Evo2k5 - Unofficial X-Men VS Street Fighter Tournament

EVO2k5 XvSF Tournament - 25 Entrants

1st - Vic “Dogface” - Wolv/Cammy/Ryu
2nd - Danny “MegamanDS” - Storm/Cyke/Mag
3rd - Thomas “AzNPuLsE” - Mag/Chun
4th - Allen - Dhalsim/Chun
5th - DSP, Loren “Fanatiq”, Scott “Sabre”, Cableguy
9th - Nick V., Pignutz, Rotendo, Geoff “Lukesballs”, Pat “Umthrfkr”, Tushar “Hellfromabove”, AiRiC, Genghis

Let me start off by saying, that if it wasn’t for Cigarbob’s infamous stick, we never would have had this turney. It was run on Supergun, started Friday night, and ended Saturday morning. It was hella difficult for me to run this, since I had to track people down, and also compete in it. But in the end it was all worth it. Thanks to Tushar and MegamanDan for helping out.

It was 2/3 single elim, so there was no losers bracket. Couldn’t have a losers bracket due to time, since we only had 1 cab to play on and that needed to be used for other stuff (ST 3 vs 3, 3S USA vs Japan, etc.) The XvSF finals were 3/5 and went Dogface 3/2 over MegamanDS.


Japanese player MOV cruised by and watched for a bit. After catching on that it was a tournament, his pal paid the 3 bucks so MOV could enter. He confessed that he was a scrub, but tried anyway. MegamanDS eliminated him.

Any match where AzNPuLsE played was crazy. His Chun Li was too sick. First he eliminated Sabre in Top 8. Then he fought Dogface in Top 4. In our match I OCVed him with Wolverine. Second game I killed his Mag with Wolv and screwed up the infinite on his Chun Li. He has about 30 percent Chun and I have too full chars. He goes into overdrive and proceeds to rape my squad. He gets me down to a pixel, and he has about a pixel left. He does Chun kick super, I pushblock into throw, he techs the throw amd I make him block a Berzerker Barrage super for the win.

I lost the first game to MegamanDS in finals. Then won. Then lost. Then won. Set was tied up 2-3, then I beat MegamanDS with a perfect to win the turney.

Turney was filled with top players. Even some surprises, like Genghis jumping in at the last minute. Unfortunately, Prozac Nation was a no-show. I told the EC guys about it, but after last year, where Combofiend beat their whole squad in team turney, they declined to enter.

After the turney, I had a little streak in casual play. BAS watched then asked to play me. He was pretty rusty. He picked Akuma, thinking it was version 1 with hopkick into j.jab. That didn’t work out too well. He also picked Storm and had some nice rushdown. I have to say, against my Wolv rushdwon, he has the best defense I’ve ever seen.

All in all, it was a great turney.

Thanks to everyone who played. Even the casual guys, like Yipes and NKI.

I’d like to dedicate my win to all the guys back in AZ.



click xm for bracket

id like to thank vic dogface for practicin with me hardcore the month before evo like everyday to bring me up to par. good games in finals, that perfect made me cry to sleep that night like justin wong did after mvc2. i still hold first place at James games though!! next tourney, i will take first and give my homeland Lebenon a shoutout!

3 hours of casual play, and top 8 to finals were caught on tape. Vids should be up shortly.

Hopefully next year, Australia’s Toxy can head out.



My hero :slight_smile:

Argh, I could have sworn he said someone might be paying his way there a month or two back. That’s too bad.

fyi…its AzNPuLsE =P

Thanks for holding the xmen vs sf tournament that was TIGHT!

I seriously hope Prozac showed up…because if not then he owes me $350 bucks back for sending him the Money to enter!!!

*However DSP says he entered and surprisingly to all wasn’t decent at all!!! Shocks the beejezus out of me MORE THAN HIM NOT EVEN BEING THERE!!! Well I will make sure that TOXY will be attending next time, and Prozac again if he still wants to attend, and if Teacher Inservice permits I will be there myself to take in all thiS GREATNESS!!! :clap:
*Thank you guys for allowing me to be a financial contributor to whoever I can help out!!! :tup:

good shit thomas!

Too bad theat they didn’t have a keyboard to Jamma board converter for the guy because then he might have done maybe slightly better. Yes, hye got hella worked like there was no tomorrow. If the guy DSP told me was the correct person to fit PN’s description then I feel very sorry for him. He played one game, got worked, and never came back. That’s what you get for playing with the big dawgs!!!

Note to Dark Geese: Bro, I can’t believe you’d let someone just have $350 to go to Evo. You should have fuckin’ gone yourself!!! If I didn’t know the person in person I wouldn’t even give him a penny. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

so when are the vids gonna come out? lol im excited to see em already! =)


Cigarbob has them in AZ so he should send them out to me soon. Then I’ll get some up online. He said maybe by Monday. Sorry you’ve been waiting so long.


Uh, It was already said that Prozac was a no-show. You got jipped big time yo.

Well done to you guys!

Can’t wait to see the vids :slight_smile:

Wow good shit Vic. i want to see vids god damnit!!!

yo vic! what’s the status on the xmen vids? =)

mr dogface,

vic, congrads on 1st man , u the shit foo, we love ya here in az, cant wait to see the vids, mr cigarbob is having a couple of peeps over this sat,hopefully we can get a sneak peek of the footage …see u tear it up laterzz

Good shit AzNpUlsE or however the hell u capitalize ur shit.

Too much marvel, too much mocha.

I got the vids from MegamanDS today - they’re up here:

Thanks to MegamanDS and Preppy for hosting these vids, I really enjoyed the matches with Dogface, Megaman and Thomas, those 3 were clearly miles ahead in skill level than the other guys from what i could see and deserved where they placed.
Highlights probably Megamans Storm Guardbreaking left right and center, and his FSD combos on Ryu, and Thomas’s Chun rushdown was very nice to, Oh and best match of all was definately the Vic vs Thomas match #2, really nice ending :stuck_out_tongue:

miles ahead? i dunno about that. i might have lost to thomas at the begginning of top 8. and very rusty at the game but to say they are miles ahead is a very strong statement to say. as far as im concerned, and i know I may be rusty, but only dogface can consistently beat me and streak on me, probably cuz we’ve played eachother to death for almost 10 years and knows me inside out. but then again, this game can be deceptive on how good someone can be since the game is so fucking busted to death that anyone can really win with a random low short…

anyway its all good. just posting my thoughts. vic is still the best, and uses the “shitty” characters to dominate