Evo2k7 Marvel vs Capcom 2 full top 64 results

Evo2k7 Marvel vs Capcom 2 full semi-finals results

1st: Mike ‘IFCYipes’ (perfect)
2nd: JWong (loses to Yipes and Yipes)
3rd: Erik ‘Smoothviper’ (loses to JWong and Jwong)
4th: Chris Schmidt (loses to JWong and Smoothviper)
5th: Brandon ‘Demon Hyo’ (loses to Showstopper and Smoothviper)
5th: Loren ‘Fanatiq’ (loses to Yipes and Chris Schmidt)
7th: Sanford Kelly (loses to JWong and Brandon)
7th: Harold Jay ‘Potter’ (loses to Smoothviper and Chris Schmidt)

9th: Chris Creecy ‘Magneto-X’ (loses to Yipes and Chris Schmidt)
9th: Gene Flowers (loses to Fanatiq and Potter)
9th: ACE! Taiji (loses to Smoothviper and Demon Hyo)
9th: Daniel ‘Clockw0rk’ (loses to Sanford and Sanford)

13rd: Juicy G (loses to Sanford and Chris Schmidt)
13rd: CJ ‘Showstopper’ (loses to Ace and Potter)
13rd: Anthony Leon ‘Anthoneeezy’ (loses to Gene Flowers and Demon Hyo)
13rd: Nick ‘Reset’ (loses to Chris Schmidt and Clockwork)

17th: Josh Wigfall ‘Yo Josh’ (loses to Fanatiq and Demon Hyo)
17th: Dorien I (loses to Sanford and Juicy G)
17th: Isaac ‘Ladiesman694U’ Graham (loses to Chris Schmidt and Chris Schmidt)
17th: Mike ‘Work Out God’ Ross (loses to Demon Hyo and Showstopper)
17th: Blockable Laser (loses to Deus and Potter)
17th: Bill Crazybrow’Deus’ (loses to Gene Flowers and Anthoneeezy)
17th: Hadouken (loses to Magneto-X and Reset)
17th: Derek Douglas (loses to Yipes and Clockw0rk)

25th: Jay Son (loses to Juicy-G and Dorien)
25th: SooMighty (loses to JWong and Isaac)
25th: Nelson! (loses to Josh Wigfall and Mike Ross)
25th: Crizzle (loses to Vegita-X and Blockable Laser)
25th: Chris King (loses to Blockable Laser and Anthoneezy)
25th: Justin J ‘DarkPrince’ (loses to Nelson and Demon Hyo)
25th: Chunksta (loses to Combofiend and Reset)
25th: Golden Nismor (loses to Juicy G and Clockw0rk)

33rd: Randy Lew (loses to Derek D and Dorien I)
33rd: JAL (loses to Yipes and Jay Son)
33rd: JJ Tactics (loses to Magneto-X and Isaac)
33rd: Combofiend (loses to Hadouken and Soo)
33rd: Tony Barnhill (loses to Fanatiq and Mike Ross)
33rd: Flash (loses to Som and Nelson)
33rd: Lamerboi (loses to Gene Flowers and Crizzle)
33rd: Alex Garvin (loses to Alex Waseleski and Blockable Laser)
33rd: Alex Waseleski (loses to Potter and Chris King)
33rd: Vegita-X (loses to Smoothviper and Anthoneezy)
33rd: Som (loses to Ace and DarkPrince)
33rd: Madbooface (loses to Fanatiq and Demon Hyo)
33rd: Jaminis (loses to JWong and Chunksta)
33rd: DJ B-13 (loses to Magneto-X and Reset)
33rd: Tong Ho ‘Genghis’ (loses to Yipes and Golden Nismor)
33rd: Justin Zhou ‘Pushblocksavelife’ (loses to Derek Douglas and Clockw0rk)

49th: Vercette (loses to Clockw0rk and Dorien I)
49th: Tony K (loses to Golden Nismor and Jay Son)
49th: Rudy (loses to Smoothviper and Crizzle)
49th: Michael ‘Infinite’ Williams (loses to Josh Wigfall and DarkPrince)
49th: Duc Do (loses to Haduoken and Chunksta)
49th: Eder (loses to JAL and Genghis)

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll update. The missing people in spot 49 were unfilled byes etc.

Cool jj got 33rd

49: Duc Do (loses to Haduoken and Chunksta)

golden nismor was there?


sexy results, lots of people I havent heard of.

No top team seattle players made it this year - Jmar, Row, Kuan, Cody, Thong, Rat :frowning:

I know Preppy went and I think he was saying he played pretty well, but not sure who else went from here?

i think just Preppy went there, no other Seattle players attended

seatle needs to come to edmonton for wccc

Dammnnn! IFCBipes took down Bustin Bong, mad nice.

Any vids of the final match? SmoothBiper is hella nice, dood is crazy. I’m kinda surprised Banford Belly didn’t make it higher than seventh.

Oh well, pretty surprising results, though. BucBader in 49th? What? BooBighty in 25? Daamnn. I’m sad I missed this year’s Evo…this year’s results are fuckin crazy.

All those B’s make you sound like an idiot

Good shit TOP 64

good shit Yipes!!!


great stuff

nevermind - found it.

good job top 64

Fanatiq lost to Chris S and Demon Hyo to Smoothviper.

so duc was one of the worst marvel players there? no way

lol@pad playing fanatiq with one assist handicapped fighting with 1 arm ass winning. yo thats pretty amazing tho i wonder how he woulda done if it was arcade tho.

anyways i gotta see vids of fanatiq i wanna know what he does once he DHC’s out.

wo jj tactics 33rd!!!


the place mean nothing what important is to the right it shows who they lost to.

If your in last place but you lost to Jwong and yipes it doesn’t mean your the worst person there it just mean u got shitty luck.

One of duc’s lost was to chunksta who isn’t a pushover i’m not sure who the other guy is though :stuck_out_tongue:

George AKA Hadouken AKA CYF is OG Mags. One of the best from Soo’s crew. Some of you old schoolers may remember him getting a perfect on the big screen at Evo 2k2