Evo2k7 Tekken 5: DR top 64 results

Evo2k7 Vegas Tekken 5 Final 64

1st: Arario (Jack)
2nd: Spero Gin (Eddie, Christie?, Paul)
3rd: Bronson (Ganryu, Julia)
4th: Kane (Devil Jin)
5th: Filthyrich (Heihachi)
5th: Slips (Eddie)
7th: Mr Naps (Devil Jin)
7th: 725 (Steve)
9th: Mike Kwon ‘MYK’ (out to Jimmy Tran)
9th: Hizon (out to Kane)
9th: Som (out to Slips)
9th: Sanford (out to 725)
13rd: The Game (out to MYK)
13rd: JWong (out to Kane)
13rd: Darnell (out to Slips)
13rd: Shawn Swain (out to 725)
17th: Will Huang (out to The Game)
17th: Ryry (out to MYK)
17th: Steve Yi (out to Kane)
17th: Linq Massacre (out to JWong)
17th: Sammy ‘Ogre’ (out to Darnell)
17th: Loc (out to Slips)
17th: Crow (out to Shawn Swain)
17th: Cynnik (out to 725)
25th: Suiken User (out to The Game)
25th: Justin Tan (out to MYK)
25th: RIP (out to Kane)
25th: Josh Ray (loses to JWong and Linq Massacre)
25th: USML (out to Ogre)
25th: Chris Lagade (out to Slips)
25th: Ricky E (out to Shawn Swain)
25th: Mateo (out to 725)
33rd: Jio (out to Suiken)
33rd: Big D (out to Justin Tan)
33rd: Will Matthew (out to MYK)
33rd: Gary Santiano (out to RIP)
33rd: AznHitler (out to Kane)
33rd: Kasht (out to Ling)
33rd: Edson (out to Josh Ray)
33rd: JMS (out to USML)
33rd: Edward Valdez (out to Sammy)
33rd: Jeff Nyugen (out to Chris L)
33rd: KAMI (out to Slips)
33rd: Bob Nosrati (out to Shawn Swain)
33rd: Soulus (out to Ricky E)
33rd: Bacon’s Extra (out to Mateo)
47th: DJ KOK (out to Shuiken)
47th: Sean 200 Yen (out to William Matthews)
47th: Steve Lopez (out to Gary S)
47th: James Garret (out to Sammy)
47th: Frodo (out to Chris L)
47th: ICE (out to KAMI)
47th: Derrick Gomez (out to Shawn Swain)
47th: Jonathan Matey (out to Soulus)
47th: Soymilk (out to Bacon) <-- Soymilk vs Bacon may have been the best named matchup in the history of gaming.

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll update. Thanks to epsilon for details on the Final 8.

Nice work Josh. Bronson, I’m trying to will you to win. Accept your greatness and take the title.

6 cali in top 8. 3 norcal and 3 socal

1st: Arario (Jack) -SOCAL
2nd: Spero Gin (Eddie, Christie?, Paul) -EC
3rd: Bronson (Ganryu, Julia) -NORCAL
4th: Kane (Devil Jin) -SOCAL
5th: Filthyrich (Heihachi) -SOCAL
5th: Slips (Eddie) -STL
7th: Mr Naps (Devil Jin) -NORCAL
7th: 725 (Steve) -NORCAL

too good

Mr. NAPS used Bryan Fury the entire way. It is his only tournament character.

Although, his Devil Jin is sick.

Those are good results, the best players won and made top 8. Game is not random.

No 5.0, no crow and steve shenanigans.

Kane also used Kazuya, it actually won him a game against arario if i remember correctly.

results are way different from last year… i guess DR is way different from T5 huh…

^I don’t know if that’s sarcasm, while you may or may not think the game is different, the results are different.

Reigning undisputed champ crow for two straight years got dethroned, didn’t make top 8. No steve shenanigans.

Jra64, who nobody in tekken community ever heard of until 5.0 and who placed in 2k5 and 2k6, didn’t place (maybe he wasn’t there) but my point, no nina bullshit.

Justin Wong who made top 8 last year, but didn’t make top 8, yeah he doesn’t like DR or play it, but that’s because it doesn’t have some BS, I think he said that himself.

Jinmaster didn’t make top 8, no nina shenanigans.

All of these guys were never considered top top tekken players in the community, and they all placed higher than Arario last year who placed first this year. DR has different tiers yes, but at least the top top characters aren’t brain dead easy to play compared to 5.0.

Crow could’ve easily made top 8, probably could’ve won also. Everyone was just real strong this year.

Jra64 was a real solid player. Sure he used steve, but I don’t think you should discredit his play.

Justin is good too. He came to that Cal Poly Pomona tourney cause of the Buy.com tourney the next day. He beat Steve Yi, Tim (JOPs bro), MYK, and maybe Devil X? He didnt do so hot at the Buy.com tourney the next day, but he beat Owen from the Philippines who owned SoCal (Filthy and Arario included) while he stayed in Cali.

And Jinmaster DID NOT go.

Yeah they are all good, but not the best of the best imo, this year’s placing was more representive of the best, and a variety of characters were used=game actually better to watch than 5.0.

A balanced game is a better game, it’s not like tekken 4 where socal=san diego players and jin vs jin.

aha, i wasnt around t4 when socal=san diego.

enlighten me

Basically it was a dark period for cali or at least socal. Most of the good players figured out that tekken 4 sucks and went to marvel or some other sf game. Only people that played t4 seriously in socal were from san diego, so socal=san diego but although california was top in tekken tag and in the early life of tekken 4, when all the good people quit, and san diego was left, socal tekken went to hell. You had a bunch of people battling for who was the best jin or steve player. That’s why in evo 2k3 and 2k4, california was no longer number one, jinkid and jackie tran from texas or ATL took the number 1 spot. Sad Times.

didnt tom dominate for a while tho?

I didn’t attend EVO2K7.