Evo2k7 Virtua Fighter 5 top 64 results

Evo2k7 Virtua Fighter 5 full semi-finals results

1st: Itazan (Shun Di)
2nd: Nuki (Aoi, Pai)
3rd: Yosuke (Jacky)
4th: Tokido (Pai)
5th: Ino (Kage)
5th: Myke (Kage)
7th: Renzo (Brad)
7th: Sean Howard (Brad)
9th: Ken I (out to Tokido)
9th: Monti (out to Sean)
9th: Brisal (out to Renzokuken)
9th: Dennis (out to Nuki)
13rd: Christian (out to Ken I)
13rd: Trevor (out to Sean)
13rd: LA Akira (out to Renzkuken)
13rd: Kenny Wong (out to Nuki)
17th: Ryan Truman (out to Christian)
17th: RayBladeX (out to Ken I)
17th: Kenan (out to Trevor)
17th: Buktooth (out to LA Akira)
17th: Eddel (out to Renzokuken)
17th: Fubarduck (out to Kenny Wong)
17th: Bradermy (out to Nuki)
17th: Sabre (out to Sean)
25th: Jay U (out to Ryan)
25th: Luis (out to RayBladeX)
25th: Plague (out to Kenan)
25th: Brian R (out to LA Akira)
25th: Greg R (out to Eddel)
25th: Joseph Ampers (out to Kenny Wong)
25th: PIP (out to Bradermy)
32nd: Neidel (out to Sean)
32nd: Cole (out to Plague)
32nd: Josh Ballard (out to Kenan
32nd: Julius (out to LA Akira)
32nd: Greg Dunlap (out to Brian R)
32nd: Mr Wizard (out to Eddel)
32nd: Denzay (out to Kenny Wong)
39th: Jonanthan Herrera (out to Josh B)

The brackets reset into semi-finals, which was really nice. There’s probably minor mistakes up above - lemme know what’s wrong and I’ll update. The semi-weird placings were due to unfilled byes. Thanks to epsilon for details on the Final 8.

Congratulations Yosuke-san! You are a very strong player. It was a pleasure to play against you, and I apologize that I did not present a challenge to you. :smile:

GS Sean! Gettin paid for GG and VF!

Otome isn’t his nickname btw, it’s just “Yosuke”. If you look at his SRK account name closely, it says “Yosuke does not equal Otome”.

Last night Yosuke and Itazan were playing Ken I. in 3S and SF2 in some pretty cool matches. I’m suprised that they played those games and are good too! Itazan was able to beat Alex Wolfe!

Props to Sean and Yosuke for kickin’ ass.

good shit MYKE for putting nuki in losers

Thanks for the full results Preppy. Really appreciate it. :bgrin:

GS Eddel. MD/VA represent! GS @ Nuki too cuz I luv Aoi. Shun is broke. Drunken people shouldn’t be allowed to fight. Mr.Wiz playing is good stuff too.

Man I hope this game is there again next year. I know the roster doesn’t show it should be, but one can hope.

Thanks for posting this btw. I like how the whacky brackets worked in my favor, but I’m far from deserving of that spot currently lol.

Tell me about it. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I’m really moved to up my game now after seeing how I did. That and getting a stick too.

Itazan is a beast.

^ Itazan has been staying in NYC since last week. He has helped all of the NYC VF’ers game alot.

He is really cool to hang out with too. He especially liked the strip club. :cool:

He especially liked the strip club.
actually, Itazan, my friends, and I went there as well lol
btw, 3rd player is Otome actually…

Is Otome the fake Yosuke? :wonder:

Will the real Yosuke please stand up? :razzy: