Evo2k7 SF2 Super Turbo top 64 results

Evo2k7 Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Results

1st: Tokido (Claw)
2nd: John Choi (Ryu, Sagat)
3rd: Graham Wolfe (Boxer, Claw)
4th: Afrolegends (Dee Jay, Boxer)
5th: David Sirlin (Honda, Bison)
5th: NKI (Chun)
7th: Alex Valle (Ryu)
7th: Nuki (Chun)
9th: Gian (out to Graham)
9th: KKY (out to Valle)
9th: Seth “Cloth Hand” Killian (out to Nuki)
9th: John “John Rambo” Piazza (out to Afrolegends)
13rd: Neko (out to Graham)
13rd: Itazan (out to Nuki)
13rd: Buktooth (out to Afro)
13th: Jeron Greyson (out to Valle)
17th: Brent (out to Valle)
17th: Stanley (out to Graham)
17th: Cole (out to Neko)
17th: JetPhi (out to Itazan)
17th: Nelson (out to Nuki)
17th: Yohsuke (out to Buktooth)
17th: Josh J (out to Afrolegends)
17th: RaybladeX (out to Valle)
17th: JWong (out to Brent)
25th: Julien ‘Zass’ Beasley (out to Nuki)
25th: Kyle M (out to Yosuke)
25th: DSP (out to Graham)
25th: Chris Doyle (out to Neko)
25th: Alex Wolfe (out to Itazan)
25th: Trevor (out to Josh J)
25th: Combofiend (out to RayBladeX)
25th: Rekka (out to Brent)
33rd: Tom Cannon (out to DSP)
33rd: Adam Heart (out to Graham)
33rd: Cesar (out to Chris Doyle)
33rd: Mark G (out to Alex Wolfe)
33rd: XTG (out to Itazan)
33rd: Shirts (out to Julien Beasley)
33rd: Antonio (out to Nuki)
33rd: Danny Leong (out to Yohsuke)
33rd: Floe (out to Josh J)
33rd: Jonathan Braxton (out to Combofiend)
33rd: Brian D (out to Rekka)
33rd: Brian Gould (out to Brent W)
45th: Sam Y (out to Cesar)
45th: Lang N (out to XTG)
45th: Sabre (out to Trevor)

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll fix it up. Thanks to Epsilon for details on Final 8.

Nice work PNW.

Good shit Choi

GS to Afro, Valle, Choi, Sirlin and myself for tying for 33rd. Blanka trickies.

Ummm if the brackets serves my memory correct! I got Top 13. I lost to Valle for the two away spot. I was only called once in winners. I even asked Tony to confirm. I was in Top 16! Whats the deal!:confused: Please correct this!

Good job John Rambo! Fastest rising star!

I figured you being tied for last made no sense at all. That Dictator is way too good to tie for last in semi finals.

Good shit FRODO and fucking JOHN RAMBO!

Sorry, was tired. I’ll fix that.

ROFLMFAO TOO bad no ZOOLANDER…TOP 8 my ass…i dont even want to know who he got eliminated by

In case anyone is wondering why the results are so wacky, there are two reasons…

The smaller reason is that the brackets were pretty lop-sided. On one side of the brackets, all the top players were eliminating each other left and right. Meanwhile, on the other side of the brackets, I had a virtual cake-walk to top 8. I didn’t even face any top players until I fought Choi, and that was already in top 8. There are so many players who deserved to be in top 8 more than I do: Gian, KKY, Alex Wolfe, Watson, Shirts, Cole, etc, etc…

The bigger reason why the results are so wacky…Capcom Classics Collection 2 has input lag. This is a HUUUUGE problem, because it changes the timing of everything. It makes even basic combos hard to do, and you can pretty much forget about being able to do anything that requires precise timing, like reversals. The first thing Gian said to me when I saw him at Evo: “Cancel all my money matches.”

It sucks saying this because I really wanted CCC2 to be arcade perfect, but the reality is that CCC2 is pretty much unplayable at a tournament level.

You may be thinking, “Well why are we just now finding this out?” Honestly, I always thought there was something wrong with CCC2, especially after Evo East, where I could not do reversal throws to save my life. (See my match against Henry Cen.) I couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was, so I just chalked it up to me being totally out of practice. But now, after seeing EVERY top player struggle to do even the most basic techniques, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a big problem with the game.

Hopefully ST HD will be better…

Yep, as soon in CCC2 came out, in UK we tested it to see how it was, it took us about 10 minutes to decide to keep with HSF2. We seriously don’t know how you guys put up with it.

Anyway thanks for posting up the final 64, interesting stuff, its looks like the semi finals was more exciting than the final 8.

wow this is bad news that ccc2 has this problem. I know sirlin worked hard on this game but hopefully the SFHD will be better.

You’re too kind. :lovin: But, you’re as dangerous as any of us, so…you know.

Hmm…I didn’t realize this until NKI posted this. No wonder I was getting reversal throws out like, once a round or some shit(sometimes not at all). I just thought my timing was just fucked, but I kept going for reversal throw and nothing would happen, so I just ended up blocking most of the time or a strong/fierce would come out.

I kinda chuckled at Gian’s quote: “Cancel all of my money matches.” Especially since he has such a straight face most of the time.

i agree with NKI’s assumption on the brackets to a point. but gian kky and most of those guys didnt lose till loser brackets at the second to last match to qualify for sunday i no kky had like one more match to qualify or somethin like that so they werent totally lop sided. as for the CCC2 problems the game is just pure random while i was playin Seth. i hit honda super easy it connected twice and just went threw balrog not knocking him down i believe NKI u were their watching it. as soon as that happened u saw my reaction i new i lost. and then the chun i lost too. my rog tatics worked all first match n then right wen i was about to win a reversal throw outta nowhere and i lose… the game is just pure random with that shit sometimes to me. idk we shall see what happenes with SF2THD otherwise i wanna thank KKY and Gian for the practice on friday night they were playing for hours. i played nuki too i loved the experiance i hope you guys comeback next year so i can get more practice in during casuals.

Funny storyy about him… he got so drunk he landed up throwing up all over the hall to the EVO room Saturday night… LOL…

I can’t believe I missed that. Anyway, I met you. You are a tall big man. You would crush me in real Street Fighter.

wow this sucks, one of the best street fighters ever made can’t even get a playable console version. Is it that hard to create a perfect arcade port? or is it that capcom doesn’t care anymore?

Whatever 1%!

Derek Daniels

NKI I was the chun you beat in winners, I want to say next time you play me that I will come out victor. :wink: Also to afro who knocked me out I hope we don’t have to wait till next evo for another rematch, I’ll be money matching you both next run in so be ready for RANDOM PLAYER.:arazz: