EVO2k6 DVD Suggestions

Dear Evo Staff,

Is there any way you guys could use a higher compression rate for the matches this year so you could fit more on dvd? I know that I buy the DVDs for tourney highlights, typically subdivided into two categories: a.) Good Games and b.) Hype Games; for instance Combofiend v. Tokido from last year’s CvS2. Unfortunately, these memorable matches often occur before or outside of final 8 tourney play. As a loyal consumer and part of the target demographic, I want to see more of those matches, and don’t care if presentation has to take a hit in order for that content to have a place on the DVDs. Please consider this during your production of this year’s Evo DVDs. With that said, thank you so much for your efforts at continually improving Evo year after year; it takes a lot of dedication, persistence, good networking, and more importantly, vision to make such a successful event out of what a lot of ppl consider a dead-end, archaic gaming genre/medium.


i want a whole dvd that’s just “hype games”

i want a whole dvd without keith.

Seriously, im not sure if its confirmed or not, i thnk i read it somwhere but. CROWD NOISE! crowd noise. and aside from that maybe the players face like how they did it on SBO vids. taht’s cool too. but dont put my face. thanks. …

crowd noise confirmed, much much much much louder than the aftermath videos we released after the event.

How About some Easter Eggs?