Evo2k7 Capcom vs SNK 2 top 64 results

Evo2k7 Capcom vs SNK 2 top 64 / semi-finals results

1st: D44 BAS A Vega/Bison/Blanka 2 (Just Won)
2nd: Ricky Ortiz - A Vega/Sakura/Blanka 2 (Lost to Bas x2)
3rd: Justin Wong C Vega/Chun-Li/Sagat 2 (Lost to Ricky x2)
4th: Kindebu - A Sakura/Bison/Blanka 2 (Lost to Ricky and Jwong)
5th: Tokido - A Sakura/Bison/Blanka 2 (lost to Gene Wong and Justin Wong)
5th: Buktooth - N Iori, Chun-li, Hibiki 2 (Lost to Bas and Kindevu)
7th: Combofiend K Ken/Sagat/Cammy 2 (Lost to Buktooth and Tokido)
7th: John Choi - C Guile, Sak/Ken/Sagat 2 (Lost to Jwong and Kindevu)
9th: Mago (out to Bas and Tokido)
9th: David ‘AznHitler’ Hem (out to Combofiend)
9th: Ino (out to Kindebu)
9th: Gene Wong (out to John Choi)
13rd: Steve Harrison (out to Tokido)
13rd: Anthony Jimes (out to David Hem)
13rd: Smoothcat (out to Kindebu)
13rd: Nestor (out to Gene Wong)
17th: Amir (out to Steve Harrison)
17th: James Im (out to Tokido)
17th: Rudy (out to David Hem)
17th: Havoc (out to Anthony Jimes)
17th: Oliver (out to Kindebu)
17th: Sanford (out to Smoothcat)
17th: Jesse Gan (out to Gene Wong)
17th: Laugh (out to Nestor)
25th: Jeron (out to Steve Harrison)
25th: Kim Hahn/Ohayo? (out to Tokido)
25th: Evil Elvis (out to David Hem)
25th: Moe Powell (out to Havoc)
25th: David White (out to Kindebu)
25th: Albert (out to Sanford)
25th: AiRiC (out to Jesse Gan)
25th: Clockw0rk (??!?! I didn’t even know he played, beastly, out to Nestor)
33rd: Anthony Philips (out to Steve Harrison)
33rd: Peterson (out to Jeron)
33rd: Flash Metroid (out to Kim Hahn)
33rd: Itayon (out to Tokido)
33rd: Don Tran (out to Evil Elvis)
33rd: Albert Nguyen (out to Moe Powell)
33rd: Fubarduck (out to Kindebu)
33rd: Murdig (out to Albert)
33rd: Min (out to Sanford)
33rd: Wesley (out to Jesse Gan)
33rd: ATMSpiderTao (out to Nestor)
44th: Andrew Tran (out to Anthony Phillips)
44th: Paul Cordeiro (out to Kim)
44th: Jay ‘JJJ’ Cheng (out to Itayon)
44th: Matt Souza (out to Albert N)
44th: Matt McCabe (out to Fubarduck)
44th: Tony Barnhill (out to Albert)
44th: Jason Cole (out to Min)

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor

mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll update. Thanks to epsilon for details on the Final 8.

Wow…17th for Hav and 13th for Steve? MD/VA is too good.

25th: Moe Powell (out to Havoc)
33rd: ATMSpiderTao (out to Nestor)

good shit boys

Clockwork iirc played K-Sagat, Ryo, Cammy. I had him in my pools, and Bas. No way I was getting out.

Yeah our pool was pretty ridiculous.

All four of them were in our pool plus Ken I and maybe one or two others. The insanity!

Preppy, I concur, what’s clock doing in CvS2 semi’s??? O_o He did good though even if he had to borrow a stick. =P

I think I counted at least 8 Keystone cats in semi’s OMG!

don’t let the results fool you

clock sucks at cvs

anthony jimes not anthony james lol

Wow, Nuki didn’t get outta pools? Who qualified from that pool or did he not participate?

Nuki lost to Flash Metroid and Moe Powell


Thanks guys. I feel like we both should have done better though. Steve shouldn’t have lost to Laugh or Tokido, IMO. He fucked up both of those matches (Shout to Jesse for taking my money on both of those…). I don’t think there’s any way I should have lost to a P-Groover, considering how much I play Steve, but I was too nervous to think out a P-Groove fight. I just gave Anthony all the parries he was looking for. Like, every single one. Oh well.

I guess it’s cool for my first Evo, and I definitely learned a lot so it’s all good.

good job havoc

fuckin excellent jay, tao and moe! westcoast canada represent!

jay = Kindebu who?!

Go Oliver aka OLI-V & Anthony Philip aka SENOR PAYASO !!! You guys carried the team…I did my best ya’ll lost by a hair in my matches…BEWARE NEXT YEAR …muhahahahahahahahaha hopefully I will be attending one of the EVO qualifiers next go round if Im not too busy.

  -D R B

hav and steve representing.

thanks preppy for posting such full results. GG’s to all I played.

Am I blind, or does the top 64 only have 50+?

Nope - there were a lot of byes.


Havoc has the best Iori Ive seen in real-play!!!

GS to Focus Steve as well!!!

NEC AND ECC GUNNA B TOO HYPE!!!West Coast come out!!!

And team VA/MD if Magneto Maniac comes along can we put him in the trunk!!!j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

ATM Spidertao makes it out in 2 games and not in marvel… marvel field must’ve been that fierce.

Yeah…if he was the Chun player in 3S I remember beating him in semis. Decent player and all but interesting to see that 3S isn’t even his main. Go Marvel players.

It seems like the Evo North qualifiers didn’t really come out. Then there’s Arturo, Biggzy and Tony B from East… Justin had 3 spots… Buk 2, Combo 2, Choi 2, so that’s five byes right there.

It all makes sense.