EVO2k7 Thoughts

i was surprised at how much fun i had watching ssbm finals. chu dat is a fucking monster. that guy is clutch! sometimes he didn’t even need ice climbers, just one fuckin’ ice climber!

EVO was tiring. Very unorganized year. Lots of highlights I must say.


Coming in on Thursday night to register and pay a huuuuuge $40 entry fee is no problem, but then to come Saturday and not see myself on the 3S pools, because someone on the staff lost the 3S registration paper. You guys should of been entering peoples names into laptops on Word/Excel etc.

Third Strike Pools/Finals

3S being just one game in pools wasn’t very fair. More TV’s supplying the 3S portion of the tournament would of eased the hecticness(is that a word?). Not being able to see some very good players that were in casuals just being beat by a guy who got a lucky break in pools is just horrible to see. 3S finals was very random with AZNHITLER and Mike Whitfield and hearing someone yell out “Who the FUCK is Mike Whitfield?!”.


I understand MVC2 is a big part of EVO, I wanted to see the 5v5 East Vs West, but DAMN it took the whole night on Friday to finish Pools and Semi’s, and I waited the whole fucking night just to hear that they were going to schedule the 5v5 for tomorrow. I don’t think it went down I heard. As for the Final 8 on Sunday, I didn’t understand what the heck the players were saying during the interviews, should of put some Subtitles or something.


A great turnout Final 8 was awesome. All the players were very exciting to watch. Seeing in casuals as Spero Vs Arario MM and Arario winning. Then seeing history repeat itself as Arario beats Spero in the grand finals.

Super Smash Bros

Didn’t get to see the game in pools, but seeing the finals was suprisingly fun to watch seeing Ice Climbers just own and that Marth player with exciting combos. I expect the scene to grow as the game comes out for the Wii.


Goddamn, I’ve never seen so much disregard for people throwing their trash out. It might of been the lack of trash cans being seen, but still. It was pretty nasty having to walk through a lot of crap. GVR is just a great, Won about $100. Wingstop is god. Thats about it…

yah, SSBM wus a suprisingly good finals, chu dat is crazy, and the d00d in front of me wus yellin, “I GOT 10 ON CHUUUU DAT” jus cuz of his name. I’ve never seen so many side bets b4. Toooo good.

Ps: as for tekken…superman lucked out in the last game in the bruce vs bruce mirror match which wus very exciting to watch and … may b next year bronson, his juila wus good shoulda stuck with ganny

justin wong(ruby heart, ken, jill) vs dark prince was the sickest shit i ever witnessed live to bad justin didn’t win. results: 10-6 dark prince.

Can you make a list of games with the most turn outs to the least turn outs?

3s was highest ssbm was second with like 270+ and VF lowest those are the obvious ones

If they take out anything it VF5 who replace DOA which also suck… maybe they shouldn’t even replace that slots and make more time for other games since the two big one smash, 3s had to many people and went into 1game at the start of the touney.

Yeah, making it seven games would be good. It gives more time for the pools. Also, maybe Evo should be a four day event.
Day 1 - Pools and Semi (top 4 games with least turnouts [excluding CvS2])
Day 2 - Pools and Semi (CvS2 and the remaining 2 games)
Day 3 - Special Events and Make-Ups
Day 4 - Finals

God knows that if Evo would have had been a four day event, everthing would had been a lot more smooth.

Quoted for so much truth.

Watching those finals makes me want to get into the game competitively. It’s good to hear that SSBB should be there for 2k8. Here’s my list of a few things I noticed that would make Evo 2k8 better.

-Subtitled interviews: It was really hard to hear what the players were saying due to echo.

-More Trashcans: So much trash littered everywhere, this probably would have helped.

-Add names to players under life bar on the big screen for finals: This applies to games that don’t have a built in naming system (Smash for instance). The announcers were calling out each side fine, but this would be a nice feature to have.

-Street Fighter Alpha 2: nuff said

I’ll add more to this thread as I come up with more things.

agreed, it seemed like the final took foever. Fun to watch though, even though I was half asleep :).

Issebela: Alot of people took off right when Smashed started

Angelo is right, pretty disgusting and “rude”. I don’t know how many cups I crushed. I won’t be suprised if GVR dosn’t ask us to come back next year.

3S and SSBM are probably the two most profitable games at Evolution. Why take SS out? I think 3S, SSBB, MvC2, CvS2, ST, and DR are staples and maybe even GGXXAC. How were the turnouts for GGXXAC anyways?

If they are only having 7 games next year, the first day should hold ST, MvC2, AC, and DR pools and semis since they are the least time consuming. 3S, CvS2, and SSBB should have the second for pools and semis since the are the most time consuming.

Actually GVR absolute loves us because we’re extremely low maintenance. Sure, there’s a lot of trash to clean up, but other than that our needs are low compared to almost everyone else they rent to.

Couple things i noticed, which were the most time consuming factors of the tournaments, was punctuality. The people running the brackets shouldnt even have to use the mics to get the players to come to their matches, they should already be where they are supposed to be.

Though in some cases, there are other things going on they keep a player from being present, i can see that happening every once in a while, but it was VERY frequent during a lot of the pools. Marvel nearly took twice as long as it was supposed to be.

Third strike pools, my bracket had 4 tvs in it. only 1 or 2 matches were being played at a time, and some of the guys didn’t even know what they were doing. I don’t mean to bash on any bracket managers, but some were pretty damn slow when they needed to be fast for a high entry game.

evo could potentially stick with 8 games still, though im sure there will be even more people next year, just these major factors i mentioned really kill the needed time to run the tournament smoothly.

Some people may disagree, this is just my evo2k7 thought.

BTW, this evo was friggin awesome

if anyone wants to poke fun at my 0-2, go ahead, but i’ve never been more disappointed in a 3S tournament structure, ever.

Ken Masters goes through supers.

<3333 hsien vs amir <3333

I came in on the last 4 matches of that match. i wish I saw the whole thing cause it was a lot of hype. Did they battle for 5K?

Same shit happened at T8, they should have the brackets on a power point or something so everyone can see it, or tell the competitors “your playing in 5 minutes, and your playing in 10 minutes, and your playing in 15 minutes”

or you could just make it 4 days, and have it thursday-sunday or firday-monday

and have the games with the lowest turnout on the thursday or monday, since the scene would be smaller for those games they would be happy to take those days off to get together with their fellow breathren

and technically the number of games should be limitless, all u would need is limitiless room and limitless video cameras and limitless co-ordinators.

I’ll get the bad out of the way first.

This year seemed a bit off as far as organization. It’s fully understandable why both 3S and CvS2 were put to 1 match victories, but this really shouldn’t be the case. Either we’ll have to end some of the TV’s reserved for casual play, get more TVs, allow more time, or something. Perhaps the biggest problem with what happened though was, the one match for 3S wasn’t even announced until EVO began. With CvS2, the players were at least aware of the rules prior to booking. (I’m not whining for myself, honest, I think the one match rule might have helped me in one case lol. But there were a lot of good players knocked out for ridiculous reasons.

Some special events didn’t go down, but that too is fairly understandable.

On with the good. Finals were pretty damn organized. The water supply was maintained extremely well at GVR lol (Hey this is important.) The proctors, or doods who organized the brackets, were all really understanding and nice within reason from what I saw. The staff as a whole, while sometimes ignoring lesse known players, didn’t treat any of em unkindly, so props to that.

Smash surprised me. I did watch part of the finals and with the small knowledge I have on the game, it was worth watching. I won’t lie. In-fact, I’d vote to have it back next year even though I have no intentions of playing it. A healthy, solid, competetive game that brings in players is a good candidate.

I was extremely happy to have VF5 here this year. I just hope its turnout doesn’t dictate its future of next year. I’d be willing to bet the turnout could double for next year given the current version will be available and it will be available to more players since it’s coming to the 360.

In short. I liked it and it was more than worth going to. Like Sabre said, parts of it I liked more at 2006, parts I liked more this year.

I loved the Choi Vs. Justin match too :smiley:

exo you clearly suck so who cares

hahaha, were you the guy i was chilling next to watching dpc vs jwong? ken motherfucking masters.

To clear things up and give you the truth about me vs Sanford in the top 8

I’m going to keep it RAW for all of you who either weren’t there, or were there and didn’t get the full details on the situation.

First of all, I didn’t reset the game against Sanford on purpose because I’VE NEVER DONE THAT ON ANYONE IN ANY TOURNAMENT. I don’t know where all of those rumors are coming from that I did before, but that’s a bunch of false info. I’ve played Sanford on more than one occasion, and I’ve never soft reset on him before, so I had no reason to do it now.

Now, I’ll explain the situation in depth for you, so all of you can understand. It was 1-1 and he was destroying my magnus very badly which was obvious. So the next choice I wanted to make was DHC (Delayed Hyper Cancel) to get my magnus out of the match and bring my storm in. Which had full health and my sentinel had close to full health or a lot of it. So I’ll admit I was rushing to get him out of the match and I was doing the tempest motion and then trying to go into hailstorm motion really fast cause I didn’t want him to die. Somehow someway while I was doing that the game resetted and all I could do was sit there in shock. I have NEVER EVER CHEATED ANYONE OUT OF A MARVEL MATCH because that is not my personality. Sanford has been playing me for years at majors and this has never happened. If I really wanted to cheat then I would’ve have easily on purpose, soft reset the 1st game which he won. Or for that matter I would’ve soft reset all of my matches that I was losing that entire tournament. I had a match with Anthoneezy that was VERY close and I had to come back on some close call type stuff because I was in the losers bracket at that time. Yet, you didn’t see me reset the game there, so please stop thinking I reset the game on purpose against Sanford.

I know everyone was looking forward to me and Sanford playing each other, so I wanted to give them my best gameplay I had to offer. Plus me and Sanford always try our hardest against each other, and have much respect for each others game.

Last part continues in 2nd post… Read below