Evo2k7 Smash semi-finals results

Evo2k7 Smash top 64 / semi-final bracket results

Don’t hate. This was the second most popular game at Evo.

1st: Ken (Marth)
2nd: Hugs (<-Samus)
3rd: Mango (<-Jigglypuff)
4th: PC Chris (Falco/Fox)
5th: Chu Dat (<-IceClimbers)
5th: Eddie (<-Ganon)
7th: Chillindude (Fox)
7th: DieSuperFly (Shiek)
9th: Edgar Valentin
9th: George-Is
9th: CHAD
9th: Mew2King
13rd: Wesley
13rd: Gilbert
13rd: Simna
13rd: Cactuar
17th: Ismael
17th: Lucky
17th: VickO
17th: ARASH
17th: Roy
17th: Francisco
17th: SK-12
17th: Gus
25th: Twist
25th: Kelly
25th: G-Force
25th: Zach! Pollard
25th: Brett
25th: Nathan
25th: Carlos
25th: Richard
33rd: Sean Oh
33rd: JC Gross
33rd: Akanei
33rd: Tim Vita
33rd: Simon
33rd: Sexy
33rd: Justin Sia
33rd: Bruce Edwards
33rd: Tahir
33rd: David Taylor ‘Dat Man’

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll update. The missing people in beyond spot 33 were unfilled byes etc. I don’t know Smash at all, sorry.

very unfortunate to see m2k at 9th =[

^-- I lost money on that. :sad: I’m hoping somebody taped it since I missed that match.

if only falsefalco was there to rep edmonton =s

Rep that Ganon Eddie!

A Ness player got 13th.

There was great character variety at the smash tourney.

Here are the brackets for the finals on Sunday for smash: SSBM Top 8

A couple minor additions:
-(I have heard) there were 270 entrants
-PC Chris also used Peach in the tourney.

what happened to wobbles?

I was wondering that myself - was the technique banned from play and therefore he didn’t enter?

he didnt get hyped :sad:


as far as i know wobbling was not banned. im not sure if he went, but if he did, he didnt make it into the top 33 out of 270.

chudat used wobbles technique in the top 8 matches…i however didnt see Wobbleshimself at the tournament

1st: Ken (Marth)
2nd: Hugs (<-Samus)
3rd: Mango (<-Jigglypuff)
4th: PC Chris (Falco/Fox)
5th: Chu Dat (<-IceClimbers)
5th: Eddie (<-Ganon)
7th: Chillindude (Fox)
7th: DieSuperFly (Shiek)
9th: Edgar Valentin <----- me :smiley:
9th: George-Is

My first tournament outside of Puerto Rico and I placed top 10 out of 270 entrants. Im so satificed even thou i was 1 match away from entering Top 8 finals =\

PS HugS and Ken where too good at the tournament =3

lol Eval you dont realize how good u did…it wasnt out of 270…you gotta count all the ppl who entered at other EVOs and didnt qualify…it was prolly around 1000 total entrants^_^

Thanks man, your ness was exeptional and too good, grats on your 13 too :o

don’t worry m2k

i’ll be there next year yelling so loudly for you

Ken once again rises to the top :slight_smile: And to be honest I’m kinda surprised to see Hugs take second place as I was rooting for DSF.

Compton, Wes, Kubuu and Raphee all came to Evo (late) I was disappointed that they were not in the tournament. :frowning:

that’s too bad…i may have placed higher had they been there^_^

Ken wins again… jeez. . .

All props to Hugs for being my favourite player and coming 2nd :slight_smile: Mew2King shoulda place higher though :frowning:

woah… if this was the 2nd most popular, which was the most popular? marvel? third strike? i doubt it’s cvs2

so is smash gonna be on the evo dvd? haha kinda random having a non capcom fighter