Evo2k5: ST Rides Again. (top 32, full match results)

These brackets have typically never been seen again, so the Cannons let me snag them and now you have results. :smile: Results for CvS2, MvC2, 3S, and GGXX#R will follow.

There were around 31 pools, so somewhere around 155 entrants.

TOP 32
1st Giant (Dhalsim)
2nd Nuki (Chun)
3rd Tokido (Chun)
4th DSP (Vega)
5th Buktooth/NKI (Chun)
7th Cole (Dhalsim)/Peter
9th Romedy/Kuni/Afro21/RayBlade
13th Flash/JWong/Inkblot/Spence
17th Watson/Bob P/Ryan Hart/Zazaman/Sirlin/Mike T/Cigarbob/SDZ Yoshi
25th Jason W/Amir/Tony So/Darkness/Peter/Paul Lee/Shag/Seth ‘s-kill’

Full semi-finals match results:
==Loser’s bracket, 3rd column (losers get 49th)==
Choi beats Lay Chang loses to DSP
Lay Chang loses to Choi
Ken Hang beats Cesar D loses to Jason Wilson
Cesar D loses to Ken Hang
Smoothcat loses to popo187
Shalveen ‘popo187’ beats Smoothcat loses to Amir
Tan Nguyen loses to William
William H beats Tan loses to Flash G
Chensor beats Viscant loses to Ryan Hart
Tony So beats Anthony J beats Eliver Lang loses to Ryan
Anthony J loses to Tony So
Eric Lee beats Akscrub loses to Zazaman
Akscrub loses to Eric Lee
Ken I loses to Darkness
Darkness eats Ken I beats TPI loses to Zazaman
Steven J loses to Peter Kang
Peter Kang beats Steven J beats Geoff ARnold loses to Sirlin
Robin Palm loses to Taiji
Taiji beats Robin Palm loses to Sirlin
Ronald Lew loses to Paul Lee
Paul lee beats Ronald Lee beats Gerald loses to Mike T
Mike T beats Chris H beats Mahir beats Paul loses to Inklot
Chris H loses to Mike T
Rochus loses to Cigarbob
Cigarbob beats Rocus beats Chris V beats Shag loses to Spence
Randy Lew loses to Shag
Shag beats Randy beats Clevar loses to Cigarbob
Sabre beats Harada P loses to Sabre
Trewell loses to Seth Killian
Seth Killian (s-kill) beats Trewell beats LifeTimeBoy loses to RayBladeX

==Loser’s, 2nd entry point (losers get 33rd)==
DSP beats Choi beats Jason W beats Watson beats Flash beats Romedy beats Peter beats NKI and finally stops beasting and loses to Tokido
Jason W beats Ken Hang loses to DSP
Amir beats Shalveen ‘popo187’ loses to Flash
Flash G beats Will H beats Amir beats Bob P loses to DSP
Ryan Hart beats Chensor beats Tony So loses to JWong
Eliver Ling loses to Tony So
Zazaman beats Eric Lee beats Darkness(?) loses to Peter Hinh
TPI loses to Darkness(?)
Geoff Arnold loses to Peter
Sirlin beats Taiji beats Peter loses to Cole
Gerald loses to Paul
Mahir loses to Mike T
Chris V loses to Cigarbob
Clever loses to Shag
Rayblade beats Salve beats Seth beats SD2 beats Spence loses to Tokido
LifeTimeBoy loses to Seth

==Loser’s, 3rd entry (losers get 17th)==
Watson loses to DSP
Bob P loses to Flash
JWong beats Ryan loses to Peter
Peter Hinh beats Zaza beats JWong beats Kuni loses to DSP
Cole beats Sirlin beats Inkblot beats Afro21 loses to Tokido
Inblot beats MikeT loses to Cole
Spence beats Cigarbob loses to Rayblade
SD2 loses to Rayblade

==Loser’s, 4th entry (losers get 9th)==
Romedy loses to DSP
Kuni loses to Peter
Afro21 loses to Cole
Tokido beats RayBlade beats Cole beats Buktooth beats DSP loses to Ohnuki

==Loser’s, 5th entry (losers gets 5th)
NKI loses to DSP
Buktooth loses to Tokido

==loser’s finals==
Ohnuki beats Tokido loses to Giant

==Winner’s bracket==
Cole beats TPI loses to Giant
TPI loses to Cole
Giant beats Zazaman beats Cole beats James beats Buktooth beats Nuki beats Nuki and WINS
Zazaman loses to Giant
inkblot beats Eliver Ling loses to James
James Romedy beats Ryan Hart beats Inkblot loses to Giant
Ryan H loses to James
Kuni beats Flash G beats Spence loses to Buktooth
Flash G loses to Kuni
Amir loses to Spence
David Spence beats Amir loses to Kuni
Jason Wilson loses to SD2 Yoshi
SDz Yoshi beats Jason Wilson loses to Buktooth
Buktooth beats DSP beats SDZ Yoshi beats Kuni loses to Giant
DSP loses to Buktooth
Watson beats LifeTimeBoy loses to Afro21
LifeTimeBoy loses to Watson
Rayblade loses to Afro21
Afro21 beats Rayblade beats Watson loses to Nuki
Bob Painter beats Clever loses to Ohnuki
Clever loses to Bob
Ohnuki beats Chris V beats Bob P beats Afro21 beats NKI loses to Giant
Chris V loses to Ohnuki
JWong beats Mahir loses to Tokido
Mahir loses to JWong
Tokido beats Gerald beats JWong loses to NKI
Gerald loses to Tokido
Sirlin loses to Peter Hinh
Peter Hinh beats Sirlin loses to NKI
NKI beats Geoff Arnold beats Peter H beats Tokido loses to Ohnuki

This write-up shouldn’t be too hard to read and should answer any questions about who lost to whom. Figuring out the actual places beyond the top 32 is an exercise left to the reader, but actually isn’t too hard (although you will have to discount byes since I’m not writing those up). The possible finishes are 49th/33rd*/25th/17th*/13th/9th*/7th/5th*/4th/3rd*/2nd/1st. Anybody initially entering the loser’s bracket at the first entry point is at 49th place. Each win bumps you up one more place. The next entry point in the list has a star next to it, and each win past that point correspondingly bumps you up one more place. So since Choi starts at the base entry point in loser’s (49th), wins one (33rd) and then loses, he was 33rd overall. The same logic applies to everybody else here. I don’t know if that’s easy or hard to understand, but… it makes loose sense to me. :smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the brackets, and good games all. DSP, NKI - :tup:

This was sitting on my system, so I thought I’d tag it on to here. Vids for this have been on my site. Results from NKI for the 3on3 tournament:
1st: Chikyuu/NKI/Gian
2nd: Choi/Valle/Watson
3rd: Cole/Kuni/Sirlin

==NKI’s write-up==
Evolution 2005 Unofficial Super Turbo 3-on-3 Team Tourney full results


Kuni/Cole/Sirlin vs. Vermillion/Langrisser/Vermillion
Kuni sweeps all three

Valle/Choi/Watson vs. Rock/Sonny/DSP
Valle sweeps all three

s-kill/Romedy/Painter vs. Val/Anthony/Tony
s-kill sweeps all three

Anthony/Val/Tony vs. Rock/Sonny/DSP
Anthony sweeps all three

Mike Turner/Shag/Spence vs. King/AKscrub/Apoc
Mike Turner sweeps all three

NKI/Gian/Chikyuu vs. Darkumas/Jackson/John P.
Darkumas beats NKI, Gian sweeps Darkumas, Jackson, and John P.

DJB-13/Vermillion/Langrisser vs. Darkumas/Darkumas/Darkumas
DJB-13 beats Darkumas #1, Darkumas #2 beats DJB-13 and Vermillion, Langrisser beats Darkumas #2 and #3

Sirlin/Kuni/Cole vs. Chris H./Clever/Dreamfire
Sirling sweeps all three

Choi/Valle/Watson vs. CigarBob/AfroLegends/DreamTR
Choi sweeps all three

Val/Tony/Anthony vs. CigarBob/AfroLegends/DreamTR
CigarBob beats Val, Tony beats CigarBob, AfroLegends beats Tony and Val

Chikyuu/NKI/Gian vs. Mike Turner/Shag/Spence
Mike Turner beats Chikyuu, NKI beats Mike Turner, Shag, and Spence

Mike Turner/Shag/Spence vs. DJB-13/Langrisser/Vermillion
Mike Turner sweeps all three

Cole/Kuni/Sirlin vs. Chikyuu/NKI/Gian
Cole beats Chikyuu, NKI beats Cole, Kuni beats NKI, Gian beats Kuni, Sirlin beats Gian

Mike Turner/Shag/Spence vs. AKscrub/Apoc/Apoc
Mike Turner beats AKscrub, Apoc #1 beats Mike Turner and Shag, Spence beats Apoc #1, Apoc #2 beats Spence

AKscrub/Apoc/Apoc vs. Chikyuu/NKI/Gian
Chikyuu beats AKscrub, Apoc #1 beats Chikyuu, NKI beats Apoc #1 and #2

Choi/Valle/Watson vs. s-kill/Romedy/Painter
Choi sweeps all three

s-kill/Romedy/Painter vs. Ken/CigarBob/AfroLegends
s-kill sweeps all three

Chikyuu/NKI/Gian vs. Painter/Romedy/s-kill
Chikyuu beats Painter and Romedy, s-kill beats Chikyuu, NKI beats s-kill

Winners Finals:
Choi/Valle/Watson vs. Cole/Kuni/Sirlin
Choi sweeps all three

Losers Finals:
Chikyuu/NKI/Gian vs. Cole/Kuni/Sirlin
Cole beats Chikyuu, NKI beats Cole, Kuni, and Sirlin

Grand Finals, Chikyuu/NKI/Gian vs. Choi/Valle/Watson
Set 1:
Choi beats Chikyuu and NKI, Gian beats Choi, Valle, and Watson
Set 2:
Choi beats Chikyuu, NKI beats Choi, Valle beats NKI, Gian beats Valle and Watson

Huge thanks to CigarBob for not only running the tourney, but for building the dopest cabinet of all time and bringing it to Evo. Thanks to everyone who participated in the tourney. It was loads of fun!

EDIT: Fixed Langrisser’s name.

Any chance we’ll ever footage from the 1 on 1 tourney? Or is that an EVO DVD exclusive?
I really want to see Cole VS Gian.

All Final 8 footage in any game should be assumed to be on the DVD and thus as noted in the Evo threads should not be shared.

not that it matters, but its langrisser! hehe

anyway, good shit preppy!

remind me to give preppy the brackets every year, great job!