EVO2k7 Thoughts

So yet another great evo goes down in history, YET the 5v5 marvel WC v EC didnt happen which is y i went in the first place…

i’d have to say my fav match that wus the shiet wus the Erik v cableguy MM, me and the whole WC went doo doo nuts after cableguy beat Erik first to 7.

For those who didnt go marvel finals wus fucking great, grats to that nigga yipes for winning marvel grand finals…yet for those who went to evo knows that sanford got did dirty in the losers brackets.

Those who didnt go this is the low down, Sanford v Demon Hyo in losers bracket, tied at 1 and sanford is about to win the set so Demon Hyo resets and calls it an accident. DH beats sanford next game. Sanford wus PISSED and i’d b too, and i dont give a fuk what any nigga thinks DH shoulda been done with, word on the street is that he did that more than once, so to hell with the accident bs. I wanted to tell sanford not to sweat that shiet but how could i when he lost a chance to win a couple G’s. I know the EC is dirty but wusnt DH and sanford wearing the same shirt?..on the same team? Empire Arcaida? lol. I wus the guy in the Frisco cap reppin the bay yellin “RUN THAT SHIET BACK” when DH beat sanford lol. What did u guys think bout evo, any memorable matches?


I’m not sure if those are thoughts. :lol:

My thoughts are - evo is great. Lots of great matches went down as well as many that were suppose to go down didn’t. Let’s get this shit hella organized for next year and make 08 even better than this one.

Good shit to everyone this year.


dirty or not, its sanford’s fault that he didnt get a judge to solve the situation and just played the match through. its all on him. if he should be mad at anyone, it should be himself for not taking the logical route and getting a judge to make the call. its a shame, but he fucked up unfortunately.

anyhow. evo was sick. on some aspects i liked 2006 better, on others this one was better. either way, its been good shit. lots of legendary matches went down. amir vs hsien race to 10, even tho it was mostly chun vs yun, was one of the most epic money matches ive ever witnessed. so evenly matched, and the intensityin the crowd was good(amazing considering its not marvel).

choi vs justin was just as crazy.

the crazy fucking cvs2 comebacks in final 8 were ridiculous


not as ridiculous as cyke comeback justin made on yipes in finals. that was, IMO, the best match of the weekend.

oh yeah, props to yipes for still beasting while injuring his ankle horribly, minutes before his match with justin. hopefully its not bad to the point where he gotta spend his winnings all on a hospital bill.

ill make a shoutout post later. i need sleep!

1 match 3’s is whack.


Also, making 3S best of 1 was retarded.

I think GVR is cursted for some ppl, random shit always happens in marvel and 3rd strike when evo is held there.

i agree with 1 game 3s sucks
ALL the way through not even after pools

A couple things.

  1. Sanford was not about to win. He was winning. Winning =/= about to win. Brandon still had 3 characters in MSS-A: A near death magneto, a full storm, and a full sentinel. With that team, you can make a comeback at any given time. And we already saw Brandon come back from worse during the tourney.

  2. After Brandon won, he apparently went up to Sanford and offered him to replay it. Sanford allegedly pretty much said “Fuck you. Fuck that. I want to fight you right now”. Good shit. Go and blow away any chance of a rematch. Good shit.

  3. Judges: Already explained by Sabre. Now you see, last year Genghis was smart. The second some shit went down he got the judges to handle shit accordingly. It ain’t Brandon’s fault that Sanford isn’t as smart as Genghis. I’ll admit, I’ve been through similar shit, so I can kind of feel for sanford. But it was my fault I didn’t get a judge. So I just had to take my beating like a man.

1 game 3s is unheard of, the more games u play the less random and more skill is involved. I think 2008 will be even better now, becuz going into 2007 everyone was gunning for wong and wanted to money match him. now the reputation of other players have risen and ppl will be gunning for them now. adds to the hype. And they gotta build some type of device that makes it impossible for a controller to be unplugged. add some tape or something

That’s some fucked up shit with the DH vs Sanford match

Would have had more time for more 3S if there werent games that wasted time.

jaha made maaaad money on the shin v amir match lol, but yah, when i wus watching 3s i seen some pretty random results which wus kinda wack. The USA v JP alex mirror match wus tooooo good though seeing 2 out of 3 woulda been koo for that.

I respect the ruling on the sanford DH match but the same time judges seen that shiet and hes done it more than once so i thought it shoulda been dealt with. Sanford wus in complete control of that match and DH knew it

take smash bros. out of evo next year!!!

Too good. Bin Laden took out EL PRESIDENTE, nigga style.

How was the turnout and reception for Smash?

I agree. This was my first evo, and would have been my last. I went with some friends who are really into MVC2 and im pretty much only into 3s/CVS2. I came too late to register, so I was hoping to get some good BYOC games.

Too bad out of 30 TV’s there was one 3s, one CVS2, zero MVC2 (besides the empires MM section), and about 25 tekken5/smash bros/random SNK games going on.

I understand BYOC is dependent on who gets their first to set-up their games, but that should be organized much much better, maybe a section of a few tv’s for each game thats in the tourney… I saw TV’s with soul caliber and DOA, wtf ?

Anyway, we were supposed to leave Sunday morning, but decided to stay for the finals, and witness EVO how it should be. And yes Sunday was totally worth it, and I want to return next year. But the BYOC really needs to be better organized. No one wants to sit and wait 45 min for one game of 3s, when thats all the gaming you will be doing.

Smash had the 2nd highest number of players and was IMO one of the most exciting finals to watch. Expect SSBB to make an apperance next year (though we will be tweaking the rules to make matches run faster)

makoto mike is a god.