If you play Oro and are going to Evo World, post up!

I’ll start off the list.

Jinrai :lovin:

Man, now I want to go just to meet you. Damn oro players are hard to find.

Sorry, I’m in Japan this Summer. So yeah. Anyone going to SBO? I’m guessing thats a no.

Well to Anyone that is going to Evo, good luck. Don’t get random’d by any Chuns.

Don’t worry, we will.

Well see how i do at evo north lol

Good luck to Jinrai and any peeps also going.
And good luck to MOD! Will you be competing?? GUESS NOT :wgrin:

I like using Oro so count me in. I’ll see if I can remember any of MOD’s tricks and incorporate them into my scrubby rushdown Oro. :lol:

I am going to be their see you their jinrai.

Nope I didn’t go to any qualifiers so yeah im not competing.

It should be cool, although Dirty I think is the only one qualified out of Oros. I could be wrong on that though.

See you guys at evo world!!!

We got thanatos the nutcase playing too. He’s with pinoab7, that guy is pure OWNAGE. And moutei.

Thantos and pino…Jesus christ

yeah man

whore c.lk into Hp drill.

Its the only way to truly win.

^ fuck you know about this too? guess the super secret is out

So Jin you can go to Evo but not BC? WTF? Hahaha.

im going…

Wait Thanatos is goin to EVOWorld? If so I might go just to get to see him win that shit.

Thanatos > Dirty any day in my opinion fuck safety all about bein flashy

Me, at EVO World reppin oro and Q