses to Laugh
Vincent loses to Eric Lee
DJB13 loses to Keith

==Loser’s Bracket, 5th Entry Point, losers get 9th==
Buktooth loses to Jwong
Nitto loses to Combofiend
RickyO loses to RF
Ohayo beats Eric Lee loses to RF

==Loser’s Bracket, 6th Entry Point, losers 5th
Ohnuki beats Combofiend loses to Mago
Mago beats RF beats Combofiend beats Kindevu loses to BAS

==Loser’s Finals==
Kindevu loses to Mago

==Winner’s Bracket==
Watson loses to Chris H
Chris H beats Watson loses to RF
RF beats Evil Elvis beats Chris H beats Buktooth loses to Mago
Evil Elvis loses to RF
Buktooth beats Nestor loses to RF
Nestor beats Steven H loses to Buktooth
Steven H loses to Nestor
Combofiend beats Matt Chun loses to Mago
Matt Chun loses to Combofiend
Mago beats Chad takahashi beats Charlie N beats Buktooth
Chad Takahashi loses to Mago
Charlie N beats FMJ beats Jessie G loses to Mago
FMJ loses to Charlie
Jesse Gan beats Peter Suh loses to Charlie N
Peter Suh loses to Jesse Gan
JWong loses to BAS
Laugh loses to BAS
BAS beats Laugh beats Wong beats Vincent N beats Nitto
Oroborus loses to Martin
Matin Phin beats Oroborus losse to Vincent N
Vincent N beats Ken I beats Martin P loses to BAS
Ken I loses to Vincent
Michael Sullivan loses to Marvin Li
Marvin Li beats Michael Sullivan loses to DJb13
DJb13 beats Rochus beats arvin L loses to Nitto
Rochus loses to DJb13
Nitto beats LTB beats Mahir beats DJB13 loses to BAS
John ‘LTB’ Michael loses to Nitto
Dr B loses to Mahir
Mahir beats Dr B loses to Nitto
Keith Ho beats Philth loses to Amir
Amir beats Keith loses to Ohnuki
Ohnuki beats Gordon T beats Amir beats RickyO
Godran Thomas loses to Ohnuki
Cheesemaster beats David F loses to Albert Nguyen
David F loses to Cheesemaster
Albert Nguyen beats Cheesemaster loses to RickyO
RickyO beats Ricardo beats Albert loses to Ohnuki
Richardo loses to Ricky O
Hajimi Tanaguchi ‘Tokido’(?) beats Ronal loses to Kindevu
ROnal loses to Tokido / Hajimi
Kindevu beats Van beats Tokdo beats Ohayo
Matt McCabe loses to Van
Van beats Matt McCabe loses to Kindevu
Ohayo beats Logan S beats Strider loses to Kindevu
Logan Sharp loses to Ohayo
Strider Hiryu beats KSK loses to Ohayo
KSK loses to Strider H

This write-up shouldn’t be too hard to read and should answer any questions about who lost to whom. Figuring out the actual places beyond the top 32 is an exercise left to the reader, but actually isn’t too hard (byes are listed here because I’m nice like that, and count as wins). The possible finishes are 97th/65th*/49th/33rd*/25th/17th*/13th/9th*/7th/5th*/4th/3rd*/2nd/1st. Anybody initially entering the loser’s bracket at the first entry point is at 97th place. Each win bumps you up one more place. The next entry point in the list has a star next to it, and each win past that point correspondingly bumps you up one more place. So since Andrea in 3S starts at the base entry point in loser’s (97th), wins one (65th) and then loses, he was 65th overall. The same logic applies to everybody else here. I don’t know if that’s easy or hard to understand, but… it makes loose sense to me.

Feel free to update with grooves or whatever.

Thanks to everyone who helped run this (Stephanie, Todd from San Diego, Eric, Ranma, David ‘sparatik’, others). GG to everyone, especially Combofiend. :tup:

Been waiting for this, thanks Preppy :tup:

yay i got 17th.

and im hella scrubby.

Dang did Eric Lee really play all those peeps in a row? Hahaha talk about endurance match or somethin’

they should post these results up after every evo.

hearsay usually ends up with 15 different people who were all JUST ONE GAME FROM TOP 8 when that’s hella impossible.

also, nam likes to give up matches when he’s about to win just to be a nice guy.

its true… i had matches with ricky and Ohnuki in the bag… but i let them have it.

I hate CvS2, next year I’m hiding from Wizard so I don’t have to run it!

Thanks to all that helped out, David(dunno your name but BIG thanks!), Jesse for hunting down Japs for me, and everybody else that helped me hunt down the 1093098210983098210938921 people that were too busy playing other games and/or just watching the other games -_-* I could swear I was supposed to be a spectator only! LOL!

yay, tied for 25th!!!

nam is such a nice guy for only jabbing when he got the gaurdbreak.

Who did combofiend use?

Yeah TOP 32 CvS2…25th in fact…I’ll take it. Thats for ALL you wanna be top players out there who have been hating and still do Thanks for jocking my style…Respect to Mahir aka Moe Powell and Sao…CX was holding it down too…OCV KREW wrecked Shop…Look out for SUPERIOR TEK on a TV near you soon!!!

P.S - CX played C/A/K I played S and C groove.



Ashley H beats Masanori beats Ken I beats Van losse to Laugh
Laugh beats Paul Lee beates Carl beats Ronald beats Ashley beats Charlie loses to RF

If I remember right, I lost to the same guy that beat Van. So that means, Ashley doesn’t get to play me until he beat Laugh. I don’t recall playing Laugh. Damnit, that means I played the wrong person? That sucks, its my fault for not checking the bracket.


^-- In the brackets, I originally have Ashley over Laugh over Charlie, but then Ashley is crossed out and Laugh replaces that. I do not know what that means - Ashley may have given that spot to Laugh, been DQd, a bracket reporting error on the original Laugh vs Ashley match…? That’d be a good question for Laugh and Ashley.

if they played i know laugh won… he lost to bas and rf

i’m coming out from behind a rock and give props to charlie and dr.b.

from what i saw
ashley beat van, then charlie
he then loses to laugh
i forget who laugh played right after ashley, but he eventually lost to RF

Did Jwong let Combofiend beat him? He used A-Haohmaru, Mai, and i forgot the last character. It was weird.

Right on Simon…thanks for the propr…we go waaaaay back…And Yes mad props to ShaiX510 aka Charlie… We go way back too…good shit man you deserve it.


According to Viscant’s log it was Haoh/mai/vega. Combofiend beat Jwong back at ECC. Maybe Jwong was trying something new this time around.

Anybody know Combofiend’s team against Jwong. People said he ditched Rock in this matchup.

I’m fairly certain he was A groove Rock, Rolento and Eagle R2.

And to the guy at the top…no way in hell Justin threw that fight…it was mad close, plus who in their right mind wants to lose a chance for a couple hundrend-thousand or whatever the pot is…